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In another attempt to make my daily stretches more bearable, since I can't really turn them into rituals all the time, I came up with a little song to sing. It's a simple song, counting from 1 - 10 in TPNN and then in Dvencoilii for the second and fourth sets (so it's not the same thing for all four sets). Which means I had to come up with Dvencoilii numbers, but whatever. Oh, and both number systems are base 6, so 6 is called ten.

Just a couple notes before I go on to the lyrics. In TPNN, all the "-ahl" numbers rhyme with the English word "ball." "Ors" rhymes with "horse." In Dvencoilii, the "Hk" phoneme is like clearing your throat. "Ohl" phoneme kinda rhymes with "bowl," but not really. My mouth is much more O shaped and my lips are a bit lower when I make the Dvencoilii "oh" sound. And the "r" is always rolling, a bit like a growl, in Dvencoilii.


Ahl tahl zahl kahl mahl, ors,
Mahl kahl zahl tahl ahl.
(Repeat 6 or 71 more times)

Hkehl, shahth, Hkohl, vaath, Hkreht, ohl.
Hkreht, Vaath, Khohl, shahth, Hkehl.
(Repeat 6 or 7 times)

Translation is fairly simple for both:

One two three four five, ten.
Five four three two one.

And here is a link to the song recording I made: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1847428/stretch%20song.mp3

1 = I know that to get to 60, I only need to count to 11 about 6 times, but sometimes I sing the song faster than I ought to, so I add stanzas if I think I need them.
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Last night, I re-drew the picture of Shyao-Shyo's boat and barge on larger paper so I wouldn't have to spend money printing it out on big paper. I then wrote the names of people I knew who had died, putting the names in little representations of souls being ferried along in the boat and barge.

Then I did something else. I think it was House Hesson that had the idea of children singing a hymn to Shyao'Shyo. Last night, while I was redrawing the boat picture on large paper, I had an inspiration for a tune and then soon had a song for it, too. Enjoy:

“A Children's Hymn to Shyao'Shyo”

Grehj Zahlahsahn niikohliht grehn
Sii'juug ehm spwii'kusuup;
Ehk meh'roo seh vahs kiiliikii,
Kuhbdohn ookyl-bahn nehruup!

Sii'juug flo ehk gyah'hee,
Sii'juug foht ny'bahnahkahn;
Lii'juug1 jokij hohrt'nyky,
Djai bain sahn!

Click here to hear it sung.


Our Grandmother ferries us
Away to (the) [land of the dead];
A place of much peace,
Before everyone reincarnates.

Away in a boat,
Away for another life,
Away from this life,
She be great!

1 = There are different words for "away" depending on context. Sii'juug is "away [as in on a journey]" and lii'juug is "away [as in not here]."
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My inner child, Molly Elizabeth, has this annoying habit that whenever she hears certain songs, or certain types of songs1, she sings them over and over and over again internally, or externally. And some of her favorite music is stuff the rest of us can't stand. Like a lot of "oldies," country western songs, and... and Christmas music. These things drive the rest of us insane because first of all, we hate these kinds of music. Country western is just crap; oldies and Christmas songs, no matter how good they may be, we've heard so damn many times over the last 30 years that we don't want to hear them ever again. But Molly apparently never gets tired of anything, and loves driving us crazy, to boot. So the minute she hears something she likes, she proceeds to sing it until we end up looking like Zim after weeks of Gir endlessly singing "The Doom Song."

Because you can't swing a toad anywhere in December without running into Christmas music, we've decided to do something drastic about this. First, some background: A couple years ago, flush with cash, we bought a CD of Raffi in concert for Molly, since she missed that VHS tape we used to have of it. After a week of her driving us crazy with those songs, we stopped letting her play it.

Well... Raffi's music isn't bad. It's fun, and funny, and well... it's different from Christmas music. So we decided to let Molly listen to Raffi again, at least during December. I'd rather have "Baby Beluga" and "Day Oh" going through my head endlessly than Christmas music.

Oh, to give you an idea how bad Molly can get... there are certain songs that make her cackle with evil laughter just before she proceeds to torture us with them:
1. "This is the song that never ends"
2. "Look at my horse, my horse is amazing"
3. "90 billion bottles of beer on the wall" (or if the subject has been brought up around Brooke recently, "Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall." Aleph-null is apparently the smallest level of infinity.)2

1 = IE, music that is nostalgic to her or that she just plain loves.
2 = This goes "Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall, aleph-null bottles of beer! Take one down, pass it around, aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall!"
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I don't have standard music tastes. I can't stand most popular music, even the classics. A lot of the "oldies" I hate because, like Christmas music, they've been played to - and beyond - death; played so many times I want to strangle people who play them. And a lot of classics are mediocre music anyway. And modern popular music is mostly crap, with a few exceptions (like Adele, who isn't even pop or rock or pop rock anyway).

But I'm here right now to talk about one song in particular, one that's tormenting me by going through my head ad nauseum: "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore." I have always detested this song, and I never understood why. It's so upbeat, and it's a love song! It made no sense why I hate it. Until today, when I finally figured out why: because the lyrics make it into a very vague song. The assumption is that it's a love song, right? Now, I don't have the whole lyrics laid out before me, as I'm writing this entry from home and I have no Internet there anymore, but the parts I remember are:

"I can't fight this feeling anymore... I've forgotten what I started fighting for... (blah blah) bring my ship into the shore, throw away the oar, forever."

So, with lyrics like that... take away the music, and is it still a love song? Or, as it seems to me, is it a song about a depressed man who has given up on life and is going to commit suicide now? That's the thing, it could go either way. And even the upbeat music doesn't decide it, not when there are traditions in some parts of the world (like a lot of Slavic regions) of putting extremely depressing lyrics to upbeat music. So yeah, I've pinned down why I hate that song.
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Beautiful song sung here by Corvus Corax. Lovely French song, right? (Fair warning: song contains bagpipes and may be loud.)

Now look at the lyrics: http://comfy-robes.xanga.com/579644984/item/ (Scroll down for the English). BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!
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I have a problem. I use a wired USB mouse because none of my wireless mice will work anymore, except the old white Dell mouse that I use for my laptop, and switching it between the two computers is a fucking pain in the arse. As if that weren't bad enough, the wired mouse I use causes the speakers to produce this annoying fucking hum. I can't turn the speakers off, because I play videos on YouTube and games with sounds too much, and constantly turning the speakers on and off would drive me batshit faster than the hum. Can't use the wired Hello Kitty mouse I have, either, or another black wired mouse I have, because both are PS2 mice, there's only one PS2 connector on the back of my desktop machine, and that connector is where I plug my awesome curvy ergonomic keyboard at (yes, it's PS2; I got it cheap at a thrift store). Never had any luck with splitter thingies for PS2 connectors, either.

On the upside, the hum can be hidden by music. So I play music. Unfortunately, I tended to play music anyway before the hum; this is unfortunate because I have a habit of listening to an artist's albums over and over and over again until I get bored or tired of that artist, and move on. It takes a few months to go back to some artists under this system, and if I go back too soon I go batshit. So though I have an extensive music collection, I'm limited in what I can play. And lately I've been playing things that I wasn't ready to go back to yet, all because playing them makes me less crazy than the damned hum does.

Luckily, I was reminded earlier today of something that may save my sanity: certain sounds are like a stimmy to me. I had to stop using this noise-making tube toy I got at OMSI months ago because I'd constantly be making noise with it, to the point where it felt like trying to go cold turkey on an addiction when I put it aside. When Lilla and I lived together, I used to spend hours thrumming the bars on the daybed thing that was my bed, because the sound they made was addictive. And I was reminded today, I feel the same way about bagpipes, harpsichords, and the pipe organ, along with a few other instruments I can't recall offhand. So armed with this knowledge, I can compile a playlist of songs that are addictive to the point where I can play them over and over and over again and never get tired of them. Hell, it may come to a point where I have to put that playlist in my liePod to keep from going insane from cold-turkeying it when going out of the house.

Oh, that hum? It isn't even steady. It has a kind of pattern to it. It varies in pitch and volume in a pattern. I just don't know why it happens. But it's like an anti-stimmy. I can tolerate it for a few minutes, and then it's like "MUST STOP THE HUM OR GO FRAKKING BATSHIT INSANE!!!"

Heh, this is the kind of thing I think I should cross-post to [livejournal.com profile] asperger. I think I will.
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Her accent makes some of the words a little hard to understand, but this is a beautiful cover of a beautiful song:

The singer is ten year old Angie Vazquez, with her brother doing the drums (and the piano, too, I think).
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At OryCon this year, one of the female singers, Joan Gaustad, sang a Romanian lullabye. It was the most morose thing I've ever heard, and I loved it. But I can't remember the name, to find on Google, and her name is not pulling up anything relevant. So, more clues, for anyone who might know: the translation she read beforehand was something like "I have known sorrow all my life, since my mother rocked me in my crib" while she was weeping. There was more to the translation, it was a VERY melancholy piece, but that's all I remember. I can remember parts of the song itself, but I don't know how to describe it, except that it was very nasal. (Though that could have just been her voice.) Does anyone have an idea which that might be?
She also had a Ukrainian song that was cool, something about visiting mother's house and the yard being overgrown, and there may have been a raven or other bird in it. (From what I remember of the translation.)

Oh, and she was on stage with a man using a bandura (I forget if it was 52 or 56 strings) and one song he played, a Ukrainian folk song, was tremendously complex and beautiful. Parts of it sounded like hoof-beats. That song was one of many Ukrainian songs about a woman's sorrow at her lover going to war. (Except it had no words.)
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I have a humanoid species, the Ah'Koi Bahnis, that I've been trying to think of unique instruments and/or musical styles for them for ages. So far all I have is a kind of choral singing that I don't think humans have done yet, and one other instrument that may or may not be a dud.

I mean, I'm sure they have string instruments and drums and wind instruments. But look at earth: the guitar, the bandura, the banjo, the sitar, harp, harpsichord, are all strings. The piano crosses percussion and strings (Forizano in the Lyria stories calls the piano a "percussion harp"). And because this planet is part of my spirituality as well, I like coming up with details like unique takes on instruments.
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You know, in the future computerized toys like that are just going to get more complex. They will one day move on their own, and maybe even think for themselves like the teddy-bear robot in the AI: Artificial Intelligence movie. Can you imagine the havoc caused if something like that catches a virus? Or worse, someone hacks into it on purpose to spy on people, their kids, or to give it new instructions that will scar the children for life? How many children will end up with moving teddy bears that will one day spontaneously chase them while holding a knife, just because some dickhead thinks it would be funny? Sheesh, it's bad enough already; Teddy Ruxbin scared me so much when I got one for Christmas one year that I was still having nightmares about moving, talking dolls up into my early 20's. (The last one had my doll Buddy talking to me, and I turned to him and told him that while I love him, I don't appreciate dreams where he talks and moves. That was the end of those dreams.)

Can you imagine if one of those reprogrammed future toys actually kills someone? Like, a serial killer who kills by reprogramming those toys remotely? So yeah, science and technology may one day cause all those "living doll" horror stories to come true.
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I finally, after over 10 years of looking, stumbled on some low quality versions of some songs from a cassette I used to own. But neither contains song information. Please take a listen to see if you recognize them. I think they're from South Korea. The exchange student who gave me the cassette was from there.

Music on song1 doesn't start until about 20 seconds in.

Song1 = http://www.mediafire.com/?gy8sdddp92yct1m

Song2 = http://www.mediafire.com/?equ4asbkx27ueux
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How did a jazz musician win Best New Artist at the Grammys? Jazz isn't even music! Jazz has no rhythm, no melody, no beat, or any of that; it's just a bunch of random musical instruments playing random notes. It's worse than noise. I'd rather listen to an abominable cross between Country Western and Rap and Gospel, at least it would sound like music.
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Been living in Portland since 2007, and I'd only technically been in Vancouver once, when Brooke and I rode our bikes to the other side of the bridge. Today was my second time over there. The woman who runs the pagan meetups I go to also runs one in Vancouver at this bar called Irishtown, because she knows the owner and his son. Well, I'd never been to one of the Vancouver meetups because while I can take public transit there, I can't take it back. And now that I've been there, I know that biking is out of the question.

I went to the one tonight because Sorcha (the lady who runs the meetups, and is a Facebook friend) has a friend in a pagan band called Widdershins. She even wrote the lyrics to one of their songs! It was rock-ish music with electric guitar, a banjo, a flute, and I think there was another guitar. They played some original music, and some cover songs. I was able to go at all because Sorcha offered to give me a ride home if I could get myself there (since picking me up would make her rather late, and she didn't know how to get here anyway). Since getting there was never the problem, I took the C-Tran bus to the place.

It's a good thing I had money on me, because I forgot about needing different fare until the bus pulled up. Which, interestingly... the driver apparently accepts Trimet fare to get to the transit center in Vancouver which is the stop right after the one where we got on, but more fare is needed for a transfer. Since I had to take the 37 as well as the 65, I paid for a transfer.

I was worried I was going the wrong direction at first, on the 37, until we got to one of the correct roads (Mill something). Then we got to the stop I needed, and boy, that would have been one hell of a bike ride. And also cool, the pub was visible from the bus stop, so I didn't have to look at all the building numbers to figure out which way to go.

That pub sure is a lot different atmosphere from the Chinese restaurant the other meetups are at. Noisier. Anyway, I got there 5 minutes earlier but there was already around 16 people there for the pagan meetup group already. Apparently, this was a really big one, as the Vancouver meetups tend to be like the ones I go to in Portland, meaning there's usually only 6 to 12 people total. But tonight, it started with at least 13 people and more just kept coming. I think our group took up 8 or more tables!

They had quite a variety of foods there. I tried one of the traditional Irish meals; I had the shepherd's pie. Also had a pot of coffee. The shepherd's pie was yummy!

Man, it was hard to talk or listen there. But I did try, especially during the quiet times. And I found out about a new Harry Dresden book due out in April, from something one of the people there said.

That's all for now.
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My keyboard arrived today! I was right about it coming while I was asleep. Good thing I put a sign on the door explaining that it would be a minute or two before I could get to the door. (Seriously, these UPS guys only wait for like 10 seconds after ringing the bell before running off, otherwise. Even Ding Dong Ditch players wait longer than that.) Signed for it, took it, locked up, went back to sleep.

Later, I took it out of the very big box it was in. The box it was in was almost as tall as I am, maybe 5 feet tall. The keyboard was in another, smaller box as well, one with printing on it. I took it out.

There is some kind of weird white gunk on the adapter wire, but careful examination shows no damage to the wires. I had a bitch of a time finding a place to plug it in, half the available outlets the damn thing just fell out of because the asswipes who run this place ignored my many requests for getting the outlets swapped out. Finally found one behind my bed that is convenient enough, and tested it out.

Took me a while to figure things out. I have more to figure out. The instructions, while in English, are not merely unhelpful, they are ACTIVELY UNHELPFUL. They refer to buttons that don't exist, and give you instructions that make no sense. I basically had to puzzle things out on my own. The illustration in the instructions offer no explanation of some of the buttons. Nor do the other parts of the instructions. Several things in the illustration are mislabeled.

The device has several "timbres," which are really instruments. Most sound like they're labeled, but several do not sound remotely like the instrument labeled. "Piano" is one. The piano setting is an electronic-sounding instrument; the sound bears no similarity to a piano. Guitar does not sound like a guitar, either; it sounds more like a piano, but not quite right for a piano, either. Mandolin doesn't even sound like a string instrument, and I don't know WHAT the accordion sounds like, but it bears very little resemblance to an accordion's sound. The others, like the organ, mostly sound just right. I'm glad it only cost just $25 before shipping!

There are several drumbeats, in things like "rock," "samba," "waltz," etc. The only one I have an issue with is "salsa," which sounds WAY too slow a pace to be a salsa beat. One can also control things like how long a note is held for, which is cool.

The neatest thing is the demo songs. I remember my parents had a cheap keyboard once, and I would play on it when I was a kid. The demo songs on that one were all crappy 80's electronica. This keyboard, however, has really awesome demo songs that I'd listen to just to hear it play them. I only recognize three songs, but all the songs are awesome.

Oh, and it has teaching functions, but I haven't tried those out yet.

All in all, not a bad keyboard for $25. But I'm glad I didn't pay more than that for it.
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Christmas music drives me crazy. Here's why:

I object to the lyrics of many Christmas songs, and those I don't object to for that reason I've heard so damn many times that I've grown to hate them. Also, even hearing a few words of most Christmas songs will cause Molly to start singing them internally over and over and over and over again ad nauseum and it's hard to get her to stop. Especially since her singing triggers a part of our mind that generates mental noise to keep our energy level up (The Stream), and starts taking up the slack when Molly gets tired. So Christmas music is insanity-making for me, since it fills my head with so much noise that I can't think.

"Jingle Bell Rock," "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree," and "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" being exceptions.

About the only Christmas album of Molly's that we're okay with is "Malin's Jul" (Malin's Yule), an album of a young girl singer named Malin Reitan - one of Molly's favorite singers - singing Christmas songs in her native language, which is Norweigan. It's good, because the words are in Norweigan, which derails any chance of Molly or the Stream to repeat it ad infinitum.
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"Do cry for me, Sergeant Tina"
By = Tristan A. Arts
To the tune of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina," Madonna version from the movie "Evita."

It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain how I feel
That I still need your love after all that I've done

You won't believe me
All you will see is your hatred renewed
With my whips, cat-o-nines
All sexy like Seven for you

I had to let it happen, I had to use chains
You couldn't stay all your life at my heels
Looking out for a window, any sliver of sun

So I denied you freedom
Running around, trying everyone new
But no one impressed me at all
I never expected them to


Do cry for me, Sergeant Tina
The truth is I never left you
Out on the highway
To cease existence
Since you show promise
You'll go the distance

And as for torture, and as for pain
You never invited them in
And it's true, like the world, they're all I desire

They aren't illusions
They're better than the solutions others offered to me
The answer was here all the time
I love your pain and hope you love me

Do cry for me, Sergeant Tina

(Backround Humming chorus)


Have I said too much?
There's nothing more I can think of to say to you.
But all you have to do is look at me to know
That every word is true


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