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Sep. 9th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Molly Elizabeth, imitating a commercial on the radio: "Ask your gastroentomologist today!"
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On a more positive note, Molly wants to buy a shit-ton of self-adhesive googly eyes in various sizes and go around town sticking them in funny places. :D
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Went to bed at four am, got up at six because I couldn't get to sleep from hunger, and in the space of that two hours, the living room became overrun by scores of baby spiders! Now I don't mind spiders usually, as long as they stay away from me and preferably out of sight, but tiny crawling things like baby spiders or ants make me itchy and nervous. Part of my brain knew they were spiders, but another part of my mind was going "ticks! Or something worse!"

Once Brooke got me calmed down (I knew she was awake so I pleaded with her for help), I tried collecting them with a flyswatter to freedom outside, but only got a few, so I vacuumed up the rest I could find. I'm going to be watching that room very carefully for a day or so now.

Amusing to note that Molly was the calmest of us during this debacle. She was occasionally making the panic wane and then moving in for a closer look, fascinated. She didn't like them being there all over our clothes and computer chair etc either, but she was the main proponent for not hurting them. But when it became clear we couldn't shoo them away, she gave in. At least a few of them got put outside, though.

But oh jeez, in two hours they went from nowhere to be seen over to all over everything!

I really wish bugs and spiders would stay outside where they belong, I've had all I can stand of them. First ants, then fruit flies, then - and still - pantry moths (thank goodness for glue traps and pheromones!), then ants again (but only scouts so far I think), and then of course the spiders.

I wonder if I could keep a bunch of frogs for pets.
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Something else that happened at the SMART reading thing, but last Wednesday rather than the one before it, was Molly's internal commentary when I was reading "Curious George." She was saying things like "The Man in the Yellow Hat isn't really George's friend! He stole him from his home and stuck him in a zoo! Which would be okay if he was endangered and orphaned or something, but not a word on that! And wasn't this written in like the 40's?" And other stuff of a similar nature. It was amusing, but a little distracting. Especially since the second kid I read to, not having been there to see I'd read it once already, also wanted that one read. :-)
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So Brooke and I are watching Thor, and Thor's hammer has crashed to the desert and is immovable even by trucks. Brooke sees this and comments, giving us this lovely image: Molly Elizabeth, in her own body and thus looking like an actual 7 year old blonde girl, coming up to all these people trying to pick up the thing, cheerfully asking "Whatcha doin?"
"Trying to pick up this hammer."
"Oh, you mean like this?" she says, picking it up like it's nothing.

The looks on their faces would be priceless. :-D

Fun game

Jul. 26th, 2015 07:03 pm
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Fun game: Describe the people in your collective in 7 words or less.

Alex: Sarcastic asshole with a heart of gold.

Molly: Strange little girl, mischievous and horny.

Fayanora: The Sapphire to Alex's Ruby.

Tempest: Fayanora's conjoined twin.

Lo: Lesbian goth girl on hiatus.

Ian: Shy little boy, rarely seen.

Negarahn: Possibly just an old Mask of Pi's.

Pi: Friendly neighborhood agender shape-shifting monster.

Shao'Kehn: Live-in shrink/lover.
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One of the cool things about being a multiple is that you always have the benefit of that old "two heads are better than one" thing. Case in point:

Problem: People smoking at bus stops

Problem behind the problem: Alex can't past The Filter to tell them off, or they don't listen.

Solution proposer: Molly Elizabeth (7, blonde)

Proposed solution: Take out this noise-maker tube we got at OMSI years ago, keep playing with it nonstop, driving the smoker people crazy. When they yell to stop that, calmly say "If you put out your cigarette, I will stop making this noise." If need be, clarify "If you keep smoking around me, I will keep making the noise."

We have yet to test the idea, but it sounds pretty cool. Only potential problem we know of is it's a known addictive stim, we might not be able to stop.

LOL Molly

Jul. 22nd, 2015 02:29 pm
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LOL, Molly just told me "I like to pronounce 'adult' like 'add-ult,' rather than 'uh-dult,' because 'add-ult' sounds like 'addled,' which is what I think becoming a Grown Up does to your brain. Though 'uh-dult' also sounds a bit like 'a dolt,' which is along the same lines."

(To any not in the know, Molly Elizabeth is our collective's primary child Face.)
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Molly Elizabeth's very strange version of "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly."
Very long, extremely silly )
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On an ageplay group on Fetlife, someone asked if there were any fictional characters that "fits your little well," and this is what I came up with for my little self, Molly Elizabeth:

"Mine would have the physical appearance of Cindy Brady from the original Brady Bunch series, with the personality of Wednesday Addams crossed with Bugs Bunny."
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So this was a Tumblr post I made, I think it bears repeating here. First part is a quote from "Blindsight" by Peter Watts, which was the original post:

Under the cut, of course. )

Then I added this part:

It has occurred to me since I posted this that there's another problem here, in that the standard model of DID assumes the new personalities form immediately after the stress fracturing. Loathe as we are to admit it, while we're still sure the body was prone to multiplicity, there was an element of stress fracturing to it, in that stress fracturing exacerbated the natural multiplicity. But it didn't happen to us the way the standard model has it.

For one, ours was "caused" by bullying, not abuse at home; we never had abuse at home. Secondly, the fracturing began around age 5, but we never had the clear shifts, the blackouts. What we experienced was our Prime (our "original," Tempest) becoming a sort of personality radio going randomly along the dials as the soul shards floated around in the chaos of our brain. It was just Tempest by herself with all these soul shards flying around for almost 11 years before Shao'Kehn coalesced in the late 90's.

This gets quite long, so it's under the cut. )
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It's the end of the month, and I am tired of soup.* I am tired of my crappy food options. Come the first, I am gonna see about expanding my options.

One way I'm doing that is finally giving in to Molly Elizabeth's requests for cereal. Now, when she wants cereal, she wants sugary, brightly colored kids cereal. And almost always I argue with her, saying things like "That's not good for us" and convince her to give up or compromise with something like frosted mini wheats. Well, I always regret doing this because cereals for adults tend to suck. Frosted Mini-Wheats suck. I thought the chocolate flavored ones would be an improvement, but I put some in my almond milk (which tastes better than regular milk, BTW) and they tasted NASTY. They're only edible when dry, and then just barely. I have had similar experiences with raisin bran and other fibery cereals.

So, this month, gonna let Molly get at least one cereal of her own choice without me arguing about it. Then I think I'll put the mini-wheats out in the place where we put free stuff for if people want it, because the thought of eating those things fills me with disgust.

* = Technically, I was tired of soup before we even started eating any this year. It was one of those things where, given how the weather was going, we knew we'd be eating a lot of soup soon, and even though our soup is delicious, it gets tiresome eating it all the damn time, so we were getting pre-emptively tired of it.
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Two drawings under the cut )

Top picture: "Molly Specs," a picture I drew of my inner child Molly Elizabeth, a blonde, blue-eyed, 7 year old member of the Djao'Mor'Terra Collective.

Bottom picture: A close up of Molly's face from the first picture.

Click pictures for larger versions.

EDITED TO ADD: If not for their large size and the servers not liking those large sizes, I would have included the full version of the picture, which includes a wooden dresser drawer that I spent about an hour or two drawing. Oh well.
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Slightly weird that Molly Elizabeth, our inner child who usually manifests as a blond-haired blue eyed girl and usually uses icons of such girls, has a young Asian girl as her icon on Tumblr. Especially considering the story of how she came to be. See, before I knew I was a multiple, I got into age play and tried making an age play persona of a little Mexican-American girl, but this blond-haired blue eyed girl kept blocking that, so I gave up and went with that. And later she turned out to be Molly.

Ah well, we know she's weird. :-)
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Molly Elizabeth has a Tumblr (puella-kislany), and she got an Ask saying "Yay! I like friends!" And before I stopped her, she almost responded, "I like friends too! They're like stuffed animals made out of meat!"


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