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We live in a time when it is possible to order an entire mattress online from Amazon, and it arrives in a week. By UPS. Yes, I ordered a memory foam mattress for $99 from Amazon, and it came in a box that could fit easily in the backseat of a car.

Getting the box open took like, twenty minutes, and a lot of hard work and the use of tools. But the rest of the process was fairly easy: roll the compressed mattress flat on a flat, clean surface and then carefully cut the side of the plastic bag with scissors. I did, and I got to watch the thing go from something as flat as a dinner plate to an 8-inch thick twin size memory foam mattress wearing a protective covering. It's basically the same size as my current mattress once inflated.

The only thing after removing it from the bag is it has to air out for a day or two before you put the sheets on it or use it, so the chemical smell can dissipate. Something about the compression process gives it an odor when it's done decompressing, and that has to be given time to dissipate.


Dec. 17th, 2013 09:37 pm
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I learned something the other day that's pretty cool: you can teach infants simple sign language so they can sign for what they need rather than crying. Apparently, you can start training them right away, too.
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I was just on Words With Friends, and saw the word BANES right by ONE, so I tried BANESTONE. It didn't take, but now I have "banestone" or "bane stone" in my head and getting some really interesting fantasy type ideas around that word. So inspiration can come from the most unusual places. :-)


Dec. 15th, 2012 05:10 am
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Later today, I'm going to help the elderly neighbor of a friend move some heavy stuff downstairs, since she's moving into a ground floor apartment in the same building. She and I were talking about it at her apartment earlier when I offered my help; there were these two nice wooden chairs she was just going to throw away because there was some minor cat damage to the upholstery. She offered to pay $10 for my help, and I was like, "If you're just gonna throw away these perfectly good chairs, I'll take them off your hands for you." So now I shall be getting $10 and two nice wooden chairs. This is good, because my computer chair is partially busted; if I lean back in it, it will make me tumble backwards. And I can use the $10 for laundry.

Let's see, that makes how much found/salvaged/free furniture in my apartment now?
1. Microwave stand
2. Unfinished wooden desk acting as a TV stand
3. Black wooden desk acting as a side table/storage thing/laptop computer stand
4. Computer chair
5. Comfy chair
6. Wooden chair that I don't really use
7. Now the two nice wooden chairs
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A few weeks ago, I applied for a free cell phone from Assurance Wireless. People who are on food stamps, SSI, SSDI (disability), and/or something else I can't remember, are able to apply for a free phone from them, which gives the user 250 free talk minutes and 250 free text messages every month. (More can be gotten for money.) I've got some of my contacts added, but doing that kind of thing manually is a pain in the patootie.

Anyway, it came today. Mailhuman rang the doorbell and ran off like it was a marathon, leaving the phone between the two doors.

So, if you haven't already gotten my new phone number in the email, and you think you should get it, let me know in the comments.
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There's a picture going around Tumblr saying "Random fact #427: If you spell out all the numbers individually, you'll have to get to a thousand before you find a letter A."

This is true enough in English, but as everyone reblogging it points out, it is not true of all languages. Some have an A by the second number.

I've got them all beat. In my constructed language Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, the first five of ten numbers (they use a base 6 system) all have an A in them:

Ahl, tahl, zahl, kahl, mahl, ors, ahl'ors, tahl'ors, zahl'ors, kahl'ors...
(One, two, three, four, five, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen...)

Though if you use the characters designed for the language, you'll never find the Latin letter A no matter how far you go.

Oh goody!

Apr. 21st, 2012 02:04 am
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It just occurred to me today that with my penchant for reading on my MP4 player, I can now read a Doctor Who fanfic by [livejournal.com profile] betawho inspired by me, apparently. It concerns an adventure on a human colony planet wherein its founders could only get human life to work, long-term, by stopping physical aging before puberty. So, a planet full of adults who look like children; the planet's name is Feyanora. :-)

It's called "Youth is Wasted on the Young."
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Well, [personal profile] kengr and I went to Pride earlier today. It was rainy and wet and cold, but we had fun anyway.

Things I bought, Under the cut )

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Just got a couple things today from Amazon: a 16 GB thumb drive, and a high-speed file transfer cable. This one huge file I never got off of Nora (Apple laptop) is now being copied to Q (pc laptop). And interestingly enough, it only took two tries to get Nora started up properly. (Last time, it took about a dozen tries.)
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For shits and grins, I did a search to see if there were any services where one could text their zip code to a number and get a weather report text message. And I found some at this link. The one I chose to go with was Google, in which you text "Weather 97218" (using your own ZIP instead of mine) to 46645 (GOOGL). Be careful to include the "weather" bit. I tried just a w instead of weather, and got three text messages that looked like entries from the W page of the white pages. So obviously, it does more than weather. I may experiment with it to see what else it does.

I looked it up because I keep forgetting to check the weather doodad on my laptop, and it doesn't always give me the right info anyway. Also, checking the weather from inside my apartment is impossible; no way to see if it's raining from out my windows unless it's raining blood or toads or something of the sort. All I can see is grey skies during even the hardest rains. And the trees out back complicate things further; I have to go out my door, turn left, walk 10 feet, and turn left again to see if it's raining (by looking at puddles in the parking lot). And today, I was all set to head out, dressed for a warm, sunny day; tube dress and sandals, and no umbrella. I got to where I could see the parking lot, and it was POURING. So, I had to go back and change. Still wearing the tube dress, but added pants, socks, and actual shoes, as well as my big multicolored umbrella. And my leather tenchcoat, too.

More info on Google SMS stuff. (Site says it's 466453 [GOOGLE] instead of 46645 [GOOGL], but both work fine.) http://www.google.com/mobile/sms/
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I got friended today by someone who apparently is an artist who makes some really bizarre art. Since bizarre is my favorite, I'm sharing. WARNING: Very much not safe for work. The drawings seem to be of the artist and her (?) sisters as children, often nude. There is also violent imagery. If any of this will offend you or be illegal where you live, do not click the following link: http://alessaesteban.livejournal.com/7671.html Otherwise, go ahead.
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WOOHOO, I got invited to a Beltane ritual! I hope I can go to this one. The same guy (Lord Ansur, who is in the pagan meetup group I go to) invited me to something else before (I forget which Wiccan holiday it was) and I wasn't able to make it because I was ill. I do so hope I can go to the Beltane ritual! *Crosses fingers* (Especially since I missed a recent ritual someone else was doing at Mount Tabor because I just plumb forgot about it.)
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My plans for today were originally just "go to library, go to store, go home." But Brooke sent me a thing from Freecycle for some free kids stuff. It was in Tigard, so it took over an hour to get there. When I got there, she had a whole bunch of stuff, not just books (which included vintage 80s books), but also VHS tapes that may or may not work, a bunch of stuffed animals, some clothes, and and a leather trenchcoat, all for free.

Among the stuffed animals is a lamb, a turtle, a mouse, and a Tiny Toons "Calamity Coyote" stuffy.
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Okay, you know the section of book stores like Border's where they put all the conspiracy theory books, the aliens/ufo books, and all the other fringe science and pseudoscience books? Well, I admit I've been drawn to that area since I was a child. Weird tales of inexplicable things, like modern rubber shoes being found fossilized with dinosaur bones, have fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

Now, I read everything from that section with a huge bag of salt. I like to keep an open mind, but I don't want it so open that my brain falls out. But in amongst the obviously crazy stuff like the flat-earthers, moon landing deniers, and alien-invasion paranoia books are some books that may, in time, be moved to the conventional science area. And it is possible. Plate tectonics was once relegated to fringe science.

It's been ages since I read it, but I think "Uriel's Machine" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas is one of these. It makes a VERY convincing case for the most recent ice age having been prematurely ended by a comet strike that severely disrupted human life and led to lots of tales like the tale of the global flood (found among Amerindians, too, before Christians ever came over), which also gives an explanation for the mini-ice age Europe went through in the middle ages (arguing that, the comet strike having prematurely warmed things, the earth had been cooling ever since before warming again). It also shows ancient peoples as much more advanced than usual archaeologists give them credit for (and plausibly so, with much evidence given). It was a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it.

Then again, there are other books in that category that are obviously never going to be proven right, but make entertaining reads anyway. I really need to track down the actual books by this one guy, because I was reading one of his articles about the Giza Death Star, and it was engrossing and awesome stuff. Basically, he posits that the pyramid at Giza is - or was - a planet-killing weapon used by the Atlanteans/Lemurians in their war with the Martians. Apparently the Martians had been using genetically engineered mutant soldiers, chimeras, in this war. Things escalated into an arms race of epic proportions, the Martians having their own planet-killer in the Face of Mars. Though it seems, now, safe to say that the Atlanteans/Lemurians won that particular war.

Anyway, when I read that, I remember thinking (because it was written like non-fiction), "A fictionalized account of this would make the most awesome trilogy or better in the entire damned world, and I would read the SHIT out of that!" I also knew that I could never write it, it was too big, and too far out of my writing style, for me to do justice to.
Oh, and I think there was made mention that all our modern domesticated animals were genetically engineered as well.

That reminds me, I should read something from that aisle again.
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I just read this article about conjoined twins joined at the head who apparently share brain tissue, and can share sensory data and thoughts. This reminds me of a short story I started once wherein an unusual set of Ah'Koi Bahnis twins are in two completely separate bodies, but a quirk of their telepathic Gift makes them technically of one mind, like mid-continuum multiples. In fact, I think I had it where not only did they share thoughts and sensory data, if one died, so would the other.
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On a previous post about cloaks, [livejournal.com profile] tbuitenh said: "The best color for a cloak is invisibility."

And I said: "Indeed, but those haven't been perfected yet.

Gods, there was a time when that would have been a joke."

Because they ARE working on invisibility cloaks, and are making progress! You can actually see through these things already, though you can also tell there's something doing it because it's all green-tinted. Give it 10 years and they'll be selling fully functional invisibility suits to the military.
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I've owned "Unkle Setnakt's Essential Guide to the Left Hand Path" for years and years, since I lived in Iowa. I think even since I lived in Creston. I wanted so much to read it. I've made several attempts over the years to read it, and never had much luck. It's a great book, full of good advice, but I just couldn't read it straight through... which is the only way to read it and have it fit together right. I never knew why I could never get past the first few pages on it... until now.

In hindsight, I now know that certain kinds of non-fiction are difficult for me to read. Give me fiction, and I know how to read it; the words turn into images! Maybe not the clearest images, but images all the same. But certain kinds of non-fiction I'll read a sentence or two and have to re-read it several more times to make any sense of it. It's like the words don't want to translate for me. I'm perfectly capable of understanding words without having images in my head to go with them, but for some reason it wasn't doing that for me. Which explains all the books about magick and spirituality I have that I haven't been able to read. Conversations With God was pretty simple, as those books are usually in the format of a conversation between Neil and God, but certain other kinds of non-fiction... I'm not even sure what constitutes the type I have difficulty with, really. I never had any problem reading textbooks at school. I didn't like to, and preferred to get the information from the teacher's mouth when I could, but I could read the textbooks.

Anyway, I stumbled onto a solution yesterday. I don't know how or why I started doing this, but I was so determined to read Uncle Setnakt's book that I started imagining he was giving a lecture, and I was attending the lecture, and the words in the book were his words. I still have to re-read sentences on occasion, but only once as opposed to 2 or 3 times. Something about having the kinds of word emphasis and body language (including gestures) in my mind makes the words easier to translate. I've already made more progress on that book than ever before, just in reading while waiting for the bus yesterday! (Though admittedly yesterday I had an hour to wait.) I'm going to have to try this method on other things I have trouble reading, see if it helps. Including long LiveJournal entries... I have difficulty with those. But imagining my friends speaking these entries aloud to me might help. :-)

I'm not sure why I have the problem, or why the solution works so well, though part of it may be that if I'm not getting any meaning from something, my mind starts to disengage. Anyway, this is cool to me. :-)


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