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Social safety nets like welfare, SSI, SSDI, food stamps, etc. are in no way a free ride. It's not even a life raft. It's a 2 x 4 with a rope tied to it, barely enough to keep you from drowning if you grab ahold of it and fight constantly to stay afloat. And then the ship is dragging you along in its wake. Which wouldn't be so bad if the people on the ship were helping pull you back onto the ship, but no, they're standing there arguing. One side wants to cut the rope completely because you're "slowing down the ship," and the other side is like "No, that's not nice. Maybe only cut half of the rope?" And then they cut half the rope, and the rope is straining, and all it takes is one particularly strong wave to snap the rope and drown you. It's not fun, it's not easy; you're fighting for survival every moment, nearly dying, it's super stressful and exhausting, and will eventually give you stress illnesses if it goes on long enough. And the people on the ship just want you to give up, stop fighting, and drown already.

Nifty idea

Oct. 24th, 2016 12:43 am
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One of the candidates for Oregon secretary of state had a neat idea on how to get around the Federal ban on marijuana money in banks: start an Oregon-run "vault" as they called it, weed sellers can put their money there instead of the bank. So like a bank, but not a bank, and run by the state government. And I'm sure that the weed sellers would go in for that, because right now they have all this cash and nowhere really secure to put it, and so they get robbed frequently.
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So [personal profile] kengr referred me to this post, in which the person posting says that Hillary will be a good pick because, essentially, she's skilled at politics, skilled at lying, cheating, manipulating, and stealing her way through the political system. This Gridlore fellow seems to think that this is exactly who we need facing the Republicans. (And I might agree, if she were a good and moral person otherwise, but she's a racist, a homophobe pretending to be an ally, and her policies make her basically a pre-Reagan Republican.)

Anyway, here's what I replied to his post with:

Me: You haven't seen House of Cards, have you?

Him: It's on the list, but I'm familiar with it.

Me: Well the main character in both UK and US versions of House of Cards sounds exactly like you described Hillary, and both of them were pretty disastrous for their countries.

My point is, we have no good options. We have Trump on one side, who hasn't the skills to run so much as a lemonade stand, has no morals, is a racist, is a homophobe, and doesn't take the advice of people who know better than him.

And on the other hand we have Hillary, who is more skilled at running things, and is more stable emotionally and politically than Trump, and appears to listen at least somewhat to people who know better than her, but who also has no morals, is also a racist, and is also a homophobe. The fact that she's a homophobe (given her record, the things she's said in the past, even as recently as a year ago) who is willing to pretend to be an ally to get votes is not an encouraging sign to me.

So basically, my point is that we're fucked regardless of who we elect.

I do think Hillary may be better than Trump, since the last time we had an entertainer in the President's seat, Reagan, he was the worst President we've ever had, slashing necessary social reforms, paving the way for the anti-abortionists to get power, and caused the deaths of millions by laughing about the AIDS epidemic.

But I think Hillary will be to the US as Margaret Thatcher was to the UK.

I don't know who I'm going to vote for. When Bernie was running, I knew. If Bernie or Elizabeth Warren had been VP for Hillary, I would be sure I was voting for her, because then she'd have somebody sane, somebody with a good, strong, consistent record to keep her more nutty ideas in check. But instead she went with the governor of Virginia, a man I know nothing about.

Alex seems to be convinced that the mere fact he's governor of a Southern state is enough to call him a horrible pick for VP. I'm more open minded, but I have to say I'm not at all sure who to vote for, because both options seem equally horrible, for different reasons.
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On Facebook, there was this screenshot of a Tumblr page saying that only straight white dudes are saying Hillary is as bad Trump. So I responded thusly:

I'm bi and trans, and I too don't know who's worse, Hillary or Trump. I suppose Trump is worse, but Hillary isn't better by much. At best, she's more of the same quasi-fascism we've dealt with for the past few decades, ever since Bush stripped away a bunch of freedoms and Obama never brought them back. Beebe being so popular and then being cheated out of winning was, to me, like a trapped animal seeing a way out, then having it snatched away.

But yeah, Hillary is just as racist as Trump is, she just hides it a little better. And she's not really an LGBT ally, she's openly said before she's against same sex marriage. She's the consummate politician, willing to say anything to get elected, but will do nothing good once she's in office. She dies at least seem to know how to do things under the current rules. And Trump does not. He's an entertainer, and the last time we had an entertainer in the President's seat, it was one of the worst Presidents ever: Reagan.

##end of my reply##

Also, Alex is pan and gender queer, and he is always saying Hillary is little better than Trump, if not just as bad.
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If Hilary wins the nomination, I will be extremely pissed off, but I will grudgingly vote for her, because even a female anti-feminist, middle road, big-money bought and paid for, more of the same old shit, only pretending to support LGBT causes for votes, mildly racist, flip flopping, former Republican, Koch sucking "Democrat" is preferable to any of the Republicans, even if what I really want in office is a man who has supported civil rights for people of color and LGBT people consistently, risking his career over it, for the past 40 years; a man who has a 40+ year history of doing what is right even if it makes him unpopular, because fighting for the rights and welfare of his constituents is more important to him than votes, a man who does not accept money from wealthy donors hoping to get some kind of kickback for their investment; Bernie Sanders, in other words.

If you want to settle for more of the same old bullshit, where very little of any importance ever changes (and rarely for the good), where a spineless Democrat lets Republicans walk all over her because she and they are both getting their campaign money from the same 1% of people: the super wealthy, and therefore has the same masters they do (and unless you're a billionaire, that ain't you!), and therefore are not actually enemies of one another, but allies; if you want our first female President to be a woman who breaks through glass ceilings and repairs them behind her, thus blocking other women from following her, then vote Hilary Clinton.

But if you want someone who will fight tooth and nail, kicking and screaming, for your rights and for you to get paid a living wage (and the right to freedom of choice over your own body, for your right to vote, etc) even if it costs him future elections, a man who is beholden only to The People and doesn't accept Big Corporate Money, a man with 40 years of a feminist voting record, a man who actively listens to his constituents and seeks mutually beneficial solutions, who actually works to understand issues and to make his ideas be understood instead of just spewing forth meaningless sound bites and political hot words, vote Bernie Sanders in your local primaries, and again on Voting Day.

(And of course, if you want to slide back into Nazi Germany, vote Donald Trump. To slide back down to the bronze age, any of the other Republicans will do.)
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After talking with some teacher friends of mine about the problems with education, and all the horror stories from students and teachers on Tumblr, I have decided we need a few things:

1. A Federal law saying you cannot take money away from education, for any reason. You can add money to education, but you cannot take it away. Maybe with a sub-clause that says you can’t make schools jump through stupid hoops to get the money, either. You can still hold schools accountable without making them perform for your amusement for your money.

2. Another Federal law saying you cannot be in school administration (Principal, superintendent, school board) without relevant experience first, such experience defined as having been a teacher teaching actual kids for at least 2 years before applying for an administrative job. Further, the experience in question has to be related to the kind of school you’re working at. IE, if you want to be in administration for an elementary, your teaching experience should be with elementary students. Same goes for high school/middle school. And yes, if you want to work a job as an administrator over a whole school system, you need experience in elementary, middle school, and high school teaching before you can even apply for the job.

3. Federal law saying that politicians cannot make education policy without the same kind of experience as one would need to be an administrator over a whole school system. (See above.) Now this doesn’t mean you would have to be a teacher to run for political office. But if you don’t have the experience needed to make education policy, you’ll have to delegate that task to someone with experience, and said person needs to be voted into the position, you cannot just appoint somebody.

4. Any money that goes to one (public) school in a city would be required to be matched for all other (public) schools in that city, so all schools get at least the same amount, and only get more than others if they’re significantly bigger or have lots of special education students or other struggling students; which should hopefully end this bullshit of giving more money to schools in predominantly white districts than is given to schools in predominately black/other POC districts.

5. School funding cannot benefit one subject or department of a school at the expense of others. This rule would hopefully eliminate the bullshit of funding the sports department at the expense of music/art and everything else. Maybe add a sub-clause that says if a school cannot provide basic amenities (toilet paper, books, teacher supplies, electricity, school lunches, etc), but somehow has money for a well-funded sports program, the sports program would be defunded and that money moved to meet those amenities. But worded so the same goes regardless of which department is getting the preferential treatment.

6. A law stating that all school rules must apply equally to everyone in the school, and rules cannot be made that target any specific group. Which would be put in place to end the BS of girls getting a stricter dress code policy than the boys. It would also hopefully apply conduct rules in such a way that if boys are allowed to harass girls and get away with it by the administration, it would be easier to make a federal case out of it. ("They’re not obeying law #6!” “Ah, you’re right. They’re favoring one group of students over another.”) And also should do the same for LGBT students being bullied.

The wording on some of these may need to be tweaked, but then that’s why I’m not in politics.
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When I informed a friend of mine of the coming deadline to start signing up for some kind of health insurance, and gave her a link to the one that HealthCare.gov referred me to for her, she told me after reading through it and other things that she can't afford it. Because the only options are either:

1. Paying a monthly premium. Which requires money. She doesn't have a job, despite a LOT of looking for years. So she can't afford that option.

2. Paying a very high copay every time she goes to the doctor, which she also cannot afford.

And this kind of thing is why I've said all along that the ACA should be repealed and the original draft re-entered and voted upon, because after the Republican bastards had their way with the ACA, it looked nothing like Obama's original plan. It is such a fucking mockery of its former self that I am astonished Obama actually seems to take pride in passing it.

Under the original draft, the ACA would have given us a single-payer, tax-funded public healthcare system like Canada and the UK have. But under the draft that got passed, such is not the case. What we got instead is a law requiring the purchase of some sort of health insurance. And while insurance companies are no longer allowed to deny anyone health insurance, they can still charge three times or more the usual premium for people with pre-existing conditions. And now come to find out that even the options marketed to the poor are not affordable to everyone.

Oh, and she pointed out that requiring someone to purchase anything is unconstitutional. I don't know if that applies to car insurance too, but since you don't have to have car insurance if you don't have a car, I guess they squeak by under that technicality. But yeah, saying "Health insurance is good for you. You are now required to buy it." is highly unconstitutional. I do so hope that somebody challenges that in the Supreme Court.

Seriously, I was all for the ACA when it was first proposed. But ever since the Republicans basically fucked it over seventeen ways from Sunday, I have hated it. Because now the only way my friend is going to be able to get actually affordable health insurance is if she qualifies for the same state program I'm on, that pays my Medicare premium for me. Otherwise there's no effing way she can afford it.
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I'm sorry, but would someone please explain this whole Mitt Romney and binders for women thing? Because I've been so steeped for so long in transgender issues that, to me, the only things I can think of when I hear the word "binders" is either breast binders for FTMs or Trapper Keeper type binders, and neither of these makes any sense to me, in a Mitt Romney context.
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So there's this poll asking if you think it's immoral for the super-rich to avoid paying taxes. After I filled it out, I commented:

It is most definetely immoral to not pay taxes if you're rich enough to afford to do so. The rich should be required to pay taxes.

I'm of the opinion that there should be a new law: any rich son of a bitch who tries to renounce their citizenship, or has offshore accounts for tax evasion purposes, would - under the new law - get any and all assets still in the US siezed by the IRS. So their choices would be:

1. Be rich, with ALL your liquid assets held in this country (you can still own property elsewhere, or do business in other countries, if the other countries let you), and pay taxes like you're supposed to.

2. Be rich and leave the country, never to do business or own property in the USA again, because if you do, the IRS will seize everything in the US that you own to pay for the taxes you decided not to pay.
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I was doing some thinking about Traipahni crime and punishment, and as a result, some interesting thoughts occurred to me.

At the heart of Traipahni philosophy is the knowledge that all people are children, no matter how much they've aged. I could possibly be biased, being an ageplay little and an Ahnabahn (Priest/ess) of Nahtahdjaiz (child goddess of children), but it rings true. All people, no matter how old they are, are children. Adults are not a thing separate from children. We are all informed by our childhood, and the healthiest (mentally) among us still maintain the best positive attributes of childhood. We still play, and relax, and have a curiosity about the world, among other things.

But along with those positive attributes, there are also negative attributes. Selfishness, forgetting the rules, losing our rational minds in the heat of emotions. Emotion is a good thing, a necessary thing, and only a fool would deny it. But emotions must be tempered with reason.

The people of Traipah would be shocked at our culture's education system. The schools on Traipah emphasize values above all else. They teach how to behave, and why. They teach compassion, understanding, empathy, and reason. These lessons are reinforced throughout the years of school. And they teach critical thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness (well, they try at least). That, and the equitable way their society is set up, makes for a society where the poorest of the poor still have food and shelter. The desperation you see on Earth is not there, on Traipah. Because the schools teach oneness, and community. This, the fact society provides for everyone's needs, and the lack of a nudity taboo, eliminates most of the reasons for crime to happen in the first place. Drugs are also legal, as long as one does not do them while operating heavy machinery. Addictions are treated, when they occur. But because of the way their society is set up, very few people are allowed to get that bad. For all their "liberal" qualities, Traipahni society still expects everyone to find a way to contribute to society, and helps those who struggle to do so. Laziness is, after all, a form of selfishness; a little is normal, and natural, but too much is a problem. Free health care and free psychiatric care helps those who have a difficult time contributing, and if there truly is no way for a person to contribute to society, it is not held against them.

Selfishness is a mistake to be corrected. Greed is a mistake, as well. Hoarding wealth out of greed, at the expense of other people and society at large, is - on Traipah - considered a mental illness, to be treated. The super-rich of our society, were they to do the things they do here, on Traipah, would get them incarcerated and put into rehabilitation, and much of that hoarded wealth seized and returned to the society at large. The wealthy are expected, by Traipahni society, to use their wealth to better society, to help raise everyone up. And they are taught the practical reasons why, as well as the values reasons. This is not to say one can't have luxuries! Luxuries are a reward for being successful enough to have earned them. But always, one is expected to be mindful of one's duty to society, for without society they could not be so wealthy. And so they are expected to be modest, reasonable, in their luxuries. No solid gold toilets or diamond encrusted dog collars, for such extravagances would be considered obscene. You would disgust more people on Traipah with a solid gold toilet than you would with a public flogging that drew blood.

Crimes are always thought to be the result of some error in judgment, or some mistake in one's thinking. Even rape and murder carry the sentence of rehabilitation. Their crimes are also talked about, and they feel the sting of society's judgment, the hurt of all those people disappointed in them. They ought to have known better; they are grown-ups, and have been around long enough to know the rules. If one has done something to get the justice system involved, it is like being a misbehaving child, feeling the shame of your peers and loved ones.

There still exists a death penalty for some crimes, but it is reserved for those that have been found to be without conscience. Only those who can never be redeemed are excised from society in that manner. It is done, even then, with the utmost sorrow.

The people of Traipah look at human society with a mixture of amusement and disgust. The most charitable of Traipahni individuals consider humans to be a race of wild children with very little self control.

If what I have described here is socialism, then I say BRING IT ON! For this is what I wish Earth would be like.
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Listening to the sermon by the guest speaker at the UU church earlier, I came to a decision. I'm tired of the corruption in Washington DC, and the fact that there's little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Sure, the ideological differences are getting more different all the time, with the Republican party going pear-shaped, but procedurally, there's little difference. Both are being paid off by the same lobbyists. The few Democrats that seem to genuinely want to improve things, like Obama, don't seem to know how to say “no” to the Republicans. If they can't stand up for themselves, they're little better than Republicans, because in the end the Republicans are going to wear them down. I used to believe that the Republican party needed to be disbanded and replaced. Now I think the same thing applies to the Democratic Party as well.

In the past, I wanted to vote for a third party, and I was always stopped by fear of my vote being “wasted” and a Republican getting in because I didn't vote Democrat. But if there's little difference, then there's really no reason to fear. Also, I think the Republicans aren't even trying this year, not really, because Obama is turning out to be just a good a puppet for them as Bush was. Also, they haven't a nitrogen snowball's chance on Venus of winning this coming Presidential election, since all the people running make Bush look sane, competent, compassionate, even liberal in comparison.

So I've decided, I'm no longer going to be cowed by baseless fears of Republicans winning the Presidency. Republican, Democrat, it's all the same these days. If Obama's term has taught me anything, it's that the office of President is only as powerful as the personality of the person in that office, and we haven't had a qualified individual in that office since before the McCarthy era.

This country's political system is beyond corrupt. It is being run almost exclusively by white males who have never, ever been poor or even middle class, and have no idea what it's like to be anything but a spoiled rich piece of shit. Worse, it's being infiltrated by the worst kind of “Christian” cultists, people whose beliefs and ideals are as far from Jesus's teachings as it is possible to be. They call themselves Christians, but they more closely resemble the stereotypes of Satanists. In short, the people running our country are hopelessly out of touch with the common man. Worse, they have no desire to understand us; their greed is all that drives them. If you aren't a rich white male, they don't care if you live or die. The poor and middle class are nothing more to them than tools at best, and obstacles at worst. Obstacles they won't hesitate to tear down mercilessly once they can get away with it.

They're not even good at running things; these are the same people whose companies – despite (or because of) predatory business practices – would be going belly-up without handouts from the government. These companies take jobs away from American citizens because in their unquenchable greed, they exploit the people of other countries. They call themselves patriots, but the way they run their businesses makes them traitors to the people of this nation, and hurts people in other nations as well. They're not fit to run a child's lemonade stand, let alone an entire country.

Furthermore, the economic system of our country is the walking dead. Our economy is being kept alive by pure determination, and possibly spite. A lot of this is due to the outsourcing of jobs to poor countries, but other parts are inherent in the system. This country is rapidly becoming fascist, as more and more laws are made to try to regulate music, movies, and TV which – due to the Internet – can no longer be regulated. It is inevitable that 3-D printers are going to one day be able to make practically anything. When it does, and the designs for most objects are going to be shared on the Internet, the already-suffering manufacturing companies are going to be in danger of completely dying out. And it's a sure bet that there will be many very rich people who will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. If you think things are bad now, it's going to get worse, if we don't put the walking corpse of Capitalism out of our misery. This isn't about destroying Capitalism: Capitalism has destroyed itself; this is about replacing Capitalism with something else, something that works, before it's too late. This country is already becoming fascist; we cannot allow it to continue.

Now, I've known for some time that I'm a democratic socialist. Now that I can clearly see that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats, I am going to look into other parties' contenders for President. Especially the socialist options. And I suggest you do the same as well, and convince as many other people to do the same thing as possible. Because Capitalism's days are numbered. The days of the United States are also numbered if we don't kick all the corrupt or spineless idiots of Washington out onto the streets now, before it's too late. For if we don't, then what we end up with may still call itself the United States of America, but it will be “the land of the free” in name only.

“If you aren't pissed off, you aren't paying attention.” I finally understand this statement, fully.
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Martin Luther King Junior was organizing people against povery in his last years, something that the media doesn't show you, and hopes everyone will forget. He basically did "Occupy Poverty" more than 40 years before the Occupy movement, and got assassinated by the US government for his trouble.

The media wants you to forget his past few years, but all his speeches were recorded. Like this one:

Freedom of speech is a nice ideal, but if you think it's a fully realized reality, you are being delusional.
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There's this political ad where this guy keeps saying he'll go to Congress to create jobs. Here's an idea, Mr. "Job Creator" = get the government to raise taxes on the rich so it can invest money to refurbish all the crumbling infrastructure, like all the hundreds of dams, hundreds of bridges, hundreds of roads, and other things that are falling apart badly enough that they are a threat to life and limb. The dams alone could kill millions when (not if) they fall apart. Think of it: you'd be preventing lots of horrible tragedies AND creating jobs at the same time!
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] farchivist at post

UC Davis, of course, has opened a task force and it looks like there are firings in that PD on the way. Why? Well, it seems Lt. Pike didn't act with the correct authorization...whoops.
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If you see pictures purporting to be Occupy protesters desecrating flags, carrying anarchist signs, or doing violence, do not believe it. The opposition has started to turn its propaganda machine into full gear. These pictures are old, from unrelated protests, and are meant to discredit the Occupy/The 99% movement.

It started with false claims of "they don't seem to know what they're protesting" and is now getting nasty. Ignore these lies.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kengr at Occupy Portland
The Portland "branch" of "Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Portland) has gotten a lot of coverage and is remarkably free of trouble. They wanted to not have the powers-that-be able to block off wherever they decided to go, so they didn't apply for a parade permit. The cops did their best to keep problems from happening. And when they settled for the night on a couple of the "park blocks" downtown for the night, the mayor suspended the no camping ordinance. They have been told they'll have to move along in the morning.

Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, but unless they do something really stupid, I think they'll continue to get "escorted" by saome cops to try to minimize disruptions to things, but otherwise be left alone.

I think the police and the mayor have the right idea. The protestors aren't doing anything violent, so just let them protest and avoid giving an excuse for things to turn ugly.
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Dear United States Government, other countries, and really, Dear Humanity,

Just thought I'd let you know, not having a government-funded single-payer free healthcare plan for all is the same as, or worse than, not having a 911 system. Or a fire department. It shows you don't give even the tiniest rabbit-pellet's worth of a shit about the well-being of the people you represent. So, with that in mind, FUCK YOU.

Furthermore, I'd like to go on to address my firm belief that not having free or cheap housing for the poorest of the poor is worse even than not having the things mentioned above. Allowing anyone to be so poor, especially in a developed nation (but anywhere, really), really ought to be considered a crime against humanity. Letting people starve or freeze or suffer/die from/of a treatable illness because they're struggling just to survive is equally unethical and reprehensible. Denigrating the poor, calling them lazy, or otherwise looking down on them because they are struggling is almost as evil than drowning puppies and raping their corpses... while children watch in horror.

Many of our leaders in the so-called "western" countries claim to be Christians. But they are so greedy, so full of hatred and contempt for the poor and other kinds of people, and so generally contemptible and evil in their words and/or behaviors that they more closely fit their own stereotypes of Satanists than any Satanists I've ever met. In fact, a lot of Satanists I know are much more like Christians ought to be than most of our leaders are.

I find it hypocritical, evil, disgusting, unethical, perverse, and downright absurd that these social darwinists1 claim to be Christians, when Yeshuah ben Yosef (AKA Jesus the Christ) preached love, compassion, and concern for all people, regardless of color of skin, amount of material wealth, illness, criminal history, or any other factor. I find it absurd that they claim to be Christians when Jesus himself said that rich people cannot go to Heaven. Jesus said that what hurts the least of us hurts all of us. HE KNEW! He knew that what hurts the least of a species hurts the whole species, and what helps the least of us helps all of us. He knew that if those who were poor did not have to struggle to eat, drink, be clothed, or be sheltered, that it would help EVERYONE ELSE ABOVE THEM as well. And when the poorest people suffer, the lives of everyone above them also suffers. Look at countries where the majority starve while the few in power hoard all the wealth; those rich people are not happy there. They face constant death threats, they develop quite understandable paranoia, and everyone really IS out to get them. That is because the people who are miserable outnumber them more than 100 to 1. More than 1 million to 1, even. HOARDING ALL THE WEALTH AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE WILL ONLY MAKE YOUR OWN SITUATION CRAPPIER, TOO!

So, rich and greedy assholes who believe the poor are lazy vermin who need to be ignored at best, or exterminated: I am sure Jesus loves you anyway, and forgives you. But you're still not going to Heaven. He may love and forgive you, but he has made it clear that he doesn't like you. He doesn't want you. You are anathema to everything he stood for. Your lip service worship is an insult to a wonderful, kind-hearted, compassionate man. Your attendance in church is a mockery of Jesus. I look at you with the same emotions that a devout medieval Catholic would have felt upon witnessing a Satanic mass with virgin sacrifices, murder of infants, and necrophiliac orgies. Pull your heads out of your asses and grow a fucking human heart. Have some compassion.

It is not money that is evil. It is greed that is evil. When nothing matters more to a person than getting more money, more power, more ANYTHING, that is when they need to be given anti-addiction therapy. They need to go to Moneyholics Anonymous, or Greedoholics Anonymous, or whatever. And they sure as heck should not be in power over other people. They make life miserable for everyone else and, eventually, for themselves as well. It's well overdue time we the masses tell the rich at the top to fuck off. It's long overdue time we get pissed and stay pissed and DEMAND that the wealthy give back to those below them. And if they do not comply, to take it from them by force.

---Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk

1 = I hate social darwinism anyway; it doesn't work, it's disgusting, and it is based on a severe misunderstanding of "survival of the fittest." Humans became "fittest" through cooperation and compassion, as well as creativity and intelligence. I also hate the attitude of hatred/distrust/dislike for people who are eccentric. Weirdos are the ones whose names live on forever in history! Weirdos are the ones who improve the human condition, who contribute the most to society. And yet it's "normal" that is valued. FUCK THAT NOISE.
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Obama just blocked a new EPA law that would cut down smog, after berating the tea party's anti-environmentalism stance. This is the proverbial straw, I think. Obama is either a Republican clone or has no fucking backbone. Fuck this, I think I'm voting Socialist or Green Party in 2012.
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I especially like this bit: A British Columbia splinter group proposed running a professional dominatrix for the position of party whip

There's also this:

In 2001, Brian "Godzilla" Salmi, who received his nickname because of the Godzilla suit he wore while campaigning, tried to revive the Rhinoceros Party to contest the British Columbia provincial election. While they pulled some pranks that earned some media coverage, only two of its candidates (Liar Liar in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant and Helvis in Vancouver-Burrard) appeared on the ballots, as the party claimed the $1000 candidate registration fee was a financial hardship. Unregistered candidates included Geoff Berner, who received national wire service coverage for promising "cocaine and whores to potential investors".[32] The party disbanded shortly thereafter.

Salmi later legally changed his name to Sa Tan.[33]

In 2007, Salmi filed a lawsuit against the federal government of the election rules that led to the disbanding of the Rhinoceros party, demanding $50 million compensation. As Salmi's name is now legally "Sa Tan", the lawsuit was filed under the name Satan versus Her Majesty The Queen.[34]


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