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Drew Pi ([personal profile] svaenohr today, in one of zir female forms. It is loosely based on this image. Here is the picture I drew:

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I did my fingernails last night, wanted to show them off before they got all chipped and stuff.

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I plan on buying a sunshine yellow polish to replace the orange, because I don't much care for the orange. May buy some other colors as well. I want, eventually, to have each nail a different color. But I only have 6 colors of polish right now. (The others are so old they've gone all weird.)

For the sake of the blind, and people who want to know the color names (when I know them), the colors are currently in this order (well, reversed, since the webcam acted like a mirror):

Left pinky finger AND right thumb: robin's egg blue
Left ring finger: a pink I'm not terribly fond of, that looks more like a red.
Left AND right "naughty" fingers: a glitter-full kind of dark purple.
Left AND right pointing fingers: A glitter-full light purple.
Left thumb AND right pinky: metallic light green.
Right ring finger: an orange I don't much like.
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I took photos of the two new drawings of Deities of mine. Here they are, under the cut:

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I posted a picture of this symbol ages ago, but it kinda sucked. This one is better.

Inspired by the fylfot cross, this is one of the symbols of Djao’Kain, my Goddess of Chaos. I call it the Djao’Kain Star.
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The picture under the cut is a picture of my inner child, Molly Elizabeth. I actually had to put this in my public Dropbox folder because it was the only way Comcast would let me upload the damned thing. Tried Tumblr, LiveJournal, Photobucket, Mediafire, even Gmail and no matter what site I tried uploading it to, it wouldn’t work.

Luckily, now that it's on Tumblr using the link Dropbox provided me, I can remove the picture from the public Dropbox folder.

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By the way, in a few days to a week, I should be able to link y'all to Molly's updated web pages, and Alex's as well.
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I was thinking, the other day, about how Traipah has three different formats for writing:
1. Book format, which starts at the "back" of the book (as we Westerners would figure things), moving toward the "front," the book turned "on its side." Then the actual writing starts at the bottom right of the page, moves upward, then when you get to the top of the line, you continue at the bottom of the line to its left.
2. Sign format, wherein they write important signs top-down, right-to-left.
3. Scroll format, which starts at the bottom right of the scroll, and moves in a boustrophedon upward to the top.

This got me thinking about how their books are designed, and why scrolls are still popular with them. And I came up with two things:
1. Their books are bound differently from ours. Their books are spiral bound. At least one cover of the book is hard. You hold the book by the cover with one hand, and turn the pages with the other. If both covers were hard, you could set the book up on its covers to free up one hand.
2. Scrolls are still highly popular on Traipah because of the invention, at some point, of a mechanical scroll reader. Hold with one hand, or set it down, and scroll the scroll with the scroll wheel:

The sample text on the picture just says "This is only a sample text," over and over again. (It is also difficult to read.) I think the scrolls made for the mechanical scroll readers are made of some kind of plastic or other tough substance that's flexible but able to take the beating of multiple un-windings and re-windings.

Then when digital paper was invented, a new digital scroll reader was invented, with a continuous loop of a single sheet of digital paper. The computer in the reader loads the text onto the digital paper as you scroll, so it's basically an e-reader. (Digital paper is paper made of nanites, which can store hundreds of terabytes of data just on its own.)

All published Traipahni books are published in all of the common formats, with physical copies of both books and scrolls archived in the Sahn-Kusahn library, and other libraries.
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Finished writing "To Teach and To Learn," just waiting for Prince Mu-Chao to load it to the site. The story has added something else to Shao-Kehn's list of powers/associations. I guess it was inevitable considering that one of Her Aspects is similar in some respects to Kohraindehr, and there was evidence of it over the years in Her ability to create astounding synchronicities, but still, it was an interesting turn when a black scrying mirror showed up in "To Teach and To Learn." With it, Shao'Kehn can see into possible futures. Though with that one Kohraindehr-like Aspect (the one named Shao'Rain), She might not really need the scrying mirror. *Ponders* Unless Shao'Kehn needs an intermediary between Her and Shao'Rain. Direct input from Shao'Rain might be too much for Shao'Kehn. Merits further exploration.

Oh yeah, and Shao'Driiah, AKA The Dark Maiden, is also in "To Teach and To Learn." Here is the entry about Shao'Driiah:

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The only picture of the Ageplay Pride flag I could find online was one someone was holding. So I made this version:

Feel free to take a copy.
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Inspired by the fylfot cross, I made a new Shao'Kehn Star:

I wish I had some pictures of the old Shao'Kehn Star on this computer, for comparison purposes. Later, maybe.
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(For the blind: the above picture says "What is the best way to stop your child becoming an atheist?")

My answer: "The answer is simple. All you have to do is actually follow Jesus's teachings, and not the bullshit your minister tries to pawn off as Jesus's words. In short, raise them Unitarian Universalist."
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This kind of thing is why I don't like Michael Gambon as Dumbledore, or any of the movies after the second:

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There really IS a part in the Bible where Jesus said not to be a jerk about one's faith.
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For visually impaired: picture of one of those walking things from Star Wars dressed as Rudolph the Reindeer (and being tripped by tinsel), with the caption "Jingle bells, Twilight smells, Edward ran away. Bella dies, Jacob cries, Star Wars all the way!"
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] farchivist at post

UC Davis, of course, has opened a task force and it looks like there are firings in that PD on the way. Why? Well, it seems Lt. Pike didn't act with the correct authorization...whoops.


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