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Jan. 15th, 2012 02:03 pm
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Friends mostly! I still do a lot of public posts, but non-friends are screened by default.

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A couple months ago, I bought a $10 plastic tube/applicator of henna from a henna store on Belmont; they buy henna in bulk and make massive amounts of it because their main business is doing henna tattoos for people. Those are out of my price range, but as a side effect of that part of their business, they decided to put some of this bulk henna they've made into little plastic applicator bags where you cut the tip off to apply it, and sell them for $10 apiece. It's quite a deal!

I finally got around to using it this month. Obviously, I had to draw the designs myself, which means most of them are on my left arm. Though I did manage to get a couple on my right arm, and one on my chest. (Oh yeah, and I also have five different fingernail colors.) Pictures of the henna tats below the cut:

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Of course, this was about a week ago. The ones on my hands are already pretty faded. I guess washing your skin makes it fade faster. And some (female symbol, second eight-rayed star, pentagram) didn't get very dark. Same was true of the spiral, the ankh, the triangle, and the rune at first, but on a second day I went over them with a second coat. The spiral got the darkest of all of them, it's so dark that if my whole skin was that color I'd be a dark-skinned black woman.

So yeah, for $10 I had enough henna to do 11 symbols, some of which were done twice. I'm almost out now. I think I'll get more next month, maybe two of them instead of just one. Then I can keep reapplying them. :) Might do some on my legs, once it warms up enough to go bare-legged.
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Left a comment on a Quora answer that I think is worth repeating over here:

“From Day 1, children need to understand that the parents are benevolent/kindly dictators.”

Uh, no. Parents need to be more like a good teacher or a good role model. IE, “I have experience you can learn from, I can help you learn how to live in the world. You don’t have to do exactly as I do, but I’m an example.” But parents also have to spend at least *some* time playing with their kids.

Yes, kids do need routine and rules, but the rules need to be applied at least somewhat democratically. That is, kids are people too and a lot smarter than adults give them credit for, so their input concerning the rules needs to be considered too. Sometimes rules don’t account for a child’s needs, for instance a rule to do homework in silence might not work - the kid might need the radio on for some background noise to get any work done because their mind wanders in silence.

Other times a rule is unfair, and a lot of kids have an innate sense of fairness. An unfair rule needs the kid’s input so they and the parental figure can work on a compromise.

So it’s more like a constitutional monarchy, I think. The parent is the ultimate authority, but in that authority it’s their duty to listen to and consider the needs and wants of the people.
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I just had a dream that I would like to say is the weirdest fucking dream I've ever had in my life, but I can't. The bar of weirdness for my dreams is way too high for that.

It's so bizarre and surreal that the best I can describe it is... Okay, so imagine the Saw movies, without the blood and gore, but keeping the death. Then add that it's about 100 people in the situation and they're running around a small enclosed farm kind of thing starving and dying, being killed by traps and being hunted by surreal monsters. Then they managed to escape because of something to do with music... Basically, one of them sings a song, and something about the music he sings appeases this small sheep-like creature that was guarding some door. The creature's eyes unfocus, the door opens, and they escape into a room where a much bigger version of the creature is sleeping in a bed. It had been using its powers to torment the people for some reason, and the music put it to sleep.

They escape the house and end up at a buffet. At one point when the survivors are eating, one of the survivors turns to another one with a look of dawning, horrified realization on her face and says "Oh my God! A sheep was counting us!"

I woke up laughing! XD

Tl;dr = My weird-ass, sleeping brain decided to tell itself a joke in the form of a bizarre and surreal horror movie with a fucking punchline! "A sheep was counting us!," ROTFLMAO!
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There's an arc in Supergirl where there's this group called Children of Liberty which are basically Nazis or KKK members, but hating extraterrestrial aliens. And the show was doing a pretty good job of portraying them as villains and showing how fascism is a bad thing.

But they've also been doing an arc with Manchester Black and his Elite team. I've been rooting for them because I support their "smash fascists" approach, supporting them killing members of the Children of Liberty.

For a while, Supergirl was doing a pretty good job with both of these arcs. But in one of the recent episodes, Supergirl said that the Elite are "just as bad" as the Children of Liberty, and I just... I want to punch the writers in the face for that. They should know better than to make the argument that people defending against fascists are as bad as the fascists. Granted, I don't really like the fact that Menagerie is on their team because she is clearly an evil monster, but that just makes my point stronger. They're portraying people who are justly fighting fascism as being villains. But Manchester Black is right - you can't just put fascists in prison, because they'll still influence people from there and they might escape (as the leader of the Children of Liberty did, in fact) - you have to put them six feet under.

There are situations where fighting violence with pacifism is a good idea. But there is no getting through to fascists. There is no defending them. And prison is too good for them. The only good fascist is a dead fascist. And even if the writers think they should go to prison instead, they should either do a better job on the Manchester Black arc, or stop it altogether. Because telling people who hate fascists that attacking fascists makes them "just as bad" as the fascists is the kind of thing said by people who think fascism is just an opinion. It is not just an opinion, it is violence. Letting a fascist live is to tell everyone who has ever been a victim of fascism that their pain doesn't matter, that you don't care about the violence done against them. And defending a fascist makes you a fascist too. That is just all there is to it.
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Just got back from seeing Captain Marvel in theaters, because I wanted to help this movie succeed. To avoid spoilers, all I will say is it's full of twists, and also that this one reviewer was right: Thanos is indeed well and truly FUCKED. If Captain Marvel had been there in Infinity War to fight Thanos, she would have ripped off his arm, stolen the Infinity Gauntlet, and shoved his severed arm up his ass within 20 minutes of meeting him. Then crushed the gauntlet and thrown the infinity stones into a black hole in a far distant galaxy just to be sure.
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I am currently looking up stats on the weight of an elephant's skeleton and skin, and the reason for this is funny: trying to figure out how much of a Ravenstone-verse unicorn's body would be meat, as unicorns there are roughly the size of African elephants. Why? I want to know how much of a unicorn would be edible. LOL

Not a huge or important question, just a random puzzle I thought of. Anyway, an elephant's skeleton is about 17% of its body mass, so a 14,000 pound (7 ton) unicorn would be about 10,000 pounds of meat/skin and around 4,000 pounds of bone.

Though one thing I figured out is that if the Sasquatches hunted unicorns (they do), they'd probably have to either be really good at meat preservation (unicorn pemmican?) or else sell the excess.

And no, unicorns in that universe do NOT sparkle. They are elephant-sized, horse-shaped monsters with horns that are at least 5 feet long; unicorns also have a temperament that makes rhinos look calm by comparison.

Cut file

Mar. 10th, 2019 05:40 pm
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For the Ravenstone series, I've taken to doing something I hadn't really done before, and saving scenes that I've cut out of the story during one edit or another. I didn't start on this right away in the first one, so there's some parts that are gone forever, but there was enough editing in the first book that I have a "cut file" of 24 pages for that book.

So far, the second book's "cut file" is 19 pages long, and it hasn't had nearly as much editing as the first book did. (For the first book, I had to heavily edit about half a dozen chapters once I realized that one of the story arcs contradicted the character of pretty much all the Ravenstones. Editing that mess took me weeks, I recall!)

The reason I save cut scenes is because some of the scenes I was cutting contained bits I wanted to keep in the story but which didn't fit in the place they'd been, so I wanted to be able to add those in later.

Anybody else do this kind of thing?


Mar. 8th, 2019 08:45 pm
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Testing to see if the Neurodiversity icon is working in LJ.


Mar. 6th, 2019 09:29 pm
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Got my hearing tested yesterday by an audiologist from OHSU. She found that my hearing is mostly okay, but my right ear can't hear as well on the higher frequency ranges tested for. What this means is that the part of the range of human speech in which certain letters like the letter S are in don't get heard as well, especially in a noisy room. She guessed correctly that this means I only hear parts of words sometimes, or miss entire words in sentences on occasion. This was basically spot-on, I *do* have gaps in conversations at times where I don't hear enough to puzzle out what's been said. I thought as much, but I'm glad it's confirmed. And I'm glad it's not as bad as I had feared. No need for a hearing aid yet, but she still recommended I get my hearing tested there every year. Already made an appointment for next year.
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I may have accidentally discovered how Taco Bell makes the filling for their beef tacos and burritos. Before visiting my friend Brooke earlier, I mixed some taco seasoning with some hamburger and left it in the slow cooker on low. When I got home hours later, the apartment smelled like Taco Bell. What's more, once I chopped up the slow-cooked hamburger (it had somewhat solidified like a meatloaf), the texture and appearance were identical to Taco Bell beef. The taste was pretty close, too. Not perfect, because it wasn't the right blend of spices, but very close. Oh, and you know how Taco Bell beef is fatty? Well it's kinda hard to drain off fat when slow cooking. Probably pretty close to impossible, in fact. But I did it because I didn't want to go to the trouble of trying to deal with draining the fat. Plus, slow cooking is great for me because I don't really have the energy to cook after a long day out and about.

Anyway yeah, this is a recipe I intend to do again sometime! It's close enough to Taco Bell to be something to remember!
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For part one, click here.

Today I got on the bus on my way home. I got on, paid the fare, and was heading to the back when the bus driver said in a really whiny voice, "By the way, I talked to my supervisor and he agrees with me." I paused to stare at the bus driver briefly, thinking a wordless thought equivalent to "What the fuck is this guy talking about?" Then I continued to the seat on autopilot and only when I sat down did I remember the incident a week ago where this pissbaby bus driver with a cis white ego so fragile he kicked a man off the bus for agreeing with him when he called himself a jerk. The same pissbaby driver who basically watched this man beg to be allowed to ride the bus because he had to get to his children so they didn't freeze to death, and still insisted the guy get off the bus, all because his pweshus ego got a booboo. That literally happened an entire week ago, I had forgotten all about it, and between my partial face blindness and how little I cared about this bus driver, I hadn't even recognized the bus driver until after he said that. (He's got the generic 20-or-30-something Portland corporate male hipster face that makes everyone like him look like they were all made from the exact same mold, just another example of one of the multiple types of Generic Stepford Hipster that populate Portland, AKA the real-life equivalents of the NPC so irrelevant that they are all identical and if anyone ever notices it creeps them out.) If he'd kept his yap shut, he wouldn't have had another bruise to his ego. Unless he said what he did because he noticed I didn't recognize him. Given my position, orientation, and destination at the time, this is highly likely to be true. He was looking right at me, he had to have seen the utter lack of recognition in my face.

So yeah, an entire week ago this happened, and he's still so butthurt about it that when he recognized me (I am quite distinctive, the antithesis of his genericness) he had to open his mouth and say something. This further confirmed and lowered my already abysmally low opinion of him, so when I was about to get off (again afraid he'd kick me off for damaging his fragile little ego), I expanded on my thoughts about him. I admitted I hadn't seen the first part of the disagreement, but told him that even if he hadn't been a jerk at that point, his callous disregard for the lives of the man's children made him surpass jerk so fast that it redshifted on its way into "asshole" territory.

The best part? He gave the exact same comeback as he did last week. When I agreed he'd been a jerk, he'd given the comeback "takes one to know one," which I'm sure was really witty back in first grade. And then when I doubled down and called him an asshole (still a shame I forgot to add "callous, heartless" to the front of it), he again said "takes one to know one." LOL! I mean, I know he can't cuss on the job, he's limited in what he can say, but honestly? It's better to be silent than to give a response a third grader would consider passe.

Wait, correction: the best part is going to be the fact that even now, I can't remember his face well enough to recognize him. I've seen his face all of 4 times now, saw his face for maybe a collective total of an entire two minutes, and wasn't really paying attention nor giving a shit for 3 of those times I saw him. And I barely gave a shit this 4th time, too. Literally all I know about the guy's face is he's white, in his 20's or 30's, has a generic and forgettable face, and has a brown beard and mustache trimmed shortish. The only other identifying information I have about him is that twice now he's driven the number 9 bus and stopped at the bus stop with stop ID 4653 at 10:34 pm. And given how few times I've ridden the 9 to this point, that means he's been the driver for my trips on that line 100% of the time so far.

You know, I'm just gonna dawdle next time, not get on the 75 until it would get to me Powell AFTER 10:35. Or not do that, and go to that Safeway on Powell until like, 11. Because after what I've seen of that guy, and the fact he already recognized me before I called him an asshole, I don't trust him to not be as big an asshole to me next time as he was to that guy who was just trying to make sure his kids were safe.

Ugh. What really gets me is that even if I had recognized him, I wouldn't have said anything a second time if he hadn't said something first. Because I had already said my piece and that was the end of it for me. But nooo, he couldn't have just let it go. Whiny little snot-nosed pissbaby.
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I have rarely seen a website as user hostile as the one for Winco foods. First, it thought I was in Boise Idaho for some fucking reason and had set my preferred store to one there. I've never even thought about Idaho in the last few years of my life, let alone been there, and I can't figure out why it thought I was there. Took trying two different devices to get that sorted and the site set to my ACTUAL preferred Winco in Portland, on 122nd. (There's one near Clackamas town center, which should be a cinch to get to on weekdays from my new place, but Brooke and I shop together, so we go to the one on 122nd.)

Oh and it tried to find my location, which doesn't work for any site on my netbook, and wasn't working for some reason on my tablet (where location stuff normally *does* work.) The failure of which gives me a pop up error message that goes to the top no matter what program I'm on at the time. (But that's more a quirk of the netbook.)

Then I tried to browse online coupons and it wanted me to register. Fine, okay. But one of the required fields wouldn't say what it wanted me to put there. There was text there ostensibly to explain what it wanted, but it made no fucking sense because it got cut off in the middle. (I checked on the netbook, and what it wanted to know was whether my phone was a mobile or landline. But on the tablet there was no way to know this, and tapping it did nothing. I had to register on the netbook, which still thinks I'm in fucking Idaho - the taint of the country.)

All I fucking really wanted to do was browse the online list of bulk items!


Feb. 27th, 2019 08:30 pm
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This website shows you a new image of a person’s face every time you reload it. But none of the people it shows you are real; they are all AI generated. Marvel at how far AI tech has gone:



Feb. 24th, 2019 08:32 pm
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Yesterday I wrote 2 1/2 pages. Today I wrote 3 pages. Still in the middle of the scene I started, having had to stop mid-dialogue twice now. It is at least still progress, but slow progress. UGH.

This is on a chapter that had been stalled at a ridiculously low number of pages before, so at least it's no longer stalled.

While I'm on the topic, I don't actually mind stopping mid-scene all that much. It makes it easier to start up again later, I just take the next logical step in the scene. As opposed to having to figure out what to do / where to go next. Stopping mid-dialogue is even easier; character A said something, character B responds. And I tend to rehearse these scenes in my head so many times that I don't often forget what I was going to write. (If I think I will, I write something quick and succinct about it in the notes at the end of the chapter.)
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So on my way back home today on the line 9 bus, this bearded dude with two boxes of diapers with him got on after me. I went to the back because he had been smoking at the bus stop and I wanted to be as far from him as possible. So I missed the start of whatever it was that happened between him and the driver.

The part I first remember is bearded dude sitting down and turning his head when the driver said something to him. I could tell the driver was talking to him, and I was paying attention now because I was impatient to go, and the driver seemed to be wasting time. Then bearded guy (to be referred to from now on as BG) said - in a confused tone - something to the effect of "You're kicking me off the bus? Why?" Some answer I couldn't hear was given, and BG said something like "You called yourself a jerk, and I agreed. How is that grounds for expulsion?"1 Some reply was given, which given the body language of the driver did not look positive. BG repeated his protestations. Rinse, repeat, between the two of them for about five minutes. Then the bus driver picked up the phone thingy that goes straight to dispatch, probably to call the Trimet police (the people Alex likes to refer to - in the privacy of our own head - as "turkey bacon"2), and BG - who had up to that point been pretty calm considering circumstances - starts to protest that he had to get to his kids and get them to a shelter so they don't freeze to death. (At this point I realize that - oh yeah - he does kind of have a faint "homeless" vibe to him.)

Now in the bus driver's situation, what would you do? I may not have all the context, but given the normal, everyday way BG sat down and how calm he was up to this point, I'm guessing the appropriate response would have been to sigh and let the matter drop, and just let the guy ride the bus.

But I think you can tell by now, from context, that this is not what the driver did. Nope, in the face of a man basically pleading for leniency for something that likely wasn't a big deal to begin with for the sake of his children and their lives, the bus driver's response to this was to double down on his insistence the guy get off the bus. There was a little more back and forth on this point, but BG finally got frustrated enough that he gave up and got off.

Now, I may not know what started all this, but unless BG pulled a knife on the driver or physically attacked him or was drunk - and the evidence says none of these things were the case - then nothing else justifies kicking a man off the bus who is pleading for the lives of his children. Sure, he can just wait 15 minutes for the next bus, but if they're in a situation where he's that worried about their safety, time might be very much of the essence.

While I had been on the fence before that, once that happened I was fully on BG's side, because even if BG's version of what started the exchange was wrong, it looked to me at least like the bus driver was another cis white man whose fragile ego was so damaged by someone calling him a jerk that he graduated to heartless asshole in retaliation.

So, Mr. Bus Driver, if you weren't a jerk at the beginning of that exchange, you sure proved yourself a grade-A asshole by the end of it. I hope that guy's kids are okay and that the bus driver gets fired or sick with the measles.

1 = Said much less eloquently than that.

2 = Because he already calls rent-a-cops "tofu bacon" because they're fake pigs, but the Trimet police have enough clout to give you fines and to involve the real cops if need be. Because they have more power than rent-a-cops and less power than regular cops, they're not as fake as tofu bacon. Thus, "turkey bacon."
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So Comcast convinced me to get high speed Internet (I think 60 MBPS, ten times the speed of my previous Internet) because it's not any more expensive for the first year than what I had already, and after that it's like $60. Since I'll be keeping $86 a month extra due to my storage unit being closed out, once I pay down my deposit I'll have more than enough money to cover that extra.

When the Internet was first installed in the new apartment, the speed was no better than it had been. There was some confusion where the tech told me I needed a new line put in, and I needed the manager's permission to do that, which I got. But when the new tech got here, he figured out that the problem wasn't the line, it was the ancient modem. And since I'm renting the modem from Comcast, I now have a shiny new modem that has a built in Wi-Fi router!

The speed now is... weird. If I connect the PC to the Wi-Fi, the speed is even worse than it was with the old router and modem. But he plugged the modem into the PC with an Ethernet cable, and now the speed is 71 MBPS! I think either they told me the wrong speed or some mistake in my favor happened, because I was told it would be 60.

I haven't tested the two laptops yet on the Wi-Fi, but the tablet - which was doing about 40 with the old modem and router - is clocking roughly the same speeds as before. So the problem with the PC and Wi-Fi is likely because the PC is old. Old as balls. (Seriously, I think it's like 7 years old or more. And it spent most of that time being used by someone who barely knows how to use computers: my former roommate.)

But by far the best feature, and the reason I'll likely keep this new plan after the year is up, is free access to Xfinity Hotspots. This is a network of Wi-Fi signals around the city that can be accessed by logging into your Xfinity account, expanding the range of places one can use Internet.

The one downside to this is that the netbook (which is old and uses a Linux distro called Zorin and refuses to update anymore) can't access the Hotspots. So I'm gonna add "get a brand-new netbook" to the list of things I need to get eventually, along with a lamp for the living room, more chairs in case I have guests, a recliner, an e-bike, rugs, and a coat rack.

EDIT: On a whim, I called Bike Gallery to talk about financing options. On an Electra Townie e-bike, which start at about $2000, I could get 3 year financing and pay about $96/month. So with that in mind, I think I'll wait until I've gotten the recliner before I do that, if I decide to do that. Because apparently there are e-bikes on Amazon as low as $600-some, with $20 shipping. But to do that, I think I'd have to save for 7 or 8 months, making it easier to do the more expensive bike from Bike Gallery.

Idiot bots

Feb. 19th, 2019 01:19 pm
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Comcast's customer service line has this super annoying bot running it. Trying to get to a human is absurdly difficult. Sure, there's a sort of shortcut whereby you say "agent" or "get me an agent," but it doesn't go straight to an agent; instead it asks what you're calling about. Now the whole reason I asked for an agent the last few times I called them is because the problem I had was too complicated for the bot to understand and I knew it. I wasn't even sure how to summarize the problem. When it asked me what the call was about (so it could inform the agent), and I answered "Just get me an agent!" that apparently wasn't good enough, so I decided to go with "technical help."

Oh, and what else is annoying about the bot is that at the beginning, it says "give me a few seconds to review your account" and then makes obviously fake typing sounds for about 10 to 15 seconds. I don't know what the fuck it's really doing in that time, but Comcast isn't fooling anybody. Obviously computer generated voice that can barely understand simple words and phrases makes obviously fake typing noises, who the fuck do they think is that stupid?

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the bot now addresses me by my legal name. I asked the agent if he could make a note in my account that my preferred name is Fay, and he did, but when I asked if that affects what the bot says, he said it didn't. Because of course it doesn't.

Honestly, I don't know why I didn't just use the chat help, which is available 24/7. SO much easier!

EDIT: Also I found out that my new Internet speed is supposed to be 60 MBPS. My PC and laptop gets like, 9 at best, but usually the 6 I was getting before. I was surprised to find out my tablet is getting 40! O_O


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