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Sep. 9th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Molly Elizabeth, imitating a commercial on the radio: "Ask your gastroentomologist today!"
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“The Many Faces of Har—er, Adira Potter: Chapter 38”
By = Fayanora

Chapter 38 of The Many Faces of Har--er, Adira Potter is now published!

Chapter title: I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good

Chapter blurb: Luna has a problem and the Potters help take care of it. Zoey, in doing her part to help, gets up to fun antics and discovers some cool new things.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version (I changed the title at finally and the links appear to have changed as a result but old links still appear to work so *shrug*)

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3,, BC
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“The Many Faces of Har—er, Adira Potter: Chapter 36”
By = Fayanora

Chapter 36 of The Many Faces of Harry Potter is now published!

Chapter title: The Sleepwalker's Arc

Chapter blurb: Chandra tells the story of the mysterious "Sleepwalker," which reveals some of his own past, too! First two parts of a three-part arc.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3,, BC
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Whale tale for sale: Pale hale female quail email trail in braille nails Gail of Vale Dale for jail. Bail: shale pail of snail kale scales.

Edit: This tongue twister was the final result of a game we sometimes play in our collective. Like in this entry:

And this one:
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Earlier today I saw a Quora answer claiming the X-Men character Legion has DID. (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) But the truth is, no he does not. He does not have DID, he is an example of the trope "mind hive."

Legion's multiplicity is due to his powers, and so is not really DID. DID is when multiple individual consciousnesses arise in a single brain of its own accord. It's something the brain does to itself, creating these other people from its own substance. It may borrow ideas for personality traits from observations of other people, but in the end it's still something the brain is doing to itself.

With that in mind, Legion's powers are something his body is doing to his brain, sucking entire other people into his own brain, along with their own mutant powers if they have them. Those other people in his brain are not created by his brain, they are literally other people who have been sucked into his brain by his powers. That is not DID. It bears a resemblance to DID, but it is not actually DID. What Legion has is, in fact, called "mind hive."

Another example of Mind Hive: In some stories of mine, I have a race of aliens who copy the minds of their wisest ancestors into their own brains. They're multiples, yes, but they don't have DID because their condition was caused by an outside force, and those minds were copied from another body into that one. They are an example of Mind Hive.
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On a more positive note, Molly wants to buy a shit-ton of self-adhesive googly eyes in various sizes and go around town sticking them in funny places. :D
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“The Many Faces of Har—er, Adira Potter: Chapter 32”
By = Fayanora

Chapter 32 of The Many Faces of Harry Potter is now published!

Chapter title: Christmas and New Year's

Chapter blurb: Christmas time at Sirius's house, with Zoey and Lupin! Then it's back to school, for even more hijinks!

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3,, BC
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Chapter 30 of The Many Faces of Har---er, Adira Potter is published!

Chapter Summary: The Yule Ball is announced, and the collective prepares for it.

Archive Of Our Own version

FanFiction dot net version

Big Closet version

Start at Chapter One: "Feeling Sic" = AO3,, BC
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Went to bed at four am, got up at six because I couldn't get to sleep from hunger, and in the space of that two hours, the living room became overrun by scores of baby spiders! Now I don't mind spiders usually, as long as they stay away from me and preferably out of sight, but tiny crawling things like baby spiders or ants make me itchy and nervous. Part of my brain knew they were spiders, but another part of my mind was going "ticks! Or something worse!"

Once Brooke got me calmed down (I knew she was awake so I pleaded with her for help), I tried collecting them with a flyswatter to freedom outside, but only got a few, so I vacuumed up the rest I could find. I'm going to be watching that room very carefully for a day or so now.

Amusing to note that Molly was the calmest of us during this debacle. She was occasionally making the panic wane and then moving in for a closer look, fascinated. She didn't like them being there all over our clothes and computer chair etc either, but she was the main proponent for not hurting them. But when it became clear we couldn't shoo them away, she gave in. At least a few of them got put outside, though.

But oh jeez, in two hours they went from nowhere to be seen over to all over everything!

I really wish bugs and spiders would stay outside where they belong, I've had all I can stand of them. First ants, then fruit flies, then - and still - pantry moths (thank goodness for glue traps and pheromones!), then ants again (but only scouts so far I think), and then of course the spiders.

I wonder if I could keep a bunch of frogs for pets.
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Had a dream last night wherein Pi made an appearance. I can count on one or two hands the number of times one of the others has been in a dream with me. Alex and Lo have been in at least a couple dreams. I think Molly was in a couple as well. Now this one.

It wasn't a lot. Was dreaming that I was living with my parents again, and asleep in my bed at the house we lived in in the dream (never the same house twice in these dreams), and felt a presence watching me sleeping, in the dream. (IE, it was part of the dream and not more than that.) "Woke up" in the dream and tried to look in the direction of the presence, but eyes were gummed shut. That's when Pi took over the dream body and crawled out of bed sniffing the area for the presence. But the presence wasn't making any smells. Finally got our eyes open in the dream and there was nothing there. Then the dream wandered off into something else and I forget the rest.

The presence was harmless, by the way. Not menacing. We were just like "We can feel you looking at us. Why are you looking at us? It's annoying."
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A quote from a conversation about Alastair from Many Faces of Harry Potter, and our own Alex, that I felt bore repeating here:

"Our Alex is a sarcastic, bitter, angry, occasionally mean and nasty son of a bitch, but he's OUR sarcastic, bitter, angry, occasionally mean and nasty son of a bitch. He fits well the "system protector" role, and Alastair is similar."

LOL though in the next bit, I went on to say, essentially, that Alastair is like a tiny adorable puppy compared to the giant Cerberus that is Alex. Which is a hilarious thing to say about Alex, given he doesn't like dogs.

EDITING to add:

"LOL, I think I'm actually failing at what I planned with Alastair. I wanted to show that sometimes one of the other people in a multiple system can be extremely difficult to live with, be someone you wouldn't associate with normally, but still be family. But Alastair is not doing that. Sure, Alastair can be rude and inappropriate, but honestly, I think if I were making Alastair properly like Alex, that I'd be getting all kinds of messages of hate about him, because honestly Alex may be a feminist, genderqueer himself, staunchly against racism and constantly reblogging social justice stuff from black Tumblr users, against guns, and in favor of youth rights like a lowered voting age and rights of children to privacy and property (with parents prosecuted for theft and privacy violations), and other cool things, but for all that he's still hard to live with. He is infuriating. I pretty much covered it with bitter, occasionally mean, and so on above, but I could write a book about how difficult he is. Instead, Alastair is more like Sirius than Alex. By starting to make Al paranoid in newer chapters, I'm trying to edge him closer to being like Alex. I'll start with that, then try to work in other things like Alex's pessimism (which ties in well with paranoia), and his need to be right at any cost (it IS actually possible to get Alex to change a deeply entrenched belief, but it's a long, drawn out, and painful process and we haven't figured out how to replicate it).

"*Sigh* Yes, describing Alex to people who don't know him personally is very difficult indeed. Because if one is too good at explaining the bad bits of his personality, they overshadow the good parts, and honestly the trick to Alex is that the good and the bad kind of balance out... the same way having two Bruce Banners playing tug-of-war and randomly becoming The Hulk at different times balances out."
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OMG everyone, check out this site! Put in some text you've typed, and it analyzes your writing and tells you stuff about your personality! It was pretty accurate, the parts I could understand. It thinks I'm more open than I am, probably because I am more open on the Internet than in person. And I do volunteer, even though it thinks that unlikely for me.

My results, with commentary (in parentheses):

You are unconventional, (yeah, totally) somewhat inconsiderate and skeptical. (That bit must be Alex.)
You are independent: you have a strong desire to have time to yourself. (Amen!) You are reserved: you are a private person and don't let many people in. (Aye) And you are authority-challenging: you prefer to challenge authority and traditional values to help bring about positive changes. (So true!)
Your choices are driven by a desire for discovery. (Yeah, sounds right.)
You are relatively unconcerned with both tradition and achieving success. (Yeah.) You care more about making your own path than following what others have done. (Amen to that!) And you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. (I guess so.)

You are likely to______
prefer resale value when buying automobiles (LOL! When I had cars I drove them til they wore all the way out, resale value is the last thing on my mind.)
volunteer to learn about social causes (Got me there.)
prefer style when buying clothes (My own, but yeah.)

You are unlikely to______
prefer safety when buying automobiles (WTF? No, that's wrong.)
have spent time volunteering (I totally do.)
be influenced by social media during product purchases (Depends on the social media, the people, and the product. But essentially right.)

More under the cut )

Some highlights from Alex's, that we did for comparison: "You are a bit indirect, somewhat inconsiderate and can be perceived as insensitive." LOL yeah. "You are solemn: you are generally serious and do not joke much." Mostly accurate. His humor tends to be insults, sarcasm, or puns. Sometimes all three at once.

Let's see... Alex is apparently less susceptible to stress, at 81%. (???) Also less self conscious (87%) and less prone to worry. (81%) Also, he got a higher percentage for "taking pleasure in life," at 29%.

I don't really trust the results for "Fiery," because it gave a calm, thoughtful entry by Fay a 76%, gave one of Alex's rants a 64%, and another, angrier Alex rant a 43%.

I want to finish by reminding everyone that with our form of multiplicity, these kinds of tests are bound to mess up. Internal stuff fluctuates so often and so randomly that there's no telling for sure who's thinking what when, and how those thoughts will influence behavior. So that the fact this test is even this accurate with us is a minor miracle.
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Chapter 23 of "Many Faces of Har--er, Adira Potter" is out!

Chapter blurb: Al makes a new friend, despite becoming a little paranoid after the Quidditch match. Or will this boy be more than a friend? School starts, and Al smells danger looming in their future. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. version

AO3 version

Big Closet version
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The Many Faces of Harry Potter, Chapter 22 is published!

Chapter summary: The Potter collective are having odd dreams, and at least one of them is a vision of Voldemort, who has a mysterious ally and is getting stronger. Then Death Eaters attack the Quidditch World Cup. Coincidence? Maybe. But the Potters don't trust coincidences.

ArchiveOfOurOwn version version

BigCloset version

Poor Alex

Nov. 7th, 2016 11:58 pm
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Poor Alex going spare this election. He went away for some quiet time, poor lad.
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Sometimes I think about things that happened days or even weeks ago. Last night I was thinking about something [personal profile] kengr asked once, maybe a week or two back. I don't remember the exact wording, but she basically asked how I manage to function with queunliskanphobia, IE fear (or rather extreme disgust/revulsion, in our case) of saliva. My answer at the time was something that amounted to "compartmentalization." I think specifically it was "I try to imagine it just doesn't exist," or near enough. But I was thinking again about this last night because I'd had my finger in my mouth and looked at the spit on my finger and didn't have a problem with it before wiping it off.

This isn't the only time something that usually bothers us hasn't bothered us. Like, the thought of blood can quickly make me feel weak and shaky and have to lie down for a while. But when I get a cut, the blood doesn't usually bother me. It's like, a cut happens and the practical part of our brain is like "Well this has to be dealt with." But there's more to it than that, even, because Pi ([personal profile] svaenohr) is aroused by blood, thinks about consuming it sometimes when zee1, er... you know... *waves hand dismissively.* (Zee was going to call it by the phillia name for it, but then we realized the word hemophilia is used for a disease, a somewhat misnamed disease at that. Pretty sure hemophiliacs don't like blood, unless it's staying put in their body. I would think hemophobia would be a better word for it. But that's a different disease.) When zee does this, the rest of us have to shut down and wait for zeer signal to return. We have to do this with quite a number of Pi's fetishes, to be honest.

Anyway, so several things came together in my mind last night, including what I'd mentioned above, and basically... the different people in our collective have different likes, dislikes, phobias, philias, etc. Which is something we never really realized the full implications of. But yeah, this means queunliskanphobia is Alex's problem; dunno who else in here has it, but at least one of us does not have that problem. Or, at least, not to the same degree. Just thinking about... the thing... can set off Alex's phobia. And it's impossible to predict when his influence is going to wane enough from the system to make it alright. So yeah, we try not to think about it.

So pretty much all of us have a revulsion response to blood, not sure what to call it now that they've stolen the only term I could think of for another disease (and I was astonished at all the various blood diseases that put philia on the end of the word, in the short time I dared try to find a word to replace hemophobia. Did the people naming those not know what the word "philia" means? And honestly, I wouldn't call what Pi has hemomania, either. It's not a mania, it's just a kink of zeers, one of many. A kink that the rest of us would rather forget about... along with most of zeer other kinks. If you're curious, you can pop over to zeer LJ/DW and look it up. Thankfully it is all in zeer mind only. Most of zeer kinks are pretty much impossible anyway, and zee knows better than to try the others. Pretty sure if zee tried the blood thing, even with someone known to be disease free, the rest of us would freak out and vomit and probably curl into a ball in the corner and cry.

But yeah, there's others. Alex and some of the others have cynophobia as well, a distrust of and fear of dogs. (Not sure who else, aside from Alex and Pi.) But Molly's reaction to dogs is "Puppy!"

That's all we can think of for now. But there may be others. It's hot right now, and we were tired anyway, so thinking is not a strong suit at the moment.

1 = "Zee" is our spelling of the genderless "ze" or "xe," to make the pronunciation more obvious. We also change "zer" and "xer" to "zeer." These are Pi's preferred pronouns, as zee identifies as agender (without gender).
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Something else that happened at the SMART reading thing, but last Wednesday rather than the one before it, was Molly's internal commentary when I was reading "Curious George." She was saying things like "The Man in the Yellow Hat isn't really George's friend! He stole him from his home and stuck him in a zoo! Which would be okay if he was endangered and orphaned or something, but not a word on that! And wasn't this written in like the 40's?" And other stuff of a similar nature. It was amusing, but a little distracting. Especially since the second kid I read to, not having been there to see I'd read it once already, also wanted that one read. :-)


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