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Jan. 15th, 2012 02:03 pm
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Friends mostly! I still do a lot of public posts, but non-friends are screened by default.

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Friends mostly. Mainly means there's a bunch of content friends-locked. Also, non-friends and anonymous posters are screened by default. If you are an ass in your comments, your comments will be deleted.

Comment to be added. And if you're an old friend getting a new LJ, let me know that information.

Friending must-knows:

1. I do not tolerate myself or my friends being made fun of for any reason. If I find you have done this, you will be unfriended and banned.

2. I NEVER do friend-culls. If you find you've been banned, it's either a mistake or for the above reason. If you believe it to be a mistake, let me know.

Also, there are three stages here:

1. There's an "Acquaintances" filter, for people I don't know very well. Not much more they get to see than public does, but some things. If you never see any friends-locked entries here, let me know. It seems I have to add people to the Acquaintances filter.

2. Friends - They see the most.

3. Multiplicity - Ask me about this one. It's got the most personal stuff of mine.

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Dec. 1st, 2016 09:13 pm
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I just saw a Credo petition to “Make Standing Rock a national monument.” This is an excellent example of “Heart in the right place, brain missing.” Because the whole reason Standing Rock is such a big issue is because that’s First Nations owned land, technically another country altogether, and the cops and other aggressors there have NO jurisdiction there at all. And, well, national monuments can only be on land that the government owns. From a legal standpoint, that land is technically a different country altogether. This petition is almost as stupid as would be a petition calling for Obama to make Toronto Canada a national monument. So, yeah. Cue Hermione saying “What. An. Idiot.”
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This is a bit late, but oh well.

I don't like most holidays. Thanksgiving, to me, has only been about free food for many years. Because a church a couple blocks away had a free Thanksgiving meal for the community for many years in a row. Then, suddenly, this year they didn't have it.

Oh well. Thanks to my roommate, we found alternatives. I was too tired to go to any of them on Thanksgiving day, but the night before there was one a short bus ride away at a black church. That was cool. One of the people serving food there recognized me from my volunteer work at a local school. She's one of the teachers there. I didn't recognize her, though, because of my partial face blindness.

While there, roomie struck up a conversation with an elderly couple. The man... I thought he was a bearded lady at first. Not judging that ill, in fact I thought it was cool. Still, I made no comment. Found out later he's a guy; the woman with him used he/him pronouns for him at least.

So my roommate and I had meals there, and I took one to go for Brooke. So Thanksgiving itself was devoid of free food for me, but oh well. I don't mind.
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So earlier today my mind got caught up on an interesting puzzle: how to translate the phrase "Black lives matter" into Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog. Came across some cultural complications in the translation, one of which I haven't talked about here.

First, and this is the new bit, but the Ah'Koi Bahnis don't use their word for "matter" the same way as we do. To their more literal point of view, a dead body and a live one have just as much matter in them, and therefore using their word for matter would make the phrase incomprehensible to them. Life is ephemeral, thus it cannot have mass/matter. And they’d probably also be like “what is this black life of which you speak? Life is an abstract concept, and has no color.” So instead of their word for matter, we could use " mah'glohf " because it means "value" in the sense of a treasure. Or really ramp up things and go with " mah'glohrr'if ,"1 which means "priceless treasure." It's safe to say that the AKB would agree that life is a priceless treasure. The AKB are very big on the right to bodily autonomy; any violation of bodily autonomy sends AKB into a frenzied anger, and murder is the ultimate violation of bodily autonomy.

Second, Ah'Koi Bahnis come in a vast array of colors that humans don't (practically any color or color combo you can think of), so if you tried calling a black person their word for the color black ("mor'shek'iss") - or our word "black", if they knew English but lacked the cultural context - they would assume you meant someone whose skin was coal black or darker, and would not include people with brown skin in that. But you couldn't really call human black people brown, either, because to the AKB, most humans are some shade or other of either brown or red, so it would be too broad a word. (They even consider the average Caucasian skin tone to be various shades of brown or red.) You could make a translation to "Da-Nykahr seh da-bahn guu'tik2 jokiidj Ah'frih'kah3 ulg mah'glohf," which means "Lives of brown persons from Africa have value," but that's kind of unwieldy.

Then I realized, in the future in which the stories take place, the AKB will have become familiar with the human concept of race (even if they think it's a bit silly to base race off something like skin color), and probably have a word for human black people. I don't know how often they'd use it, but if the distinctions between races were important enough to enough humans, probably often enough for it to be well known. For that, I came up with "Ah'frih'guu'tik," meaning "Brown people of Africa. "Da-Nykahr seh Ah'frii'guu'tik ulg mah'glohf" is shorter and sounds better, doesn't it?

However, I think the spirit of the "Black lives matter" phrase would lend it best to the following translation: "ny'Ah'frih'guu'tik bain mah'glohrr'if." Translation back into English: "[Lives of black people] [are] priceless treasure." And also interesting is that in TPNN, the expression can be either singular or plural. You could specify plural by adding a "da-" prefix to "ny'Ah'frih'guu'tik," but it's not necessary.

And if someone came back with "ALL lives are priceless treasure," they'd likely respond, "I'm glad you agree with me." Can you imagine how flustered that would make the racists? Though the AKB might also have to respond with "You say all lives are priceless treasure, and that is good if you truly do believe it. But you need also to realize that a great many of your people do not treasure the lives of black people, a fact that is self-evident from the horrendous ways in which they are treated every day. Ways that differ greatly from how 'white' people are treated."

LOL, while writing that, I figured out what the AKB would call white people: Yew'rahp'dwah'yoot. Which means "Pink people of Europe." Though the word for "pink" in TPNN literally translates to "small-red," so you could also translate that as "Small-red people of Europe."4 Which, while funny, is a confusing translation.

Sure, AKB speakers could easily say "Yew-rupp" and could likely say "Yer-up" without much difficulty, but a lot of AKB language is about what sounds good, and I personally think Yew'rahp sounds better then Yew-rup or Yer-up. Especially since those two don't really mesh with the pronunciation of "dwah'yoot" when I say it. Trying to say "Yer'up'dwah'yoot" feels/sounds like switching from one language to another mid-word.

1 = mah'glohrr'if is not an easy word to say, though. The double R ("rr") is a roll of the tongue like in Spanish, or like that old Rrruffles have rrrripples thing.

2 = guu'tik is pronounced goo'tik.

3 = TPNN has an AA as in Africa phoneme in it, but as I can't think of any words with that phoneme, I've long since come to the conclusion that English words with that sound would be mis-pronounced as AH in a TPNN accent. Hence "Ah'frih'kah." (Reminder: apostrophes in Latin spellings of these TPNN words just separate syllables.) I will note, too, that some TPNN sounds tend to shift pronunciation slightly, so you're just as likely to hear a TPNN speaker say "Ah'frii'kah," pronounced "Ah'free'kah." It's like the R/L thing in Japanese.

4 = And extremely pale people of European descent might be called "Yew'rahp'yoo'tii'koo," meaning "White-red people of Europe," if not for the fact that Yew'rahp'dwah'yoot already includes them. Useful distinction, though; I'll keep it. And I'm sure the AKB would want a word for gingers, too, so I give you "Nng'gyuh'yew'rahp" for white gingers and "Nng'gyuh'guu'tik" for all other gingers. Nng'gyuh means "spotted" as in "has spots." So the names respectively mean "Spotted people of Europe" and "Spotted brown people." Or you could specify black people with "Nng'gyuhf'rih'kah." I have no better idea how to spell out the pronunciation of Nng'gyuh than to say it would be spelled, in TPNN's written syllabary, as the character for the letter N with a mark on it that means "draw out this sound for a second," then "gyuh." The reason for the discrepancy in the structure of the words for gingers is because they sound better that way, and since it doesn't violate any rules of the language, why not switch it around?
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So another problem with my brain that's possibly related to my partial face blindness is... well... if I binge-watch an anime series or other cartoon, and then try to imagine someone's face, all I can see is a cartoon. It takes up to several hours to fade, though I can make it fade faster by watching regular faces for a while.
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My review of "We're Going On A Dinosaur Dig" by Anastasia Suen:

Disappointing book, all told. Too low a level for my kid, though I wasn't aware of that at the time. Not about a dinosaur dig at all, really, except that the kids had buckets and shovels and talked about going on a dinosaur dig. Spoiler alert: they find a live dinosaur and run from it. They make it home, but it catches up to them, visible in the window. And that's it. That's the end. Do they get eaten? Do they befriend it? Do they fight it off Home Alone style with cunning and inventiveness? Does it turn out to be the fever dream of a comatose autistic kid who suddenly wakes up from his or her existential nightmare with a wave of relief and yet apprehension at their lost years of childhood, and annoyance that people think only autistic kids are the ones having existential coma nightmares? No idea, because that's where the story ends: on a cliffhanger.
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Unfamiliar song in dream just now. Pretty sure my dreaming mind invented it. Lyrics were something about how music is love even if you "like Sting" and even if you use country music in your prayers. LOL
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The Many Faces of Harry Potter, Chapter 22 is published!

Chapter summary: The Potter collective are having odd dreams, and at least one of them is a vision of Voldemort, who has a mysterious ally and is getting stronger. Then Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup. Coincidence? Maybe. But the Potters don't trust coincidences.

ArchiveOfOurOwn version

FanFiction.net version

BigCloset version
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An idea I came up with for the cities of Traipah would be interesting for buildings here on Earth. You know the staircases in like, skyscrapers, where you go down a short way, turn twice to get to the next staircase, rinse repeat? Well what I came up with is those staircases being stairs on one half and a slide on the other half (the stairs and slide separated by a divider). Thus, if you're in enough of a hurry - say an emergency or you're just late, then you can slide down in short bursts. The slide part is also elevated at the bottom to make getting off easier, and there's a soft thing to catch you and stop you suddenly. So you slide down a little ways, stand up, walk to the next slide, rinse repeat. Could help get people out of a building faster during a fire or other emergency.

I'm still trying to work out something to help physically disabled people in their cities. One problem is that the people of Traipah tend to build downward when they can. IE, underground. Now there are some cities built into mountains that can build down and still have emergency exits. But that doesn't help the other underground cities. I mean... there could be like, some emergency mechanical (non electric) lift, I guess. But that's not enough, IMO.

The simplest solution would be that, since Traipahni cities also have surface buildings as well as underground stuff, they could just live on the surface, which wouldn't be so bad in a lot of their cities (when they run out of Down to build in, they build Up), but they'd still want to go down into the city proper.

Poor Alex

Nov. 7th, 2016 11:58 pm
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Poor Alex going spare this election. He went away for some quiet time, poor lad.


Nov. 7th, 2016 06:47 am
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People are fucking ridiculous. I have a Harry Potter fanfic in which Harry is a multiple, and there are two girls in the collective, initially. Then somewhere in the 3rd year, Harry comes out as trans. Loads of people had no problem with Harry's body transforming into two different girls when they switched, nor with Harry taking control of the body while transformed into a girl, yet Harry becomes Adira and suddenly the transphobes come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Except cockroaches are more pleasant.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? This issue is giving me that “Does not compute!” feeling. How can someone be okay with a body being occasionally female but the moment one of those Faces decides he's a she, suddenly it's this huge thing they feel they have to be hateful about? Gods, WTFH? And these are supposedly normal people! Why is it that normal people are the fucking weirdest of them all?
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OverDrive, the web site my library uses to do ebook checkouts, has changed their site design, thus turning their website into unusable garbage. Can't find anything, nothing works right, add the design is bloody ugly as sin! I get so bloody tired of these web sites making pointless, ugly, and unusable design and layout choices!!! >:(


Nov. 3rd, 2016 01:09 am
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Hasn't happened yet, but I think if one of the kids I read to ever says "Santa Claus isn't real," I may just put on a hurt expression and say in a frantic tone, "What? Whadda ya mean he's not real???"
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I volunteer at a nearby elementary school reading to kids with the S.M.A.R.T. program. (Start Making A Reader Today.) Earlier, one of the kiddos I read to showed me a gap where he'd lost a tooth. I asked him if the tooth fairy brought him anything, and he said she'd brought him a LEGO set! A small one, but still! I told him "Wow, when I was a kid, the tooth fairy only brought quarters or dollars. Now she's horning in on Santa's turf!"
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Had some interesting dreams last night.

First one had me in an elementary school that Hillary Clinton happened to be speaking at. I somehow got some one-on-one time with her, and asked her what she was going to do about global warming. She gave me a typical politician non-answer, something like "I am very concerned about the environment, I will do everything I can to protect it."

When that part was over, I wandered the halls and found a kindergarten or 1st grade class where they were teaching the kids about fractions in an interesting way; there were these large paper-doll type things, where you dress them by taping paper clothes to various parts. They were in varying states of dress, labeled by fraction. The half-dressed dolls had a 1/2 and a circle half filled in, three-fourths dressed doll with a 3/4 and a circle with three parts filled in, etc. It was an interesting way to teach fractions, I thought.

Second dream was a lucid dream. First thing I did when I realized I was dreaming was I gave myself super powers and started smashing things for the Hell of it. Then I got bored of that, and I went off looking for girls to seduce. It was a lot of fun. :)
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I tell ya, if you want a character with a name starting with Q, use an Arabic name. They have tons of 'em!
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I just got back from the store, where I was getting simethicone, a gas reliever. (Gas-X and so on.) I always, of course, price compare, figure out per-unit price, etc. This time something caught my attention. Several brands of this stuff had a regular and an extra strength version. But here's the thing: both regular and extra strength have the exact same amount of the exact same medicine in the exact same dosages. So... what's the difference? There is no difference! It's false advertising! Someone should call them on that bullshit.

I ended up getting the store brand in ultra strength, which was the one brand that was actually honest about being different; their regular had 125 mg of the drug, and the ultra has 180 mg. But the strength isn't what I got it for, I don't care really because regular is enough for me. I bought it because it had 60 pills for the same price as 50 of the cheapest alternative. More pills for the same amount of money, and there was a higher dosage in each one. I mean, it's not like I'm against the higher dosage. When I need to use simethicone, I need it, stat. Because what tends to happen is I wake up with powerful intestinal pain from the gas. Luckily it doesn't happen much. But between gas pain and headaches, gas pain is worse. Headaches I can deal with, headaches I've been getting since I was a kid. No, scratch that, I've been getting migraines all my life. I just tend to call them headaches now because I usually take pain relievers at the first sign of trouble and get an annoying pain at best. But there are still times when I slip up, or there's a stealth migraine. Pretty sure they're stress induced. And sometimes the stress tension or whatever disguises a headache until it suddenly becomes a migraine.

But my point is, gas pain is so much worse than migraines. I get a migraine, I might puke if it gets bad enough, but I'll eventually feel well enough - pain reliever or no - to go to sleep, sleep off the pain. Can't do that with gas pain. Gas pain wakes me up and keeps me in agony until the medicine really kicks in.

Anyway yeah, they shouldn't call it extra strength when it's the exact same strength as the regular stuff. They should be arrested for lying like that.


Oct. 25th, 2016 10:01 am
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I had this funny idea pop into my head just now, that when Gomez and Morticia Addams got married, part of the ceremony involved the two of them having an intense swordfight. It seems the sort of thing they'd do. :)


Oct. 25th, 2016 02:39 am
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I didn't know what my roommate was watching, and then there was that distinctive weird electronic sound, and I was like, "Ah, she's watching 'Bones.'" Wish I knew what was making that sound.
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This is a coin I found today in the Albertson's parking lot. Looks Japanese. I found a dime somewhere else today, too, but that was just a dime. This is cool. Sorry for the poor photo quality, I took these with my tablet.

Under the cut for size )


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