Sep. 4th, 2017 10:55 pm
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Last week, I went out for a walk (at night) and did a little magick while I was doing it. I only intended to be out for 20 minutes, but I wasn't paying enough attention and ended up getting turned around. I got so badly lost I ended up around 40th and Fremont (I live near 57th). I have no idea how I got that lost, it shouldn't be possible. I mean yes, there was a point at which, for 20 minutes, I couldn't figure out which way was north, but still... it was the first time I can ever remember getting legitimately lost.

Anyway, I finally found the graveyard on Fremont, though I mistook it for the street behind the Albertsons. Albertsons is right next door to my apartment. So you can imagine my confusion when I realized I wasn't where I thought I was. Then I continued not being sure where I was until I got to Fremont and realized I'd gone all the way to 40th and Fremont.

I was so tired I ended up taking the bus home once I got to 57th and Fremont.


Aug. 21st, 2017 10:31 am
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Not gonna watch the eclipse. I saw one as a kid and I wasn't impressed even though I understood the significance. It was a lot of hype for something I could barely see that lasted only a few minutes, and my overwhelming feeling at the time was "that's it? That's what all this fuss was about?"

I've honestly been more annoyed about the eclipse than anything other emotion. The only part of it I like is the fact it's gonna cost the capitalists something like seven million or seven billion dollars in lost productivity, it amuses me.

Also I'll probably be asleep by then, though I don't know because I didn't bother looking up the time. Also I don't have any eclipse glasses anyway so I couldn't see it even if I gave a single shit about the eclipse.
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So because of the heat and the haze outside from the forest fires, I wanted food. I tried to order from Chin's Kitchen, which is the place I usually order delivery food from. Well, they've been bought by new owners and they no longer do delivery. Which is fucking stupid, because I'm certain 60% or more of their business was from deliveries. And I know it's now unlikely Brooke or I will be buying from them unless we happen to be in the area at the same time as a hankering.

So I looked online and tried Subway, but they do their delivery through some weird third party website thing, GrubHub. The same site suggested Panda Express, and since I didn't really want Subway, I tried ordering some Panda Express because their site said a $2 delivery fee and a minimum order of $15, which was $5 less than Chin's Kitchen used to do. But then they do their delivery though GrubHub too, and that site said $4 fee and minimum order of $30, which is ridiculous.

Next, I tried ordering a pizza online from HotLips. It said minimum order of $20 for delivery. I made a $20 order, and it refused to recognize it as valid. So I changed my order by getting a larger size, thinking maybe the pizza had to be $20 before adding extras. Cheapest I could get that I could eat was $28. I'm not paying almost $30 for a fucking pizza when a frozen one I can eat is $9 in the store, so I gave up on that and called them instead, on the thought that the website was glitchy and that's why it wouldn't take my $20 order.

Well that wasn't any better; the phone kept cutting out, I couldn't understand anything they were saying. Very hangry at this point, I hung up and said "Fuck delivery, I'll brave the haze." I went to Albertson's and got chicken and mashed potatoes instead.

It looks, outside, almost like it's cloudy, until you look closer and realize it's much too diffuse to be clouds. There's no lines like you see in clouds. As to breathing, I had no trouble doing so. I took my asthma inhaler anyway just in case, but I didn't notice any difference in my breathing.

Anyway, I had a horrible day. What about you?

Latin joke

Aug. 3rd, 2017 01:11 pm
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Today's weather: A fronte solis, a tergo silva ignes.

(To the front, the sun. Behind us, forest fires.)
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Can't stand to be here in the apartment cuz of the heat. Can't go outside or open a window because forest fires are making the air quality dangerous. (300 times worse than China, where they wear face masks because of the smog) Can't go out for fun, can't go to the store. I hate life right now.

I may order food online for delivery. It's too hot to cook, and the only other thing edible is deli meat I'm running low on anyway.
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Just tried saying "kind of leaves it open to interpretation" and "kind of leaves it up for debate" at the same time, twice in a row, which came out as "kind of leaves it open up for [blergle!]"
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Back on the first, my birthday, my friend [personal profile] kengr took me to Chang's Mongolian Grill for the first time ever. A bonus was that because it was my birthday, I got my meal free!

Chang's Mongolian Grill is this awesome Chinese buffet place where they have the raw ingredients (including frozen meat slices) on a buffet, you get what you want in one or two bowls, including sauce, and you take it over to this huge round grill thing where the chefs cook it up for you and hand the finished product back to you. And it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, so if you're willing to stand around waiting for your turn to have your food cooked, then you can go up as many times as you're able (in theory; they might cut you off if you eat too much).

What's more, the food is AMAZING!! I tried a bunch of different ingredient and sauce combos, and nothing tasted bad or even meh, it was all "HOLY HELL MY TASTE BUDS ARE GOING TO EXPLODE WITH PLEASURE!" I think I went up four times, and when I was done I was stuffed like a turducken.

It's a bit spendy, but man, for food that great, and that much of it, it's worth the price! But definitely for special occasions.

I loved the food and the service so much I left a note of praise, with TWO SIDES! I never leave notes of praise! I usually just tip. But this place was worth tipping PLUS telling them in words and pictures how awesome they are.

Here's the note, under the cut:

The deepest )

If you're blind, or just can't read my chicken scratches, here's the transcript:

First side:

This place is great! Delicious food, awesome chefs, friendly wait staff. Definetely will come back again when I can! - Fay [picture of a smiley face sun licking its lips, a couple heart shapes, and a peace sign] More on other side. --->

Second side:

Dear Chefs, You're awesome! Your job must be so difficult, but you make it look almost easy! And you make it all delicious! Continue being amazing!!! - Fay [picture of a smiley face grinning and holding its arms out.]

Also for my birthday, Brooke/kengr got me a pair of headphones and a bluetooth speaker thing that has powerful friggin sound!
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LOL my roommate told me how she found this silvery (probably steel) stag horn in a bush by a snake handler's hook and gynecological stirrups; she wondered why those things were there, and I said, "Maybe one of the Ah'Koi Bahnis visited Earth," while pointing at this picture on my wall:

Under the cut for size )

No, that is not a worm or a snake. Yes, that is zir penis. It is prehensile. Yes, the Ah'Koi Bahnis are hermaphrodites.

Still ill

Jun. 17th, 2017 06:30 pm
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Bah scumbug, I still have that cold. It's been hanging on like a parasite for over a week now, it's very annoying. I hope it goes away soon, it's driving me crazy and giving me flashbacks to my childhood. I served my time already, being that I was constantly sick in my youth, so much so that my body forgot how to breathe through its nose without me having to concentrate on doing it.

Seriously, it made itself known on the ninth, and though I've gotten better since the first few days where it was kicking my ass, it's like an uninvited guest severely overstaying its welcome by continuing to hang around and stuff up my head and make me cough occasionally. At least so far today the coughing appears to be down to around once every 10 or 15 minutes, or less-frequently.

My being sick all the time as a kid made it so that, with rare exception, I almost never get sick as an adult. I wonder if that means the things that DO manage to get me sick are especially powerful? That could explain the extra-long cold I'm having now.

Did some small hair sacrifices to Jiijiinis and Alorno, gods of Health and Healing, last night. Couldn't burn the sacrifices, because I couldn't find matches, so I had to make them be lost by throwing them away. I thought it had worked this morning, but no, I just keep consistently feeling better when I wake up and backsliding within 20 minutes. It's incredibly annoying.

Gonna find some matches and try again later.


May. 1st, 2017 09:24 am
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Look at all these yummy dandelion roots I got while weeding the garden! Couldn't use the leaves because they were black with aphids, but roots are a good consolation prize.
Pic under the cut. )
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Went to bed at four am, got up at six because I couldn't get to sleep from hunger, and in the space of that two hours, the living room became overrun by scores of baby spiders! Now I don't mind spiders usually, as long as they stay away from me and preferably out of sight, but tiny crawling things like baby spiders or ants make me itchy and nervous. Part of my brain knew they were spiders, but another part of my mind was going "ticks! Or something worse!"

Once Brooke got me calmed down (I knew she was awake so I pleaded with her for help), I tried collecting them with a flyswatter to freedom outside, but only got a few, so I vacuumed up the rest I could find. I'm going to be watching that room very carefully for a day or so now.

Amusing to note that Molly was the calmest of us during this debacle. She was occasionally making the panic wane and then moving in for a closer look, fascinated. She didn't like them being there all over our clothes and computer chair etc either, but she was the main proponent for not hurting them. But when it became clear we couldn't shoo them away, she gave in. At least a few of them got put outside, though.

But oh jeez, in two hours they went from nowhere to be seen over to all over everything!

I really wish bugs and spiders would stay outside where they belong, I've had all I can stand of them. First ants, then fruit flies, then - and still - pantry moths (thank goodness for glue traps and pheromones!), then ants again (but only scouts so far I think), and then of course the spiders.

I wonder if I could keep a bunch of frogs for pets.


Apr. 18th, 2017 05:19 pm
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I just suffered through over an hour of hiccups! It only ended when I started eating my tuna salad sandwiches with chopped celery. Potential new hiccup cure?
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I woke up today certain it was Monday, only to find out it's Sunday again. I say "again" because I clearly remember Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Granted, I was ill on Friday and Saturday, but not so badly I could lose track of time.

I remember going up to Brooke's place Friday, coming back after two hours because of being ill, sleeping an hour before eating, going back to bed another hour. Then, I remember spending all Saturday long at the computer suffering from a headache and feeling like shit. I went back to bed Saturday night - actually night for once - and was up Sunday morning (actually morning).

Sunday, I texted Jesse and Lily about meeting, and they said they were at a con, but never said anything to suggest it was actually Saturday. Wasted some time trying to decide where else to go, preferably somewhere open 24 hours, but everywhere I found either was a place I knew was too busy or wasn't sure they had Wi-Fi, or else the site said Easter was possibly screwing up their hours, and I remember checking the computer's calendar and it said it was Easter still (before midnight). I kept looking for an hour or so but then it got too late for anywhere other than this IHOP that's a mile's walk away, so I tried to write at home, ended up publishing the next Many Faces chapter instead and then running out of energy. Watched Star Versus the Forces of Evil until Monday at 7 am, went to bed, woke up at 3 pm to my phone telling me it's Sunday again.

It is possible I'm misremembering and lost track of time, but considering how detailed my memories are, I doubt that I did that. Clearly, accidental time travel is to blame.

I hope today only repeats this once, because I hate Sundays, and I hate Easter Sundays even more than usual Sundays.


Feb. 23rd, 2017 06:28 am
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Moths are getting to be a problem in our house. Only they don't seem to be attracted to clothes, but to actual food. I just had to throw out a bunch of rice because of wriggly white moth maggots. Given that, and given that I can't stand mothballs, I'm gonna go with a more natural solution and make satchels of red cedar shavings and/or other repellent herbs. Apparently lavender repels moths, too. And lavender is edible, so I might just buy a bunch of lavender and mix it in with the new rice I have to buy now. I'll have lavender flavored rice, but that's the opposite of a problem for me.

Hmm... I wonder if it would work to buy some small cedar planks and put them near the food?


Jan. 18th, 2017 08:53 am
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My roommate gave me a pair of tweezers she'd bought from a place called Sephora, and the receipt, so I could return it for money toward the rent. Since I had to go out into the out yesterday anyway, specifically downtown, I took it with me and stopped by Sephora to return it. I figured they were worth $5, so I wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't been in the area anyway. But when I got there, I found out she'd paid $28 for it!!! I got $14 cash and the rest in store credit, though I have no idea what I'll do with the store credit. Maybe I'll sell the card they gave me for $8 or $10, I dunno. But I was utterly flabbergasted. I couldn't believe anyone - let alone my thrifty roommate - would spend nearly $30 for a stupid pair of tweezers! o_O I personally wouldn't spend more than $5 for tweezers, and even that much would be pushing it.

As to yesterday, it was very cold and wet and rainy, and I got soaked to the bone. I was so exhausted when I got home that I went pretty much straight to bed, even though it was only 8 pm.
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I am a night owl, I sleep during the day. So you'd think I would have gotten blackout curtains years ago when I first moved in here, since I know about them, and did then, too. But I didn't. I didn't even look for them. Which is a shame, because they're a hell of a lot cheaper than I thought they were, about the same price in some places as regular curtains. And best of all, I found PINK blackout curtains at Home Depot! I haven't gotten them yet, but I plan on doing so.

What I'm gonna do is put the blackout curtains in my room, and switch my current curtains (which are very nice but not as good as they could be) into the living room if I can, since I don't really need blackout curtains in the living room. At least not yet. In the summertime, that will probably change, because among other things, blackout curtains (at least some kinds) are apparently insulating as well.

What got me thinking of curtains after all this time? Well, I just finally got around to putting plastic over the windows to keep the cold air out. It was quite an ordeal. I started at around 8 or 9 PM and didn't finish until around 3 AM. Well, there was some moving of heavy bookshelves involved (because one window had a bookshelf in front of half of it, because the window is so fucking long), and I had to take down the blankets my roomie pinned over the windows with thumbtacks to keep as much of the cold air out as possible (as well as sunlight; she's a night owl too). And washing the surfaces, letting them dry, dealing with the mold in the windows (as much of it as I could get) and then the double-sided tape has to sit 15 minutes before you can take the other side off and start applying the plastic. Also, the windows were designed by a moron who got his engineering degree from a crackerjack box. Among its "features" are plaster walls along the edges with only a thin strip of wood around the edge of the windows, lots of nooks and crannies for mold to grow in, a shitty window lock made mostly of plastic, and dumbest of all is that all of these windows have little vents you can open and close, which we only noticed when we were doing my bedroom's windows back in November. I don't even know how to draw windows properly and I could design a better window!

Oh yeah, and then I kept messing up and had to keep tearing out the tape and reapplying it. And the second window was bigger than the first window, even though they look the same size when eyeballing them. But I know the one where the bookshelf was is longer than the other, because the plastic from the same roll as plastic that stretched easily across the other one and had several inches on all sides to spare had to be wrestled and fought with for 30 minutes to get it on. There was only just enough room to do it, in the end, and even that involved having to redo some of the tape to move the sides closer together. But in the end, I triumphed!

The most fun part, of course, was using the hair dryer to shrink the plastic. That caused some more delays, as I had to stop occasionally to let the dryer cool off before continuing. It's not a perfect job, there are still lines, even big ones, but the thing is taut and I can't feel any leaks.

Oh and another delay was that the roomie had done half of one window (IE, there are two window panes side by side, and she did the right-hand side one), but I eventually figured out there was no way to do the other half without tearing out her work and doing the whole window at once on my own. So that's what I did.

And because I want to double-layer it, and because there's no other way to do so, I am going to have to go out and get some of the kind of insulation kit that uses the strips of cardboard you have to staple into the wall, because the tape doesn't stick to our walls because our walls are bumpy, painted plaster.1

Anyway, so that was my day.

1 = Honestly, I don't know how this place passed city code inspections; the ceilings are too short, the walls are paper thin and have little to no insulation so that sounds from outside sound as loud as if you had the windows open2, the windows look like they were designed by a very confused octopus, the light sockets in the kitchen are overpowered or something and keep shorting out every light bulb we use within just a couple months of putting them in - even the kinds that are supposed to last for years, there's no heater in the bathroom and so it's like an icebox in there in the winter, the water heater is old and horrible, the kitchen sink was clearly designed by the same octopus that designed the windows, the counter by the bathroom sink accrues a mysterious reddish-brown goo of unknown make and origin, the ceiling is so thin it's a wonder nobody's fallen though the floor into our apartment, one cupboard can't be opened all the way because the doorbell chime box is in the way (they could have put it a foot higher and it would have been out of the way), the heater in the living room doesn't work during the day, another cupboard can't be used because it has the oven vent running through it, there's not enough storage space in here for one person let alone two, the window blinds are shit, and some of the door latches need some convincing to latch. Oh yeah, and now they have a security camera that points directly at our door, so they can record what the inside of our apartment looks like whenever we open the door. And let us not forget the fact that we're expected to keep everything at least 3 feet from the heaters at all times, in a space so small that the only way to actually obey that rule is to not have any possessions at all unless we were to keep everything we own in the bathroom or the kitchen. Ah, home sweet hovel.

2 = And most Wednesdays they've got people doing the building's yard work where they do everything with power tools because apparently they've never heard of mechanical push mowers or even rakes. And yes, they always use power tools; they even use the leaf blower to try to blow away grass clippings because they've never heard of bagged mowers. Yes, even when the grass is so wet that it takes them an hour to leaf-blow away a single clod of wet grass clippings. I suspect they're paid by the hour and are deliberately doing things the slow way to get more money. Which I wouldn't object to if they would just use mechanical push mowers and rakes. But then, a mechanical push mower would be a hell of a lot more work.
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I volunteer at a nearby elementary school reading to kids with the S.M.A.R.T. program. (Start Making A Reader Today.) Earlier, one of the kiddos I read to showed me a gap where he'd lost a tooth. I asked him if the tooth fairy brought him anything, and he said she'd brought him a LEGO set! A small one, but still! I told him "Wow, when I was a kid, the tooth fairy only brought quarters or dollars. Now she's horning in on Santa's turf!"
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I just got back from the store, where I was getting simethicone, a gas reliever. (Gas-X and so on.) I always, of course, price compare, figure out per-unit price, etc. This time something caught my attention. Several brands of this stuff had a regular and an extra strength version. But here's the thing: both regular and extra strength have the exact same amount of the exact same medicine in the exact same dosages. So... what's the difference? There is no difference! It's false advertising! Someone should call them on that bullshit.

I ended up getting the store brand in ultra strength, which was the one brand that was actually honest about being different; their regular had 125 mg of the drug, and the ultra has 180 mg. But the strength isn't what I got it for, I don't care really because regular is enough for me. I bought it because it had 60 pills for the same price as 50 of the cheapest alternative. More pills for the same amount of money, and there was a higher dosage in each one. I mean, it's not like I'm against the higher dosage. When I need to use simethicone, I need it, stat. Because what tends to happen is I wake up with powerful intestinal pain from the gas. Luckily it doesn't happen much. But between gas pain and headaches, gas pain is worse. Headaches I can deal with, headaches I've been getting since I was a kid. No, scratch that, I've been getting migraines all my life. I just tend to call them headaches now because I usually take pain relievers at the first sign of trouble and get an annoying pain at best. But there are still times when I slip up, or there's a stealth migraine. Pretty sure they're stress induced. And sometimes the stress tension or whatever disguises a headache until it suddenly becomes a migraine.

But my point is, gas pain is so much worse than migraines. I get a migraine, I might puke if it gets bad enough, but I'll eventually feel well enough - pain reliever or no - to go to sleep, sleep off the pain. Can't do that with gas pain. Gas pain wakes me up and keeps me in agony until the medicine really kicks in.

Anyway yeah, they shouldn't call it extra strength when it's the exact same strength as the regular stuff. They should be arrested for lying like that.
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This is a coin I found today in the Albertson's parking lot. Looks Japanese. I found a dime somewhere else today, too, but that was just a dime. This is cool. Sorry for the poor photo quality, I took these with my tablet.

Under the cut for size )
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Coming home from Pride Saturday, I had this great idea for a drawing. I finally got started on it today, but after several hours of working on it, I gave up for the day because it's kicking my ass harder than pictures usually do. It's a particularly difficult drawing because it has two people in profile, and I loathe and detest drawing in profile, because I suck at it. Even with pictures to use as models, I suck at it. I can do it, it just takes about 100 times more erasures, undos, and tries/redraws to get it right. And trying to get their faces to line up with one another, when they're so far apart, is extremely difficult. Oh, and I got the first person done really well, but the other one still looks like a child drew it.

Then as if that wasn't bad enough, their hands are pressed together, and I had to look up pictures of hands in prayer to get an idea how to draw that, and that bit took over an hour. At one point I got so frustrated that I amused myself for several minutes by going "WoooooOOOoo I can draw hands!" and throwing in there the most ridiculous cartoony, squiggly hands possible, hitting undo, and doing something even more ridiculous. A lot of them were just squiggly lines, more like broccoli than hands. I got a real laugh out of doing that.

Still, I finally got frustrated enough with the picture that I gave up for the day, which is good. Because when things go well for me in drawing, I can do it for like 8 hours straight without stopping, but if it gives me a hard time like it did today... well, let's just say I was more exhausted by the three hours of drawing I did today than I've been from some of my eight-hour drawing sessions.

Though unlike my last drawing project, which I've not really shown anyone even though I'm very proud of it, and have only used it for an icon so far. (On LJ, it should be the default right now), this current one is one I will be sharing with others once I finish it, because it's about Gay Pride and Trans Pride.


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