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A week or so ago, I was digging around in a box of old clothes, and to my surprise found a purple tie-dye top I didn't recognize, which was brand new, and still had the tag on. And fit fine! I consider it a gift from the Clothing Fairy. :-)
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Hours ago, the news talked about an "anti police brutality rally." But every time they've mentioned it since then, including teasers, they've been calling it an "anti police rally." FUUUUUUUUCK!!! >:-O
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I was at the grocery store earlier, and some woman started talking to me like I was someone she knew and hadn't seen me in ages. It was very awkward, as such things always are for me, because I had no idea who this person was. She was not even remotely familiar. I thought, like it often turns out, that I had just forgotten her face, so I just nodded or whatever. But it turned out we'd never met... she'd just seen me at the store a lot and liked my hair, and hadn't seen me in a while. But that made it even more awkward, because it went from "someone I don't remember is talking to me" to "why is this strange woman I've never met talking to me as though we're friends?" I was very glad to be rid of her, finally.

I really don't understand people who start chatting up random strangers. Since I'm easily overwhelmed by sensory input, I tune a lot of stuff out, including people I don't know, unless I have a reason to tune in... so all people I don't know tend to be practically identical automatons as far as I'm concerned. It's part of the reason I sucked at customer service jobs. If a customer ordered something, walked away, and came back a few minutes later, I wouldn't recognize them. Unless it was one of our regulars. All those mannequins look alike to me.

Now, there *are* contexts where I pay attention to unfamiliar faces, to try to remember them. Like meetups. But the grocery store while I'm shopping is not among these. And in those contexts, I get *really* wrong-footed, annoyed, and/or creeped out by people I don't know trying to chat me up for no relevant reason. It's not quite as bad as it would be for most people being chatted up by a lamp-post or a tree, but it's along the same lines.

Actually, I have talked with trees before... no lamp-posts, yet. But that would actually be kind of fascinating.
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News is talking about this year being a "Juneuary" in many places around the country. When I heard that, I immediately wished I could find a bunch of climate change deniers and say "No global warming, eh?"
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Comcast ad: "With CenturyLink, you have to bundle it with their phone service which costs extra money herp derp!" Me: Hey yeah, just like your fucking service, Comcast! I'm paying $50 a month for Internet and cable, and I don't even watch TV! So fuck you, Comcast!
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A post on Tumblr reminded me today that I have long been in love with the color black, and have long worked to give it new associations. It's a deeply spiritual color for me; both actual black *and* the "dark brown skin" that most people call black. Many of my Goddesses have brownish skin, like Shao'Kehn (who also has black hair). Grah'Bahn, Kusunia, and now Morshiinin have even darker brown skin. Morshenda's skin, hair, and eyes are true black in color; makes sense, since She is Deity of darkness and the night. None of my Deities are evil; Shao'Kehn can be a bit intense at times, especially Her Shao'MaHK/Dame Mah’HKrah (destruction) Aspect, but She's never been evil.

In the Yahgahn culture of Traipah, where all my Deities come from, their view of the color black is different. There's a scene in the second (and unpublished) book where we see a bit of this; a meeting on Traipah where waving a black flag indicates agreement and waving a white flag means disagreement. I don't know what their associations with white are beyond that, but they have positive associations with black. The part of their eyes that are white in human eyes, are black for them. They looked up at the night sky, it's blackness, and decided that black was the color from which creation sprang, that the bones of the universe were black. It is a sacred color to the Yahgahn culture, and many other Traipahni cultures.

In paganism we see other positive associations for black. Onyx and other black stones are protective stones and can absorb negativity, wicking it away and banishing it. Onyx is also good for working with one's inner fears and "inner demons." In color magick, black is the color of power, and can lend oomph to your energy, and to your magick workings; it's also good for bindings, for shape-shifting, and breaking free from bad habits and addictions. And the color brown is a stabilizing, grounding color good for motivational and work-related magick, as well as protection and money magick. Black is also the color of mystery, of things hidden, which may be why small minds fear it.
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Before moving to Portland, I never, EVER slipped, tripped, or fell, and never twisted my ankle. Then, one of the years I was living with Lilla, I stepped down from a step wrong and twisted my ankle badly enough that I was hobbling with a swollen ankle and ice on it. It took about two or three weeks to heal. Ever since then, I've managed to twist my ankle every few months or so, though never so badly, thank goodness. It happened again the other day, only hurt for a few minutes but goddamn annoying all the same.

But this time, I think I may know what's going on. I'm not certain, but I think it's those heeled boots I was wearing. Not too much of a heel, but just enough to make walking more hazardous. Though, then again, I'm not so sure. I seem to recall twisting it once when I was wearing normal flats. I shall have to take notes if it happens again.

And it's always the left foot, never the right foot. Weird. Maybe that first time just jinxed it?
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I usually post brain droppings to Twitter, but I don't think this would fit:

"He was having a conversation with a lamp post. Not because he was crazy - he was quite sane - but because it was so refreshing to have an intelligent conversation for once."
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Okay, the world of this cartoon series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" has some really strange and unusual animals in it, but I think the platypus bear takes the cake.
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Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (the series). This one episode has a guy talking about the winter solstice. Only, what he's describing is actually Samhain. I don't know what else Samhain is called (besides Halloween), but it is NOT the winter solstice.
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I feel the Unitarian Universalist church I go to could benefit from my proposed improvement: one of those big church sign things you see at so many other churches, which reads "Yes, your pets will go to Heaven with you."
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I went to the library earlier, picked up a few things. While out there, I stopped by Grocery Outlet and got a few things. Most notably, a kind of hummus with avocado in it. Sounds like fun.

From there, I went to this one Asian market. There I got some large zucchini (since the Albertson's and other stores only have teeny tiny ones), some snow peas, a couple of Japanese eggplants, some instant noodle thingies, and wandered around looking around at other stuff. Found some fake money labeled "Hell bank" money for 50 cents, and got a package of it, since it was cheap and amusing. Also decided to try "banana sauce" which looks like ketchup, since it was only a buck. Looked at a few other veggies, took pictures. Oh, and I got a kind of mushroom that is new to me, takes the form of lots of tiny little mushrooms. It was only a buck and half, so I figured "why the hell not?" Another mushroom I didn't buy, but was tempted to get, was roughly the same size and shape as the big zucchini I got. Maybe slightly larger. I might get one sometime.

Then I went home, put stuff away, and had a sammich before going over to Albertson's for some cheap Dr. Pepper. Been home since then.
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I have the perfect idea for something hurricane-prone areas of the coast, or places where people live on coasts that could be hit by tsunamis, need. (Or other flood-prone areas.) What they need are houses on stilts, where the stilts are hollow and smaller beams from the house fit into the hollow stilts. Then the house is a boat, so if the area floods, the house/boat floats up out of the stilts and floats safely away.
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Other ways to say "human" (as in "homo sapiens"), according to fandom:

1. Angel (Buffyverse) = "Talky meat" - Spider Demon
2. Buffy = "Fast food" - Spike (I think)
3. Star Trek TNG: "Ugly giant bags of mostly water" - Inorganic Life Form
4. The Fairly Oddparents: "Meat puppets" (some alien, I can't find the exact reference)1

5. Hoomon/hoomahn - "Enemy Mine" and Star Trek (Ferengi)

If you can think of others, let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the list.

In my own fiction:

1. The Ah'Koi Bahnis have a slang term for humans: "dwahtaim." I don't know what it means beyond being a word for homo sapiens.

1 = I remember this one well; it inspired me. I have an alien race called the Vah'Zyahl who are computerized beings living in bodies made of flesh with brains that are matrices of nanites; these bodies are called Meat Puppets. A similar technology shows up in one of my Mindeodean short stories
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40 years ago we declared war on cancer. Were we greeted as liberators? Everyone complains about the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, but what about the war on drugs and the war on cancer? We've at least made positive progress in the war on cancer. But the war on drugs is worse than Vietnam and Iraq combined!
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I don't know why, but I've been getting some creepy vibes from the world these past few days. Especially at home. Not sure how exactly to explain it. But one symptom, or perhaps one cause, is my dreams have been getting stranger, and darker, lately. Even the dream last night about climbing the outside of an apartment building with Steven Colbert while I was playing the role of an android had a peculiar, creepy vibe to it. Not scary... I'm not jumping at every little noise around here. Just a vague, subtle background sensation. And it's outside, too. Light or dark, that creepy vibe is outside. So I'm playing LazyTown songs and working with Molly's energy to try to dispel it. Also going to avoid reading the Felix Castor book tonight; Felix's world is creeptastic: ghosts and demons and zombies and were-creatures abound in such numbers that the public is all too keenly aware of them.

Also, hopefully my trip to Brooke's tomorrow will help dispel the creepy vibes.
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Some funny ideas for Doctor Who:

1. The Doctor meets a female Timelord named The Nurse. They start to date, then marry, maybe have kids.

2. The Master comes back to life, finds another Timelord named The Slave. It is a romance made in Heaven.

3. The Doctor regenerates and is now a ginger woman. His marriage to The Nurse gets more interesting as a result.

4. Or perhaps The Doctor regenerates into young Amelia Pond, which would explain a few things. :-D Adult Amy Pond is all very confused by this development, and then remembers a pocketwatch she thought her grandfather had given her... :-D

5. Amy "The Doctor" Pond is now in a triad marriage with The Nurse and Rory.
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I was at the store earlier, picking up vegetables for a veggie chicken stuff I like to make. Right next to the zucchinis was something that looked like a slightly bulbous yellow zucchini, something called a yellow squash. I read the flavor description and that, together with the obvious relation to zucchinis, made me decide to buy one to try. And I'm glad to say it tastes almost exactly like a zucchini. So I have another new veggie added to my list of veggies I like.

In case you're curious, I like:
* zucchinis
* eggplants (under certain kinds of cooking conditions)
* carrots
* spinach
* cucumbers (but not cooked)
* mushrooms (esp. brown mushrooms and baby bellas)
* tomatoes
* potatoes
* onions
* green onions
* snow peas
* green beans
* corn
* many more

And I dislike:

* celery (no flavor, and the texture is icky)
* collard greens are hit or miss with me
* radishes
* may have forgotten others

I was a bit annoyed at the store today, because their zucchinis were tiny. Their zucchinis tend toward the small side anyway (I prefer larger ones), but this was absurd. One or two of the normal small ones is usually more than enough to fill the large iron skillet I use. But I had to buy four of these tiny ones, and even adding the yellow squash to that, I still had more than enough room for the two carrots, one whole yellow onion, and six large mushrooms I had bought for the meal.

It's funny, but since discovering hummus, and making my spiced chicken-veggie mix, I've been eating more vegetables as an omnivore than I ever did as a vegetarian.
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I was sitting at the bus stop the other day, and across the street was a church selling Christmas trees. I was extremely tempted to go over there and say to the guy running it, "Hey, you do realize this whole notion of decorating trees for Christmas is a pagan notion, right? Except that the original pagans decorated live trees outdoors, and would probably be upset at how you've blasphemed the holiday by killing the trees and bringing them indoors." But I didn't.


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