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Jun. 8th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Well I ordered this rice cooker online from Amazon, it's a simple thing: put rice and water in thing, put the two lids on the right way, and microwave it for anywhere from 8 minutes (for one cup of rice) to longer like 15 minutes, let it stand for five minutes before opening, then serve. My roommate was skeptical, but it works as advertised. I need to put a little more water in it next time, as the rice was just a little too stiff for my liking, but still edible. Great buy at $11!

Also got some pink Crocs-brand sandals, I like them too. Both things came in the same box, a box that was entirely too large for what it had in it.

The seeds for the plantains and the dandelions are still on their way. So is the blasted phone lanyard that I ordered the middle of last month! It's coming from China. Not sure where the plant seeds are coming from.


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