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Laura from the movie "Logan" is supposedly a clone of Logan (Wolverine). If it's true that Laura is a clone of Logan, then we can assume one of the following things is true:

1. Logan is a trans man somehow, genetically female but clearly a man somehow regardless.

2. Logan might be an XXY man. Probably not, because he doesn't fit the body type for an XXY man, though that could be the result of his mutation. If he IS an XXY man, though, then if the clone somehow lost the Y chromosome, she would be a girl and would be an imperfect clone.

3. Maybe Laura is a trans girl somehow?

4. Maybe Logan is a normal XY man and in the cloning process Laura lost the Y chromosome? Probably not, because her body doesn't match Turner Syndrome. Unless maybe her mutant gene cancelled that out?

5. Another possibility is Logan is an XXXY male, but since the effects are similar to XXY only more so, this is also unlikely.

6. Maybe Logan has some other kind of intersex condition, one that's not genetic but something in the womb, to make him genetically XX but somehow male, like some gene got copied wrong and made him grow testicles?

If it's not true:

1. Perhaps Laura isn't a clone at all, just mostly a clone; maybe they removed the Y chromosome for some reason and put in a second X chromosome. I don't see why they'd do that unless they just wanted to see what would happen, though, because there's no way to know how a new X chromosome, even if you just copied the original X chromosome and stuck it in there, would change the resulting organism. But again, maybe they just wanted to see what would happen.

2. Or Laura isn't a clone at all, in another way: maybe they just took someone else's DNA and attached Logan's mutant gene to it, making her genetically engineered, and still in a sense her father, just not a clone.

Any options I missed?
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In response to something ysabetwordsmith posted about a "metagender" character (link here), I wrote:

Then too, there's the Ah'koi bahnis, who would find the concept of gender confusing and or fascinating, as they have only one sex. I mean, to tie personality traits to something as odd as differences in anatomy??? They would ask questions like "So if you lose an arm, what is your gender then?" Or "what gender are you if you have an extra finger?" Or "penis is male, vagina is female... What if you have neither? What if you are a mutant with a cloaca?" "What gender is a sponge?" "My people have both a penis and a vagina. Are we all to like both dolls and trucks at once? How does one express and yet also repress their emotions? Should I oppress myself? Do we get paid the male rate for having a penis, or does our ability to get pregnant condemn us to the female pay rate? We do not have menses and yet we can get pregnant; does your god still consider us unclean? Do I still 'need a man' though I can impregnate myself or do I count as my own man in that situation?" Or other questions like "What if one has none of the traits assigned either gender, assuming that were possible?"

Oh, it could be fun to write a story like that. :)
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We realized earlier today that Fay, Tempest, Negarahn, and Djao'Kain don't really have an accurate term for their gender. Finding an accurate term has proven difficult. The only really accurate human term we've found so far is "hermaphrodite," but that's a word the intersex community doesn't like people using.

Of course, the conversation on gender goes a little weird at times. Recently, one of us was like "Okay so what would the AKB of Traipah call their gender?" Fay was like "They wouldn't. They only have the one sex." But then Tempest countered with "Yeah but once they met the humans, they might come up with a term for it, it would be their version of "cisgender." And they have something like intersex as well, so gender terms for them might come in handy. So what would the AKB call their majority gender?"

Fay thought a moment, then said, "Well gender would be a new concept for them. So they'd probably use some variation on the English word 'gender.' Considering most AKB are just the one sex, I think they'd call it AhKHoi'djender (ah-oy ʒen-der."

Derived, of course, from the Ah'Koi of "Ah'Koi Bahnis" and the word "gender."
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“It’s a little girl,” I said. “I mean, I think it’s a little girl. I guess she might want to be a little boy once she’s had time to think about it.
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Text and picture reposted from this Tumblr post. It might make more sense if you read the Tumblr version, since I think this excerpt makes references to things in other peoples' comments, and I don't feel like reposting the entire thing here.

The original picture:

My part of the post:

I totally get Tedd’s shock. I became aware of the concept of transgender pretty early on, around 15 or 16, but it didn’t really fit me. I started identifying as a trans woman online more out of it being the closest I knew to what I was, but privately had no idea what to think of myself as. At least, not until I read about the term “hermaphrodite.” Well, actually, the progression went more like this: A. Read term “hermaphrodite,” started using it to describe the people of this story I’d started to write, and their religion. B. Did not apply the term to myself. C. Figured out I was trans or something like it. D. Became obsessed with that story I was writing enough that I adopted the religion I’d made for them. E. Realized only then that I was closer to “hermaphrodite” than I was to male or female, and so privately began to identify as such. F. Realized I’m Otherkin, as one of the Ah’Koi Bahnis people I was writing about, which deepened the connection to “hermaphrodite.” G. Didn’t hear the term gender-fluid til… well, it’s hard to say. Only a few years ago, I think. I think I read it on Tumblr, but I can’t be sure. I have a bad habit of hearing information relevant to me and then watching it take months or even years to process it enough that I finally think “Hey wait, that’s me!”
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Representation matters!

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I had a strange dream last night. Well, not strange; interesting. Entertaining.

So the dream was about this odd family that is hard to describe. The parents drink, smoke, and cuss like sailors. The whole family (parents and two boys) fight frequently, but that seemed to be their way of expressing love for one another. The whole family spoke with a British accent, were nudists, and did some kind of family business where they all worked on some kind of art that they sold at scifi/fantasy conventions. Aside from the nudism and the geekiness, they were like British rednecks.

At the beginning of the dream, I was seeing everything from the younger boy's point of view, but I was just observing through him, I wasn't actually him. The older boy didn't seem to like the younger boy; I'd guess their ages at 8 and 9. The older boy teased the younger mercilessly, when he wasn't ignoring him, and even pushed him into a pile of animal dung at one point. But later in the dream, the two get a lot closer.

Halfway through the dream, they moved into a house that was extremely crappy, and it took on the aspect of a sitcom. The house apparently used to be a meth lab, but was decontaminated. But the house was also dilapidated; in one scene, they were replacing floorboards that had rotted. In another scene, they couldn't get through the door to the main bedroom. In his search for an entrance, the father went onto the roof for some reason, and fell through the roof into the bedroom... just as the rest of his family got through the door.

Something was wrong with the boys' bedroom, and they spent the first night out in a tent in the yard.

At some point in the dream, the younger boy realized that his older brother was a trans boy. For some reason, this had never been an issue; the boy even peed standing up somehow, without help. This was not some tomboyish girl, no; this boy OOZED male-ness, radiated it like the enriched uranium of gender. Like the rest of his family, he cursed like a sailor and fought at the drop of any hat.

The two boys even drank, too. But their father limited them to one beer a day.

After I woke up and started thinking about them again, I got more of the story. The older boy had violently rejected anything remotely feminine, and so by the time he was 1, they knew he was a boy. And a story idea appeared wherein the younger boy turns out to be a t-girl; she didn't realize this until after figuring out that her brother was a t-boy. How was it coming out in that family? They were in a store when she asked her mom if they could go to the girls' section for new school clothes. Mom's response was a quick glance, then a nod.
When she told her father, his response was "Well we have a daughter now, eh? So would you like a different name now?"

Because I'd gotten the names of the boys: the older one is Jamie, the younger *was* Chuck and then became Julia.

Oh, and another thing: they all have nicknames for each other. Chuck *was* called up-Chuck by his brother. He in turn called Jamie "Jim sock." I don't know the details for the parents yet.

One last bit: they may fight a lot, but the older brother's attitude to his younger sibling is "Only *I* get to beat (him/her) up!" And he'll beat the living shit out of anyone who hurts his sibling.

But yeah, I'm fascinated by this family.


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