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Took a bunch of vegetables, steam-cooked them, scooped some onto rice, scooped some chicken onto the vegetables, added Triple Ginger Teriyaki sauce, and boom! Simple, delicious meal! Granted, the cooking and cutting of the chicken and the veggies was long and difficult work, but now I'll have a simple throw-together meal for when I have less energy and/or time! (The rice takes only 8 minutes in my microwave-usable rice cooker. And no, it's not instant rice, it's regular rice.)

Veggies I have in this batch:
Broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas in their pods, three different colors of bell pepper (red, yellow, and orange), carrots, celery, mushrooms, and yellow squash (basically a yellow zucchini).

Later I might add a can of baby corn and a can of water chestnuts. And I have a bottle of orange sauce for when the triple ginger runs out.

So yeah there's another thing: you could buy canned veggies and pre-cut chicken and save time and effort.
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Back on the first, my birthday, my friend [personal profile] kengr took me to Chang's Mongolian Grill for the first time ever. A bonus was that because it was my birthday, I got my meal free!

Chang's Mongolian Grill is this awesome Chinese buffet place where they have the raw ingredients (including frozen meat slices) on a buffet, you get what you want in one or two bowls, including sauce, and you take it over to this huge round grill thing where the chefs cook it up for you and hand the finished product back to you. And it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, so if you're willing to stand around waiting for your turn to have your food cooked, then you can go up as many times as you're able (in theory; they might cut you off if you eat too much).

What's more, the food is AMAZING!! I tried a bunch of different ingredient and sauce combos, and nothing tasted bad or even meh, it was all "HOLY HELL MY TASTE BUDS ARE GOING TO EXPLODE WITH PLEASURE!" I think I went up four times, and when I was done I was stuffed like a turducken.

It's a bit spendy, but man, for food that great, and that much of it, it's worth the price! But definitely for special occasions.

I loved the food and the service so much I left a note of praise, with TWO SIDES! I never leave notes of praise! I usually just tip. But this place was worth tipping PLUS telling them in words and pictures how awesome they are.

Here's the note, under the cut:

The deepest )

If you're blind, or just can't read my chicken scratches, here's the transcript:

First side:

This place is great! Delicious food, awesome chefs, friendly wait staff. Definetely will come back again when I can! - Fay [picture of a smiley face sun licking its lips, a couple heart shapes, and a peace sign] More on other side. --->

Second side:

Dear Chefs, You're awesome! Your job must be so difficult, but you make it look almost easy! And you make it all delicious! Continue being amazing!!! - Fay [picture of a smiley face grinning and holding its arms out.]

Also for my birthday, Brooke/kengr got me a pair of headphones and a bluetooth speaker thing that has powerful friggin sound!
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The other day I was looking at the Greek salad in the deli section of Albertson's with a look of longing, because my IBS doesn't let me have it anymore. For one thing, the feta cheese is a no-no. So are onions.

Then it occurred to me, I could make my own version of a Greek salad. So I cut up some cucumber, green bell pepper, carrots, and black olives. I cut up mushrooms and cooked them. When they were cool, I poured shiitake mushroom dressing over it and mixed it up, then let it chill in the fridge. Yummy!

I think I will be adding zucchini next time. Definetely will add tomatoes and kalamata olives. Maybe even a little spinach. And I want to try a small batch with some of the Daiya cheese, see how that tastes.


May. 1st, 2017 09:24 am
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Look at all these yummy dandelion roots I got while weeding the garden! Couldn't use the leaves because they were black with aphids, but roots are a good consolation prize.
Pic under the cut. )
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So I found recently - thanks to the food bank and then a trip to Winco earlier in the month - that chicken thighs are cheaper than breasts, and no more difficult than breasts to cut. Easier, in fact, because parts of them just kind of fall off when you push on them. They also taste better, too, IMHO. So I've been getting those instead.
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Eating only what you can afford and/or get from food boxes when you're poor is sucky, but sometimes it has interesting results. The last few days, I've been enjoying something I tossed together. I made some rice with mushrooms and cut-up carrot tops from some organic carrots I got from the food boxes. Then I added some carrots and hamburger, and soy sauce. Simple, balanced, tasty.
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At our apartment building, me and my friend Brooke have a garden plot. And since chemicals aren't allowed in the gardens, and the plots are separate from one another, the dandelions that grow wild there during the winter (yeah, winter in Portland is big on rain and not very big on ice or snow) are perfectly safe to eat. (Ah yes, dandelions, poor man's salad. But don't eat them if the soil they're in is chemically treated.) So dandelion leaves and sometimes roots in stews or the leaves in salads is something we do.

This year, the specific species/sub-species/mutation of dandelions growing there are a kind that grows DOZENS of leaves each, in this pattern where most of the leaves are fanned out along the ground like a green sun with myriad rays. I must have cut at least a couple dozen leaves off each one and didn't even get a third of the leaves growing on them! Salad and soups for days!

Also found out that not only are the leaves and roots edible, so are the flowers. I'm wondering if that includes the stems of the flowers, too? I wonder because when I was a kid, I had a habit of peeling apart dandelion flower stems and licking the bitter white fluid inside, and I never got sick from it. (Don't worry, we never lived anywhere with chemically treated lawns.)

There’s these other “weeds” called plantains that are edible too (as well as having medicinal properties), but I haven’t seen any of those in the garden plot yet this year.

Interestingly, you can buy seeds of a large plantain cultivar on Amazon: Here.
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Got some spinach wrap thingies the other day, they’re like green tortillas. They're huge, and I got them because I figured they'd be lower in carbs. Which they are. One of them has 58 calories, and at first I was thinking "Wow, that's a lot." But one slice of my favorite bread, "Great Seed" bread, has 110 calories. So wow, I can have two wrap sandwiches for 1/4th the calories of a single sandwich using regular bread. Holy moley!


Oct. 2nd, 2016 01:53 pm
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Got some ginger powder at Winco yesterday. I've been putting it in my soup. Chicken soup with ginger in it is AMAZING! Especially since ginger is the only really spicy spice I can have that doesn't bother my IBS. (I pretty much only use basil and oregano and ginger in stuff.)

Oh, and tried some shitake mushrooms. They're more expensive, because I only got like less than a dozen and that cost the same as three times as many crimini mushrooms, but shitake mushrooms might be good to get in small amounts in future. I like their taste, texture, and color better than crimini mushrooms. Also, they cook faster.
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Apparently, malt vinegar soaked into bread makes a great cure for upset stomach. This is amazing news, because for years now, I've had to just suffer when I got upset stomach, because nothing would settle it, ever since Pepto Bismol stopped being able to do it. (Why my body doesn't respond to Pepto Bismol anymore, I dunno.)

Only down side to this is I kinda have to have something to cleanse my palate between bites, because malt vinegar soaked in bread is intensely strong, if you have several in a row.
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Over the years I've come to know why kids hate bread crusts. Sure, I still find some bread crusts delicious, but others are dry and gross. But now I have malt vinegar to make them moist and delicious. Peel off the crusts, dip em in malt vinegar, NOM!
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I got this Shittake mushroom dressing because it was one of the few dressings I can actually eat without getting the napalm shits, and I am SO glad I did. Just had a salad with it, and it's so very yummy that I had to use some bread to mop up the remainder at the bottom of the bowl. Yummy! I will indeed be getting this again in future!
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My roommate found, in one of Portland's many free boxes, a working food processor. After cleaning it up a little (more a precaution), I used it. Made IBS friendly guacamole last night (avocado, salt, lemon juice), and IBS friendly hummus this morning. (garbanzo beans, lemon juice, salt, a little water.) It's amazing stuff, I love it. Already thinking, though, of alternate versions, like adding spinach to it, or olives, or tomatoes.
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I tell ya, going to the Asian market for rice noodles is a lot more difficult than I'd anticipated. Fucktons of options for size, consistency, etc of noodles. One of the two kinds I got was these rice sticks that looked like normal noodles but became like two or three times fatter than spaghetti when cooked. Not getting that kind again.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 11:23 pm
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I discovered that Campbell's brand beef broth and Campbell's brand Beef Consomme soup do not have any onion or garlic or anything else in them that I cannot have, due to my IBS. It will make for a good occasional treat to get myself, since I generally rely on Better Than Bouillon for my soups. Today I got some stew beef and the consomme and made a delicious soup with potatos, carrots, and celery; and spinach noodles. Cooked the stew beef in the otherwise empty soup pan first, then added the consomme, boiled a while more just to be on the safe side, then made the rest of the soup. Delicious!


Dec. 2nd, 2014 12:48 am
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My new favorite kind of noodles is now the homestyle egg noodles, ever since I got some from the food bank. So when I went grocery shopping earlier, I got a whole bunch of them from the bulk aisle. Awesome!
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It's the end of the month, and I am tired of soup.* I am tired of my crappy food options. Come the first, I am gonna see about expanding my options.

One way I'm doing that is finally giving in to Molly Elizabeth's requests for cereal. Now, when she wants cereal, she wants sugary, brightly colored kids cereal. And almost always I argue with her, saying things like "That's not good for us" and convince her to give up or compromise with something like frosted mini wheats. Well, I always regret doing this because cereals for adults tend to suck. Frosted Mini-Wheats suck. I thought the chocolate flavored ones would be an improvement, but I put some in my almond milk (which tastes better than regular milk, BTW) and they tasted NASTY. They're only edible when dry, and then just barely. I have had similar experiences with raisin bran and other fibery cereals.

So, this month, gonna let Molly get at least one cereal of her own choice without me arguing about it. Then I think I'll put the mini-wheats out in the place where we put free stuff for if people want it, because the thought of eating those things fills me with disgust.

* = Technically, I was tired of soup before we even started eating any this year. It was one of those things where, given how the weather was going, we knew we'd be eating a lot of soup soon, and even though our soup is delicious, it gets tiresome eating it all the damn time, so we were getting pre-emptively tired of it.
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Bought some stuff at the store called "Better Than Boullion," to try it. Just picked up one, thank goddess, one of the beef ones. It sounded good, since it uses real beef fat and processed beef muscle. Tried it in some ramen today, though... BLECH! I had to add a bunch of salt to it to make it taste good; apparently it doesn't have the kind of salt content boullion does, and it's only good with added salt. I shall bear that in mind next time I use it, add the salt in the pot before adding the noodles.
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Fay's IBS-friendly salsa:

1 - 2 stalks celery, diced (fiber!)
1 carrot, diced
1/2 cup or more diced eggplant
2 - 4 brown mushrooms, diced
1/2 cup or more tomato sauce
Basil and/or oregano to taste (optional)

Fry, microwave, or steam cook the celery and carrots first. When those are soft enough, add mushroom and eggplant, cook some more. Then add tomato sauce in pan, or in separate container to reheat. Then add the basil/oregano.

Note: You could easily use various squashes in this, too, such as yellow squash or zucchini.
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A couple days ago I got some olive tapenade hummus even though it has garlic in it, thinking "Why not? It's not like I've been having normal BMs lately anyway, no matter how hard I've tried." I got it to eat with chicken veggie stuff I love. Used to make it with taco seasoning or other spices, now though, I make it with poultry seasoning and fresh basil and oregano. Good stuff. Cooked in peanut oil because peanut oil has a lower smoke point than olive oil. Amy also says olive oil makes stuff taste bitter, but she could smell an ant fart from a mile away, so I'm sure that affects how things taste for her. This batch of the chicken veggie thing, I used up a fuckton of the garden zucchini, also it has celery (for added fiber) and mushrooms. Spread some hummus in a tortilla or other flatbread, put the chicken veggie mixture in there, and make a sort of burrito out of it, yummy stuff!

Anyway, despite the hummus having garlic in it... either I was wrong about not being able to have garlic, or something in the hummus counteracts the garlic, because well... the last few days, the end results of my food have been the most normal they've been in ages. TMI ) So... maybe that means I should eat more hummus? I'm going to continue to do so for a while, to test the theory. So today I got more olive tapenade hummus, and also some more celery, in case it's the celery doing good things. Or in case it's the combo of the two.

Anyway, good to know that I seem to be able to have hummus. That was one thing I would have missed a lot.


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