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While listening to a couple Vocaloid songs - Vocaloid is apparently a computer program one can use to create music that includes lyrics sung by your choice of computer voices, voices that are surprisingly realistic - I had this sudden memory of a story of some kind I read or saw on TV (I don't remember the media) wherein part of the story was something about a prolific author that turned out to be a computer. It wasn't sentient, it was just a computer that was generating popular books via some algorithm. And that is literally all I remember about it. But it was an important point in the plot, like the conclusion of a mystery, I think.
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I have a friend who is a lesbian senior (60) with asperger's syndrome who doesn't think she can find love. She's very technologically deficient, can't use the Internet. So I'm trying to find places where she can meet lesbians around her age, in person, here in Portland Oregon. Which would be easier if she didn't also hate going to bars. I tried Meetup, Fetlife, even Google. There are dating sites, of course, but not a lot of what I'm really looking for. Meetup has Shades of Lavender, but that meets in a pub.

Anyway, so if you know of any places in Portland for gay seniors to meet, that meets somewhere other than a bar or pub, let me know, okay?

Edit: She doesn't want anyone younger than 43, and prefers people older than herself.


Mar. 11th, 2016 12:02 am
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Is there such thing as a cold sore that only affects the gums and leaves no mark on the outside of the body? Because every so often, I have several days in a row where eating becomes painful for my lower gums, on the side next to the lips. It comes mysteriously, and disappears just as mysteriously after a few days, and it can be as much as three or four months or more between flare-ups.

The worst part of it is eating dry things that lodge themselves down there and sting like a motherfucker. Trying to get them out with my tongue just makes it hurt worse. Getting it out with water hurts, too. So I have to try to avoid dry foods when whatever this is flares up. And also I have to shove food back to the molars and against the back of the mouth so pieces don't get up in the front of the lower jaw.

Oh yeah, and sometimes the inside of the bottom lip hurts as well. Not as much as the gums, though.
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My roommate is under the impression that if you owe student loans, the student loans people can legally take all your paycheck, all your disability if you're on it, all your tax returns, and can even legally take all the tax returns of your spouse if you get married, and so she has decided not to bother trying to apply for disability because of this. I don't know whether to believe it or not, because that sounds not only highly illegal, but extremely unethical. I doubt it's legal to take someone's entire income for a debt they owe. (USA)
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I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. I want to draw (on the computer) this person: https://31.media.tumblr.com/c127f25d5000351904510c9efe5dd647/tumblr_mz1w1nlYcz1qbrc7uo1_500.png as one of my Goddesses, but I want to make her skin darker. Like, as close to completely black as is humanly possible, and from some of the pictures I've seen, some people DO look almost unnaturally black. The problem lies not so much in the skin color itself but the way I shade my drawings, using different shades of the same color since that's basically what happens in real life. But since she's not already as dark as I want her to be for this drawing, I don't have a proper reference. I may just try it anyway, but any advice would be helpful. Advice on anything from finding a picture of someone that dark in a similar pose with similar lighting, to coming up with a palette for someone with such a black skin tone in similar lighting. Or even some kind of modeling program that could give me a model to work from. Anything at all, really, that might be useful.

Thanks in advance! Thanks for listening, at least.

In case anyone was curious, I was thinking of drawing her as Morshenda, Deity of Darkness. Something about the image just calls to me. Though if I can't figure out how to make her the right color, I may just go with her existing colors and have her be Kusunia, Deity of Planets.
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Someone on my friendslist said "Autistic brains like ours have a hard time multi-tasking" and I just sat there staring at that with a "WTF?" expression on my face. Because I'm a diagnosed Aspie and I don't have any problem multi-tasking. Sure, sometimes my mind is going so much about so many things that I occasionally appear to have trouble multi-tasking, because when I'm thinking about 12 different things at once, I may not catch something someone said. But I can follow two different conversations at once, and even join in, when I'm not thinking of other stuff. And when I'm on the computer, I'm doing about a dozen related things in my mind at once. So the suggestion that aspies and auties can't multi-task is weird to me.


Personally, if Aspies are really supposed to have that problem, I wonder if the reason I don't is because of my being a multiple.
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Okay everyone, take a look under the cut at the rough sketch I drew of a possible instrument that came to mind today, as something the Ah'Koi Bahnis might play. I want opinions on whether or not it would work. It's a stringed instrument (string number probably varies) with a drum on the other side. Could both sides be played at the same time? If so, do you think it would sound good, or horrible?

Here is the cut, since the picture is big. )
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I had an interesting idea inspired by a picture of a black-and-yellow striped spider, and as a result I think I'm going to add a creature called a spider-bee to Orion's list of creatures. The spider-bee will be bees that swarm their prey, sting them into paralysis, and then wrap them in silk and take them back to the hive. Once at the hive, they bite the victim and wait for the bite's venom to liquefy the remains. Then they drain that fluid into honeycomb-like structures to feed to the queen.

Now, I seem to recall some spiders can eat birds, frogs, and even small mammals. Do those still liquefy the prey's soft tissues? If so, how? Inside the silk wrappings, maybe? I think the spider-bees would have to be large enough to catch lots of small animals, because I doubt a diet of just insects would sustain a hive of such creatures.

Oh one last thing, they are as protective of their hives as Africanized honeybees are.
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I was just thinking, for some reason, about McCarthyism and the whole thing of "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the communist party?" And it occurred to me to wonder WTF is up with the "have you ever been?" part of that. What if someone was a communist back in their wayward youth, and then changed their mind and became a die-hard patriot? What then? Were they rewarded for their honesty about that? Or questioned for information on the communist party? Or what? Or did they get hung out to dry either way? Why did McCarthy care if they'd once been commies if they weren't anymore?

Also, I'd be in big trouble if I were living back then. I've never joined any political parties, but my writing... at least two major cultures in my writing are rather Marxist, even though only one of them would have been able to hear about Marx before becoming that way.
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Over ten years ago, I started to create the Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog language, a trade language for my Traipah culture that is supposed to be a conlang even in that universe. But I've encountered problems with it. The rules of the language are basically a mix of English and Spanish rules (mostly English), and I started coming up with words in some really random ways, so that English words that one would think would be some of the first to get translated into TPNN don't have translations yet (like the shapes, for goodness sake!). Also, I was using related words to come up with new words, and given that some of these words were kind of long to begin with (heck, the word for "long" is 6 syllables long), trying to actually say much of anything in TPNN gets harder the more you try to say.

So I started a new conlang, called Trai'Pahg'Shah'Gog. I'm designing TPSG with an eye towards short words (1, 2, and 3 syllable base words) and a greater modular-ness but a higher number of base words (eventually). I've already made some impressive strides toward shortening things. For example, "I will run" in the original TPNN is "Thiin yahsoh hiahn." In TPSG, the same sentence would be "Fyortekeg." From about 5 syllables to 3. (And in TPNN it might have been longer than that; I can't seem to find the proper word for "run." Hiahn I took from dropping the "ihn" in the name "Hiahnihn," which means "runner.) And a bunch of really long words already have shortened versions. (Shortening TPNN words a lot speeds things up.)

Anyway, what I really need is a list of concepts/words to include in this new conlang. I have shapes and numbers done, and I'm making headway on a list of adjectives from Wikipedia. Oh, and colors! But where my first attempt basically had me translating words as I needed them, I'd like to do TPSG somewhat systematically. So any suggestions, like lists of common concepts/words, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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In my Mindeodean storyverse, humans go out into the galaxy and become a number of other species by genetic engineering. Some do this because they have to, to adapt to their environment. Others do it just for the hell of it. But basically, humans are (so far as anyone knows) the only life-forms in the universe with civilization.

I've recently come up with a colony for the Mindeodean storyverse that is a world (or possibly a whole solar system) full of different species of humans who resemble anthropomorphic animals. I want there to be a number of species on this planet, representing a variety of animal types, but I also need to keep the number of species down to a reasonable number since they can't interbreed. But I'm looking for more suggestions as well. Basic form of these species is: humanoid, furred, heads of different appearances.

So far, I have:
* Lagos, who look like humanoid rabbits or hares.
* The Felis look like cats of various kinds.
* Canis look like dogs, wolves, or foxes.
* Bovins look like cows.
* Porcins look like pigs.
* Rodens look like mice, rats, or other rodents.
* Reptils have scaly skin like reptiles. (Obviously, no fur on this one.)

I may narrow it down some more later, especially if I get lots of good suggestions. I'm not sure I like the Bovins or Porcins.

~ ~ ~

I also find that I have very few interesting species who are members of the Mindeodean Empire. Most of the really interesting species are part of The United Front, which is a different group, though allied with Mindeodeans. So any suggestions for interesting varieties of humans would be appreciated as well.
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A few questions, actually. One, is masturbation considered a sin? If yes, how bad of one? Also, is donating sperm to a sperm bank a sin? I would think not, since it would be used for procreation. However, Catholicism might object to lesbians and gays or single mothers using it.

Completely off topic: I *love* this ergonomic keyboard! My only complaint is that the keys take a teensy bit too much effort to hit.
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So, I have a Netflix subscription now, with access to lots of anime. I want ideas for things to watch, whether movies or series. Animes I like:

* Moonphase
* Inuyasha
* Neon Genesis Evangelion
* Elfin Leid
* Fullmetal Alchemist
* Ghost In The Shell and GITS:SAC
* Paranoia Agent
* Zatch Bell!
* Yu-Gi-Oh
* One Piece
* Princess Mononoke
* Kiki's Delivery Service
* Spirited Away
* Howl's Moving Castle
* Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
* Castle in the Sky
* My Neighbor Totoro
* Others I may have forgotten to mention

Others I've put on queue:

* Hellgirl
* Avatar: the last airbender
* Ponyo
* Fruits Basket
* Ah! My Goddess
* XXXholic
* Cowboy Bebop
* Origin: Spirits of the Past
* Tales from Earthsea
* Others I may have forgotten to mention
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So I had an idea for a planet, and I want to run it by my friendslist in case it's completely impossible. The idea is this:

Binary star system where the planet revolves around the primary star about the same speed as Earth does around Sol, but at [distance equivalent to somewhere between Earth and Mars] from primary sun. The second sun - which is somewhat farther away from planet than planet is from primary star (distance equivalent to distance between Sol and Jupiter, or slightly less) stays where it is relative to the rest of the system so that for half of the year (roughly), there is no night on the planet. The other half of the year, the distant second sun is like a rather bright moon, but sky still dark enough to be considered night.

So, is this possible or not? If not, does it just need a little tweaking, or is it completely impossible?
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Was looking at this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_brown - and being weirded out. Look at the shades called Taupe, Umber, and Wenge. Either my laptop isn't rendering them properly, or I'm seeing them improperly, because they look like shades of gray to me. So does Khaki. Citrine looks like a yellow, Beige looks like a white, Wheat looks like a very light pink. Desert Sand also looks pink. Fulvous, Sinopa, and Tawny look like orange. Several shades (Burgundy, Chestnut, Cordovan, Redwood) look like shades of purple.

Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?

Meanwhile, this is actually what I needed.

EDIT: OMG, just noticed Maroon on there, too. Um, no. Maroon is NOT a shade of brown. It is a shade of red.

EDIT 2: Some of the skin color shades looked off, too. So I tilted my screen back some more, which improved things. Now some of the shades of brown look more brown-like too. But not all of them.
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Sometimes when I watch a moving GIF, I can hear sounds (even though GIF files can't store sound tracks). Like, if someone in the GIF is talking, I can hear the words; it's faint, not quite a whisper. Same thing happens in some other moving GIF files. There's this one I see sometimes, of a giraffe with a huge neck and head but a tiny body; he runs for a little bit and then falls over. Every time he falls, I hear the resulting thud. I think... I think my brain is processing certain visual stimuli as sound. o_O

Whenever I come across animated GIF files like this, I stare at them for a long time, and the soundless sound gets infinitesimally louder each time.
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Some characters of mine are enjoying chocolate mixed with coffee, and I realize now I've never had that. I'm not even sure it can be found. I thought a mocha was a chocolate coffee, but Wikipedia seems to say otherwise. Anyone know where I can find chocolate mixed with coffee, and what it's called?
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Originally posted this on [livejournal.com profile] asperger, but was wanting y'all to see it too. I'm especially curious about non-Aspies with this problem. Here is the post:

I have a very powerful imagination. Powerful enough that I used it to hide from reality for 10 years of my childhood. Powerful enough that when I write fiction, I feel like I am really there, and describe what I'm seeing. And my spacial memory and spacial imagination are also powerful. I can remember places I've been so well that I can stroll through them in my memory.

Which makes my issues even more annoying. I have some strange imagination issues that perplex me. They're in regard to things I read, things written by others.

First, descriptions of characters will sometimes make a strong impression on me, but usually they don't. I can usually get close, a blurry image in my mind that is close to the description. But sometimes my mind will completely ignore the description and put its own image in that character's place. Just yesterday, I was reading something with a female character described as black haired and grey eyed. Now, I have black haired characters myself. I can picture a female with black hair and grey eyes just fine. But for some reason, I could not picture her like that - she became a brunette instead. (No idea what eye color was.)

Also, spacial things when I'm reading are a crap shoot too. I can picture some things well, and other things I can't. The Harry Potter books are the worst. I can picture the outside of the castle, the outside of the Privet Drive house, and so on. But the insides of those buildings are this huge blur every time I read them, like something in a dream. I can keep track of things, but I can't see it well in my head. The Hogwarts grounds are horrible, too. Where the castle, Hagrid's hut, the forest, etc are in relation to each other is this giant blur.

Hogwarts characters were, until the movies came out, horrible too. Some, like Hagrid or Dumbledore, I could picture perfectly. But others, like Hermione, Ron, or some of the teachers, I couldn't even get the basic human shape, let alone the right colors! They were amorphous blobs. I kept trying to give them some form, so the form would shift around like mad when I did, but nothing would settle. It was a huge relief when the movies came out, I was able to plop the actors' forms down into their roles in my head. The movies helped a little on the spacial stuff, too, but not much.

Anyone else have a problem like this?
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Anybody else talk to inanimate objects as though they were people? I don't mean cars, computers, or other electronics, I mean tables, chairs, keys, cardboard boxes, and other random objects around the house and elsewhere. And not just in anger, either. Like, just a few minutes ago, I set an egg in the groove on the wooden cutting board and casually said to the cutting board, exactly as though asking an unusual favor of a friend, "Hold this for me for a moment, okay?" It wasn't until after I said it that it struck me as odd. Or, more accurately, that it would be odd to other people. It's something I do frequently, usually without noticing. I don't do it when using an object in a manner it'd be familiar with, only when I want to have it do something unusual, like holding an egg when that isn't its usual function. I use the cutting board like a shelf often enough that I don't do that when putting most things on it, but an egg was - apparently - sufficiently unusual enough to warrant talking to the cutting board about it.

It's not like I wait for an answer or anything; I just assume the answer is yes. But I ask anyway.

So, anyone else do something like this?
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Is it just me, or is "lack of growth, but no negative growth" being considered "recession" now? Sounds stupid to me, if so. Because we can't keep growing indefinitely. Even if we expand out into outer space, all over the galaxy and beyond, eventually we are going to run out of ability to grow the economy. So why can't we consider "no growth either direction" to be good enough?

Not saying we're at that point yet, because there did seem to be a huge uptick of negative growth at one point, but from some comments people were making it gave the impression that the only good state for the economy, in their opinion, was positive growth. That in their opinion, anything other than expansion and growth was BAD and a recession.


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