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Book 4, Chapter 4 of Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals is published!

Series blurb: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, is a young and abused Black boy with Asperger's syndrome, and is hated by his guardians, the Dursleys. A little over a week before his birthday, he discovers that he is also a wizard, and the Dursleys knew all along. Not only is he a wizard, but he's also famous in the wizarding world! An AU fanfic.

Chapter blurb: The Quidditch Cup!

Links to book 4, chapter 4:

AO3 version

FF.net version

BigCloset version

~ ~ ~

Series page AO3

HPATTWNT book 1 page FF.net and Book 2, FF.net

HPATTWNT chapter 1, BigCloset
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Laura from the movie "Logan" is supposedly a clone of Logan (Wolverine). If it's true that Laura is a clone of Logan, then we can assume one of the following things is true:

1. Logan is a trans man somehow, genetically female but clearly a man somehow regardless.

2. Logan might be an XXY man. Probably not, because he doesn't fit the body type for an XXY man, though that could be the result of his mutation. If he IS an XXY man, though, then if the clone somehow lost the Y chromosome, she would be a girl and would be an imperfect clone.

3. Maybe Laura is a trans girl somehow?

4. Maybe Logan is a normal XY man and in the cloning process Laura lost the Y chromosome? Probably not, because her body doesn't match Turner Syndrome. Unless maybe her mutant gene cancelled that out?

5. Another possibility is Logan is an XXXY male, but since the effects are similar to XXY only more so, this is also unlikely.

6. Maybe Logan has some other kind of intersex condition, one that's not genetic but something in the womb, to make him genetically XX but somehow male, like some gene got copied wrong and made him grow testicles?

If it's not true:

1. Perhaps Laura isn't a clone at all, just mostly a clone; maybe they removed the Y chromosome for some reason and put in a second X chromosome. I don't see why they'd do that unless they just wanted to see what would happen, though, because there's no way to know how a new X chromosome, even if you just copied the original X chromosome and stuck it in there, would change the resulting organism. But again, maybe they just wanted to see what would happen.

2. Or Laura isn't a clone at all, in another way: maybe they just took someone else's DNA and attached Logan's mutant gene to it, making her genetically engineered, and still in a sense her father, just not a clone.

Any options I missed?


Aug. 11th, 2017 04:05 am
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I just watched Logan, and man that Laura character is bloody awesome! I love that fierce battle shriek of hers, it's badass and adorable at the same time.

spoiler under the cut )
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“The Many Faces of Har—er, Adira Potter: Chapter 36”
By = Fayanora

Chapter 36 of The Many Faces of Harry Potter is now published!

Chapter title: The Sleepwalker's Arc

Chapter blurb: Chandra tells the story of the mysterious "Sleepwalker," which reveals some of his own past, too! First two parts of a three-part arc.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3, FF.net, BC
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Earlier today I saw a Quora answer claiming the X-Men character Legion has DID. (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) But the truth is, no he does not. He does not have DID, he is an example of the trope "mind hive."

Legion's multiplicity is due to his powers, and so is not really DID. DID is when multiple individual consciousnesses arise in a single brain of its own accord. It's something the brain does to itself, creating these other people from its own substance. It may borrow ideas for personality traits from observations of other people, but in the end it's still something the brain is doing to itself.

With that in mind, Legion's powers are something his body is doing to his brain, sucking entire other people into his own brain, along with their own mutant powers if they have them. Those other people in his brain are not created by his brain, they are literally other people who have been sucked into his brain by his powers. That is not DID. It bears a resemblance to DID, but it is not actually DID. What Legion has is, in fact, called "mind hive." http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MindHive

Another example of Mind Hive: In some stories of mine, I have a race of aliens who copy the minds of their wisest ancestors into their own brains. They're multiples, yes, but they don't have DID because their condition was caused by an outside force, and those minds were copied from another body into that one. They are an example of Mind Hive.
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The 24th chapter of "The Many Faces of Harry Potter" is done and published!

Blurb for this chapter: The collective meets the Skrewts. Al and Javier get closer. Al helps Hermione with her house elf liberation front, and convinces McGonagall to reinstate the Dueling Club.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction.net version

Big Closet version
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So chapter 2 of book 3 of Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals is out now.

Blurb: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, is a young and abused Black boy with Asperger's syndrome, & is hated by his guardians, the Dursleys. A little over a week before his birthday, he discovers that he is also a wizard, and the Dursleys knew all along. Not only is he a wizard, but he's also famous in the wizarding world! An AU fanfic. Third book of H.P. & the Trouble With Neurotypicals

AO3 version.

FF.net version.

BigCloset version.
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Last night I had a dream where Buffy and Faith were having lesbian sex with one another, and I was experiencing everything from Buffy's eyes. When I woke up, I was pleased by the dream, but confused, as Buffy so hates Faith (understandably) that the odds of that happening for real would be basically nil. Oh well. :-)
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The Many Faces of Harry Potter, Chapter 15: "Halloween" has been released!

Fic blurb: Harry Potter is a wizard, which surprises him. But he's also a Multiple, which surprises everyone.

Chapter blurb: More strange things happen to the collective, as they avoid dementors, madmen with knives, and deal with the problems of puberty.

AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) Version

FF.net (FanFiction.net) Version

BigCloset Version
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Both my Harry Potter fanfic series have updated!

First: Harry Potter and the Trouble With Neurotypicals has updated! Book 2, Chapter 6: "Riddle Me This"!

FF.net version

AO3 Version

BigCloset version!

Second: The Many Faces of Harry Potter, chapter 11: "Return of the Return of the Heir"!

FF.net version

AO3 Version

BigCloset version!
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Harry Potter is a wizard, which surprises him. But Harry Potter is also a Multiple, which surprises everyone.

The Many Faces of Harry Potter, chapter 10 is out!

FanFiction.net version

"Archive of Our Own" version

BigCloset version
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Posted this to Tumblr earlier, thought it bore repeating here.

I’d be willing to bet that Slytherin’s reputation prior to Voldemort going there was at least okay, that nobody thought that house was any eviler than any of the other houses despite Salazar’s little falling out and subsequent temporary insanity. (Yeah, he raised a basilisk, but he never used it, and he locked it away. I think he changed his mind about it but couldn’t bring himself to kill the basilisk.) So basically, it was just another Hogwarts House.

Then along comes Voldemort, who is a Slytherin, and he is charming and clever. He uses his charm and brains to warp the students of Slytherin so they will bend to his will. He’s like a cancer, turning healthy cells cancerous by proximity. Through seven years of charm, cleverness, and hard work, Voldemort puts the whole house of Slytherin under his thrall.

This process is so potent that even after he leaves, the infection lingers. Just because the largest tumor leaves, doesn’t mean the cancer is cured. It continues to work in his favor, warping the Slytherins for decades to come, so that by the time Harry arrives, the taint of Voldemort has indeed turned it into a bad place. The living ghost of Voldemort haunts Slytherin, and it has been that way so long, it’s gained a reputation for evil. But since most people don’t connect Voldemort to handsome, charming Tom Riddle, it doesn’t occur to most people that Slytherin got that way because of Tom/Voldemort.

More )

Cool dream

May. 19th, 2014 04:16 pm
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I had a dream last night that I and a bunch of other people, which included Castiel from Supernatural and Fred from Angel, were exploring some weird planet, and got chased by humanoid monsters. We lured the monsters into what we thought was a trap for them, and turned out we trapped ourselves. But the place we'd trapped ourselves was dark and echoey and we used that to our advantage, and managed to get near the door again and escape, but ended up in another building. Where one of the monsters surprised us, but Castiel's quick thinking and reflexes let him kill the monster. Then we escaped out into a barren landscape, and everyone started walking slower because somehow we knew the monsters were dead and we were safe.

Except that we weren't safe. I looked down at the ground, which was made of these pebbles of some kind of sparkly metallic substance. I say pebbles, but they were rough, jagged, and came in sizes varying from "very large grain of sand" all the way up to "half of a snow pea pod." I had one of the mid-sized ones in my hand, looking at it, when it started to "melt" and stick to my skin. I wiped it off in a panic, suddenly knowing what was going on, and warned the others to get to safety; we were surrounded by hundreds of miles of nanites lying in wait to convert people into monsters. I luckily hadn't gotten any into my blood, so I wouldn't be turned, but you can bet we hoofed it out of there.

When we got to our spaceship, there was someone inside and we were all startled and expecting another monster. And we were partially right, but we were safe - it was just Angel. (Vampire with a soul for anyone who doesn't know.) He let us in and we made our escape.
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My headcanon is Hermione Granger is an Aspie, and she became so emotionally astute out of necessity and observation, and trying to put herself in other people's shoes, because for so much of her school career, it was the only way to survive, and because she hoped it would help get her friends. And when Ron says "no wonder she hasn't got any friends," all the years of peer abuse and scorn she's had to put up with comes to a head because here in Hogwart's she thought she could make a clean start, but then Ron says the thing and she despairs of ever having friends, because she's just so swotty and socially awkward. So Ron and Harry finally befriending her after saving her life, it was like being born again. She was so grateful for them thinking to risk their lives to save hers, that she lied for them to show her gratitude, in the hope they would be friends now.

Although the lie could also have been a response to years of bullying; she may have been afraid that Ron and/or Harry would actively bully her/ostracize her if she didn't take the fall for it. She may have thought that their daring rescue was more to save their own arses than out of any concern for her. She was probably expecting them to be like other bullies and make her life even more miserable than usual if she didn't take the blame. And so them deciding to let her be their friend quite astonished and delighted her. And she could have easily taken a submissive role in the friendship and just gone along with whatever the boys wanted, but she stood up for what she thought was right, in her mind risking losing her new friends to tell them off for their recklessness, etc. Which would have made that first time Ron and Hermione weren't talking to each other because of Crookshanks and Scabbers all the more emotionally difficult to get through. Especially on top of her insane class schedule that year.

I also think Moaning Myrtle has a similar story up to a point, and it was only through lucky circumstances and Harry's kindness that Hermione didn't become the school's second weeping specter.
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Hermione always had a lot of homework even without the time turner, and yet still had time to do extra reading, knit elf hats, etc. And I think I know how she did it. I think she invented (or read about and mastered) a spell to just wave her wand over a parchment and writing would appear on the page, from her brain to the paper via the wand. Then she'd spend some extra time reading it through for errors, making edits here and there, and maybe ended up spending a total of a couple hours doing non-reading homework, giving her plenty of time to do other things. But she was always so irritated with Ron (and occasionally Harry) that she never let them in on that secret. Besides which, it's a complicated spell and while Harry might manage it, Ron would struggle with it and get grumpy about not being able to manage it.

It makes sense for her. She would want to spend as much time as possible getting caught up in her knowledge of the wizarding world, since the school doesn't have a Wizard Studies class for the muggle-borns. So naturally the schoolwork, which comes easy as a breeze to her, takes second fiddle to her studies of the wizarding world, meaning she'll take every shortcut she can without cheating, because as she told Ron about copying/cheating, "how will you learn?"

Though I suspect it was a spell that already existed, and here's why: the Prime Minister's remark about Kingsley, saying, "He's highly efficient, gets through twice the work of the rest of them." So obviously Kingsley knows the same spell.
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I have to say it: Movie #3 was the one where the Harry Potter movies took a nosedive in quality. Like, in the book, Sirius was just this very tired man who had been through 12 years of hell in Azkaban, his voice was ragged from disuse, and the only thing giving him any energy at all was his obsession with finding Peter Pettigrew. This would have made him intense in a very focused but quiet way. But in the movie they portray him as this energetic lunatic who babbles incoherently.

Frankly, they should have cut a lot of stuff from other parts of the movie and focused on this scene, focused on making it as true to the book as possible, because this scene… I’m sorry, but this scene was paced WAY too fast, didn’t have enough information, and had unrealistic responses from characters to boot; there’s just no WAY Harry or the others would have trusted Black if he came off as a keyed-up nutcase, as opposed to the quiet intensity of the book Black. Rowling wrote the scene perfectly, and the movie makers just totally fucked it up. This is, IMHO, at least as bad as the infamous “Dumbledore said calmly”/Dumbledore shouting mistake in #4, if not worse, because if you had never read the book, this scene in the movie [the scene in the shrieking shack] would have confused the fuck out of you. Hell, I read the books and *I* was even confused by this scene in the movie.

Redo the whole series as a TV series I say. Not a miniseries, not more movies, a friggin TV series. And by all that is holy, do NOT cast Michael Gambon as Dumbledore again! That casting decision doesn’t win the #1 position for Worst Casting Decision of the Series only because they changed Tom the innkeeper from this pleasant, normal-looking man to some kind of Quasimodo-esque monstrosity.
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"We Are Not Death Eaters," Harry Potter fanfiction by Fayanora.

Not all Slytherins are Death Eaters. Most aren't, in fact. And many Slytherins are just as brave as Griffindors. Our narrator, one such Slytherin, relates a tale of being in a group of anti-Voldemort Slytherins, explaining why there were no Slytherins in Dumbledore's Army, and where they were during the final Battle of Hogwarts.

Click here to read it.
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Being on Tumblr so much has changed how I view the world. I used to watch Stargate Atlantis without much trouble. Now I watch it and I'm like, "Wait, so Taylah is the only person of color in her entire village? How does THAT work?" And of course, "Gee, look at all these white people in a foreign galaxy. Where are the people of color? Oh there's one, the sole survivor after his culture was wiped out by the Wraith. Hmmm... coincidence? I think not." I have noticed that the humans from Earth have more diversity in their group than the entire Pegasus galaxy combined so far.

I will give them this much recognition: there is pretty good diversity in the team from Earth, with blacks, Asians, and other races among the scientists and military. And as far as I can tell so far, very few POCs in the Atlantis team die. Still, while they were good about diversity in the group from Earth, they sucked horribly on diversity among the humans of Pegasus.

The original Stargate series was MUCH better about race issues, since there were brown Egyptians, and the people of Chulac were mostly black. There were also Asian characters, and one of the Gould "gods" looked African. And they did have an India Indian gould, but they made the mistake of using a Hindu deity for that, and naturally the Hindus were PISSED. Hell, I'm not a Hindu and *I* was pissed off by that as well. (As a pagan, I don't really like how all the Goulds pretend to be pagan gods, and the closest they got to a Gould pretending to be a Christian god was one that pretended to be Satan. But being such a small minority as 'neo-pagan,' I just sigh and keep watching.)

Granted, they DID kind of sneakily do Christianity in the guise of the religion of Origin (and the Ori beings), and while technically that was still a polytheism, it looked quite a bit like Christianity, especially Catholocism. Especially inasmuch as the Ori insisted on such utter devotion that all unbelievers had to be converted or destroyed. Sneaky way of covering the major modern Abrahamic religions, I give them kudos for that. After all, if you're gonna piss on all those other religions, might as well piss on everyone while you're at it. Honestly, the only religion they gave any kind of good treatment to in that series was they had some things somewhat like Buddhism, which was done well and respectfully.

Adding: Okay, so there were some people of color in the village that Athar protects, so there's that. Still...


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