Jan. 8th, 2017

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While listening to a couple Vocaloid songs - Vocaloid is apparently a computer program one can use to create music that includes lyrics sung by your choice of computer voices, voices that are surprisingly realistic - I had this sudden memory of a story of some kind I read or saw on TV (I don't remember the media) wherein part of the story was something about a prolific author that turned out to be a computer. It wasn't sentient, it was just a computer that was generating popular books via some algorithm. And that is literally all I remember about it. But it was an important point in the plot, like the conclusion of a mystery, I think.
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Interesting notion for a superpower: the ability to "speak" silence, IE they open their mouth with the intention to use this power and a wave of silence spreads from their mouth at the speed of sound. It acts like sound in terms of speed and normal human voice range, but it's imposed silence. How much silence depends on how intense the silence intended is. So it could range from making it harder to be heard over the silence when speaking, all the way to "I can't hear a bloody thing because they're screaming their silence."


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