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Coming home from Pride Saturday, I had this great idea for a drawing. I finally got started on it today, but after several hours of working on it, I gave up for the day because it's kicking my ass harder than pictures usually do. It's a particularly difficult drawing because it has two people in profile, and I loathe and detest drawing in profile, because I suck at it. Even with pictures to use as models, I suck at it. I can do it, it just takes about 100 times more erasures, undos, and tries/redraws to get it right. And trying to get their faces to line up with one another, when they're so far apart, is extremely difficult. Oh, and I got the first person done really well, but the other one still looks like a child drew it.

Then as if that wasn't bad enough, their hands are pressed together, and I had to look up pictures of hands in prayer to get an idea how to draw that, and that bit took over an hour. At one point I got so frustrated that I amused myself for several minutes by going "WoooooOOOoo I can draw hands!" and throwing in there the most ridiculous cartoony, squiggly hands possible, hitting undo, and doing something even more ridiculous. A lot of them were just squiggly lines, more like broccoli than hands. I got a real laugh out of doing that.

Still, I finally got frustrated enough with the picture that I gave up for the day, which is good. Because when things go well for me in drawing, I can do it for like 8 hours straight without stopping, but if it gives me a hard time like it did today... well, let's just say I was more exhausted by the three hours of drawing I did today than I've been from some of my eight-hour drawing sessions.

Though unlike my last drawing project, which I've not really shown anyone even though I'm very proud of it, and have only used it for an icon so far. (On LJ, it should be the default right now), this current one is one I will be sharing with others once I finish it, because it's about Gay Pride and Trans Pride.
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My roommate just pointed out something I can't believe I never noticed before. I'm making like, $850 a month on SSDI, and that's significantly less than minimum wage. Minimum wage in Oregon is $9.25 per hour. If I were working 40 hours a month at minimum wage, assuming four weeks in the month, I would be making $1480 per month. Minimum wage is not enough to live on, and they're paying me $630 less than minimum wage! It's no damn wonder I couldn't afford toilet paper, let alone food, on SSDI at the last place without food stamps as well! FUCK!
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My friend [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted a rant about economics and millennials in response to an incredibly stupid link. I responded with my own rant:

Amen, awomen, achildren! Public school has become a maximum security prison where nobody learns anything because nobody fucking teaches anything anymore. Kids, teens, and older people are burning themselves out constantly, breaking down from stress, and attempting suicide or self-harming, all before they're even out of public school! The health care system is a bunch of scam artists charging 1000% markup on everything so nobody but the wealthiest of the wealthy can afford anything without insurance (they honestly expect us to believe it costs $300 for a friggin ambulence? I could call the ritziest damn cab available and it would still be cheaper), and most of those with insurance still go into medical-expenses debt.

College is a farce, another scam that doesn't teach shit, doesn't guarantee anything but debt, and has a 2000% markup on everything. You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience, and internships are like precious gems. (Also, internships are just a way for corporations to get free labor, basically the capitalist's wet dream.) Minimum wage hasn't gone up in like, over 30 years, while inflation just keeps climbing. It takes - as you said - 2 or 4 jobs just to stay afloat. The rules for getting a job arbitrarily change from place to place but all amount to an obstacle course where you can't even figure out if you're making any progress until you get it, and then it's even worse just to keep your job(s). Most people need food stamps and/or other welfare even with those 2 to 4 jobs just to feed themselves and have shelter, let alone any kids. And then the anti-discrimination laws are a joke, employers break those laws constantly without a fucking care in the world because nobody has the money, the time, or the spoons to make an issue of it, and even if that wasn't true, the laws are missing a bunch of important points. Like it's legal in most states to be denied a job or even fired for being trans or gay, and you can be denied a job for having Asperger's and there's no way to prove it because most employers doing that don't even know why they don't like you, just that something is off about you. And even having an employer who seems understanding after being told can and will still fire you down the road anyway for being an Aspie and there isn't shit you can do about it.

And then the Republican dipshits are trying to take away the very safety nets keeping most people alive because it would actually help them if most of the poor people either died off, thus diminishing the competition for scarce jobs, or turning to crime so they can legally enslave people for profit in corporate-owned prisons.

Then there's war constantly; there are people in college today who've never known a single month of their lives when there wasn't a war going on. Those in the US live in a country that pretends to be democracy but is really a very subtle fascism, the government and Media both owned and operated by the wealthiest 1%, and the only reason they don't already control the Internet is that it would take them coming out into the open and being honest about their regime to clamp down on that last false semblance of freedom.

Then racism is once more dividing our nation, with an active genocide against black people going on, and the majority of white people pretending it's not happening or is some mountain being made out of a molehill. Not only are they fighting for their lives, but now they're fighting - again - for their right to vote.

Women are fighting the stripping of their rights, especially reproductive rights, and SCOTUS can say whatever it wants but nobody in power is listening to them because they don't care; the SCOTUS has no power over them.

And I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of important points, but it's late and I have a headache.

In the end, both Orwell and Huxley were right, and both of them were OPTIMISTS.
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I posted this on Tumblr, but I think it bears repeating here:

Schools don’t teach things as tools to do other things anymore. Poetry is taught as just another boring part of English class, rather than as half of a song. Most people never realize that songs are poems set to music, because nobody ever pointed this out to them. Which is a shame, because that’s how poetry SHOULD be taught: as a part of English class that connects to music.

The problem is that subjects are monolithic in the American “education” system. They are separate, and never the twain shall meet. English should bleed into music and art and history, English should bleed into music and art and history, math into home ec and science and music, history into everthing including daily life, and science into everything as well.

Oh yeah, and music and art are increasingly getting the shaft. Two of the most important subjects in the curriculum, and they’re being phased out.
Even math is taught as a monolithic fact; X + Y = Z because I said so, that’s why. And you can only do things one way and one way only; you did something different and got the same result, consistently? You’re PUNISHED! And the “problems” to solve in math are ridiculous, pointless, have no bearing on reality (when is anyone ever going to need to know when two trains going different speeds are going to collide with one another? Who the hell trades apples for oranges and needs to sit down and do the math to figure it out, when you can just count as you’re trading them? Where are the problems like “Jenny earns $9.25 an hour at her job. If her rent is $700, her power bill is $50, her food budget is $200, and her phone bill is $40, how many hours will she have to work this month to have enough money to cover these expenses?”?), and are boring. Learning needs to be fun, for it to actually be learning, otherwise it’s just monotony that goes in one ear and out the other. If you’re going to do the stupid trains problem, at least phrase it like “how much time does Batman have to rescue the people before the trains collide?”

Everything interrelates to everything else, but the way schools teach subjects, the subjects never have anything to do with one another. Nor do they appear to have anything to do with the real world. Who the hell, other than a scientist or a mathematician, is ever going to need algebra or calculus? It is ABSURD that shit like that is taught in school, when most high school graduates don’t even know how to balance a checkbook.

And the propaganda they teach as “history” in school is never shown by teachers to relate to our current world. If it were, they’d be teaching how the civil rights movement of the 60’s relates to the current Ferguson issue and all that’s come from it. Or how “company stores” relate to the current shady practices of corporations like Wal-Mart trying to pay their employees with debit cards that only work at Wal-Mart. Or how our nation is becoming a fascist plutocracy. Or how the history of the Nazi rise to power relates to similar things that are happening in Europe again right now. But no, in the US history is propaganda made to make the US look good, and history is taught as its own thing that does not relate to anything else.

It isn’t education at all. It’s brainwashing.
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There's this New Age belief (which often infects pagans too) that says, basically, that the universe wants you to be happy, and if you remove all negative thinking and BELIEVE hard enough, all your wishes will come true; or, at least, you'll become abundant.

Now, I do believe in magick, but I have several problems with that way of thinking. First, the world is more complicated than that. Magick, including prayer, can only do so much. It can influence the world in your favor, but it's a bit like nudging a speeding meteor so it just barely misses hitting the planet. Sometimes it works, other times the meteor hits you and it's back to clubs and spears. No matter how hard you try, sometimes magick just doesn't work. So the problem with that New Age philosophy of "the universe wants you to be happy," is that it contradicts the evidence. All the evidence is that the universe is in fact a cold, uncaring expanse of void spattered with matter and energy, that has laws of quantum physics that allow consciousness to influence the matter and energy in the universe, but only a tiny bit." Magick is basically 5%, maybe 10% the magick part, and 90% to 95% real-world hard work.

Second, the whole notion sounds very privileged to me, something obviously thought up by people who have had little or no experience with the real world, much less of being poor. And they get people to believe it either by those people also being very privileged, or by people being desperate to believe that if they believe hard enough, they can better their lot in life; people who need to have something to blame that they have no control over, when it fails. I know, because I used to believe that malarkey. I used it as a means of hope, I used it as an excuse for why it wasn't working, and thus I blamed myself for not trying hard enough when it didn't work. It may or may not have been intended to be victim blaming, but that's what it often is.

Third, it sounds suspiciously like the belief of many Christians that God rewards people He loves and approves of with material abundance/wealth, an idea that is mostly used to justify victim-blaming poor people. Like, "Oh you're homeless? You must be praying wrong, or to the wrong God." The same thing happens a lot with people who believe in karma. "Oh you're homeless, you must have been horrible to homeless people in a past life." It's a nice little way to deflect the realities of the world, and continue to live on in blissful ignorance, rather than taking a hard look at reality and recognizing that it takes a lot of hard work and compassion and understanding to make the world a better place. Which, frankly, is true even if karma is real. The people who blame the homeless person for being horrible to poor people in a past life are, in turn, being horrible to poor people in this life. But they're so caught up in victim blaming as a reality deflection tool, that they're not stopping to think that they may be setting themselves up for a hard life in their next life. Or maybe they don't care, since their current ego will be dead and they won't remember any of this. Either way, the result is the same: keep yourself in blissful ignorance, not bothering to put forth the effort to better the world, because hey, karma, so it's their fault they're poor.

Furthermore, that kind of thinking assumes some kind of universal Overmind that is capable of understanding and caring about human beings, in a universe that is unfathomably fucking enormous. The smallest electron in the smallest atom is closer in scale to our sun than our sun is to the local galactic supercluster, and the local galactic supercluster is to the universe at large as the electron is to the galactic supercluster. And that may well be a severe understatement. So it seems pretty absurd and egotistical to me to assume the univere's Overmind is even capable of noticing humans, much less of giving even a tiny speck of shit about us and our welfare. Now maybe there's - I dunno - some kind of local solar system Deity that can help people out, but even then, there are problems.

Because really, even if the universe (or the solar system deity) DOES want you to be happy, that doesn't change the fact that the rules of this universe prevent it from being a magical cure-all, so the result is the same: you have to recognize that 90% and stop thinking the 10% is all you need, stop blaming others for being victims of circumstance, and stop blaming yourself when things aren't going your way.

And like I told my roommate, who was also complaining about the same thing, a good thing to say to people who say that kind of bullshit is "Oh, so I take it you think the victims of the Holocaust asked to die horrifically by Nazi hands? What about the victims of other genocides? Or ebola patients that die? What did the millions of First Nations people who died because of European invaders do to deserve that? Are you telling me that the slaves imported from Africa called that upon themselves?" Because there's only one of three possible reactions to that: 1. "Holy shit, you're right! I'm wrong!" 2. "Of course not! [Insert some convoluted logical labyrinth to attempt to plug the logic hole.] or 3. "Yes, they did."

I can't speak for y'all, but the only people of those three options that *I* want to be spending any more time with are the ones who realize that they were wrong.
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“Money doesn't buy happiness” is a crock of bullshit the rich people try to sell to poor people so the poor people will think twice about wanting to be rich. Well it may be technically true that money cannot literally buy happiness, but it can sure make happiness a lot easier to achieve. When you're rich, you don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, just which of the 12,000 meal options you're going to pick today. You don't have to worry about getting sick, because if you do, you can buy all the health care you need. Hell, buy a whole fucking hospital! Buy three! Whatever you want or need, you can have it, and all it takes is a command to one of your servants.

Money problems? Hire an accountant. Lonely? Flash your money and you'll find it hard not to go home with someone. Legal problems? Hire a lawyer. Hire twenty lawyers! Someone bothering you? Have them dragged off by your security force, put a 20 foot tall wall around your mansion, and have your lawyers get a restraining order or worse put against them. Are you trans and want to transition? Just buy the hormones you need, no waiting, no arguing with Medicare, no diagnosis needed: you're rich, you could buy the entire fucking company that makes the hormones!

Have dietary restrictions like can't eat onions or dairy products? Your fucking personal chef would be glad to make whatever the hell you want with alternative ingredients, even if they have to be air-lifted in from outer Mongolia. Having a depressive episode that makes you feel like not doing anything? No problem, your money makes money for you so you can sit around the house and do whatever the fuck you damn well please any goddamn time you want to, and nobody is going to give a shit. You're not going to lose your housing or starve to death or sit in darkness because your electricity is shut off, not even if you never do an honest day's work in your life. Calling poor people lazy is you projecting your own flaws onto other people, you self-important sack of crap!

“Rich people have problems too”? Well fuck you! “Rich people problems” are pesky annoying flies to be swatted, and you can buy an automated fly-swatting machine. Poor people problems are literally life or death. The problems of poor people cause unhealthy amounts of stress, health problems we can't afford to fix, depression, suicidal tendencies, and all kinds of other nasty shit. Don't tell me “money doesn't buy happiness” when I'm one fucking paycheck from homelessness or starvation, you entitled fuckers. Rich people will take or make any fucking excuse to ignore genuine problems and pretend their own problems are so important because what's a conscience? What's basic human decency? What is a soul? Is a soul something you can buy? If not, they're not interested.
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There’s been another school shooting, this time in Santa Barbara, and the culprit is an Aspie. We all know what’s coming: blaming autism for his actions. Which makes about as much sense as blaming someone’s actions on their being male, or on their preferring pistachio flavored ice cream.

We need to have a serious talk in the media about how wrong it is to blame mentally ill people for being violent, when it's almost always violence and ableism and bullying that causes people to snap in the first place, and that most people who snap do so internally and shut down or commit suicide, and only a very few will snap outwardly, which is true of all people, even neurotypicals. Push anyone hard enough and they will either implode or explode, and whether they're mentally ill or not has very little to do with which they will go with; and my guess is, that if being mentally ill affects that outcome at all, it will affect it more towards implosion than explosion.

All these school shootings are not a fucking coincidence, they are happening for a reason, and that reason is that our entire fucking society is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced. A broken society creates broken people. Even if mental illness or mental difference *did* somehow correlate to violence, the cause is the same: society. School is a fucking war zone these days, and was long before Columbine. School sucked when I was growing up, and it has gotten at least 10 times worse if I can believe all the things I've read, and I do. We overload our kids with so much homework - an activity that doesn't even do anything positive - that they break down into tears and get PTSD. Nothing is done about bullying, and that adds to the stress, and creates depression and climbing suicide rates. School is literally Hell these days, and we wonder why our kids are suffering. The system is broken, if it ever worked in the first place, and needs to be replaced, because I believe it is beyond repair. And we can go a long way towards fixing those problems by taxing the rich, giving more money to our schools, and replacing the broken school system with a better one. We can go even further along the road of peace by removing the stressors that cause violence, by making sure everyone has enough food and water, has dependable shelter, and people don't have to work themselves to death just to survive. Do that, and crime and violence will plummet like a stone through air.

These issues, after all, do not exist in bubbles apart from each other. Taxes affect education, education affects mental health and stress levels, basic survival affect stress levels of kids and parents alike, high stress in adults leads towards a heightened chance of domestic abuse which causes more stress for the kids, and heightened stress levels that never really let down will cause a certain percentage of all kids, whether neurotypical or not, to become violent. It's basic "fight or flight." And since the adult world is little better in some ways and worse than others, some people just feel there is no fleeing, and that fighting is the only option. Fix the tax system by taxing the rich and punishing those who evade taxes, combined with coming up with a newer and better education system, will go a LONG way towards slashing the rate of violence.

In the mean time, blaming mental illness on the violence without looking at the real causes of the violence is just as effective toward solving the violence crisis as Republican denial of climate change is going to solve that crisis.

The world is changing, and we don't need mindless manufacturing worker drones anymore; we need intelligent minds to invent ways for us to abandoned short-sighted capitalism and move towards a future where everyone can be free of the stress of not having enough food or shelter and clothes, and can focus instead on chasing their dreams and contributing in meaningful ways to society. We have the technology already to provide more than enough energy, food, and shelter to everyone on the planet several times over. The only thing keeping us back is the greedy capitalist system and the even greedier, short-sighted fools who benefit from this system. And if we don't start acting soon, we will self-destruct our entire species, whether by environmental catastrophe, increasing outbreaks of violence, or both.

So please, let's stop blaming the victims of the system and start placing the blame in the hands of the system victimizing them, and the more-real hands of the people whose profit and greed makes them the real victimizers.
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My roommate just came in cradling her arm and looking a mess, and told me she went to Emmanuel Hospital (Portland) and, after being interrogated and made to spell her name (which is Amy) a bunch of times, was refused treatment when she politely asked them to stop making her respell her name and just treat her already. They actually called security on her and the security people actually escorted her out! She’s reported them, of course, but has to wait until tomorrow to go to the hospital again because she doesn’t have the energy to go out again, nor the money to pay for an ambulance, which in the US (at least our part of it) costs $300. Three hundred dollars just to get an ambulance to the fucking hospital, and the emergency room costs even more. I fucking HATE this fucking country, and its fucked up priorities, and frankly I’m astonished that there hasn’t been a violent fucking uprising yet.


May. 2nd, 2014 08:19 am
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What was meant to be a simple 3-sentence post mocking the bullshit Tumblr complaint of "cisphobia" turned into a rant:

OMG! People getting called bad names and getting vitriol in their general but not specific direction on the Internet because of their gender identity! Gee, I wonder what that would feel like?

Seriously, guys, don't complain until you start getting harassment in meatspace about it, or beat up physically because you used the "wrong" bathroom. Or if you can't find any cis people in media who aren't played as complete jokes. Talk to me if trans people start murdering cis people just for being cis. Or start harassing, beating up, or murdering other trans people because they thought they were cis. Talk to me when your only worth to most people is because cis people are their fetish the same way feet or shoes are, reduced down to a sexual object just because of your gender expression. Talk to me when you can't get through the week without trans people asking you what your "real name" is, or asking deeply personal questions about your genitals without any permission or preamble, and then getting offended when you tell them you're not going to answer. Talk to me when trans people demand to see "proof" that you're cis, asking to see your genitals and/or breasts, touching you without permission, and/or raping/murdering you if you refuse. Talk to me when you're constantly being called a liar whenever you talk about yourself; when you get strange looks wherever you go; when people stage whisper or openly speculate about your "real" gender when they walk by, without even pretending to give a shit that you can hear them.

Talk to me when you try to date someone, you hit it off with them, it looks like you might get laid, then you tell them your gender identity and they look at you like you're a sack of maggots and condescendingly tell you that they can't date you because your genitals are "wrong." Or just as bad, treat you like a mentally retarded child and tell you you're a freak gently.

Talk to me when being cis can get you fired from your job, or not even considered for employment. Talk to me about it when being cis means that people paid to help you survive, such as government welfare workers, treat you like something less important than a dog with fleas.

Complain about cisphobia to me when you can be made to feel your life is in danger at your workplace because - even though you're going stealth - a police officer tells you he knows you're a "faggot queer" and he's "going to be keeping an eye on you," just because your pants and shoes are a tiny bit nonconforming.

Tell me all about cisphobia when you spend a large chunk of every day feeling unsafe, outcast, loveless, unlovable, despised, the butt of jokes, a freak, unnatural, and berated.

Tell me about it when you finally find a safe place you can be yourself without all the hatred, cruelty, harassment, bullying, belittling, and laughter at your expense, only to have the same people who make your life Hell invade your safe space, respond to everything you say to your fellow cis people as though you were talking directly to your tormentors, take everything you say about your tormentors personally as though you were accusing them personally of doing every single thing you complained about.

Tell me all about cisphobia when you respond to those people invading your safe places, saying they don't belong there and begging them to stop responding to messages that are not aimed at them, and to please leave you alone, because they're taking away the one good thing you've found in your life, and they refuse because they can't seem to be satisfied unless they're fucking with you every moment of your life wherever you go. Then watch as they get angry and scream at you as though you had initiated the abuse, as though it was you who were pursuing them wherever they went, when it was THEY who chose to come into YOUR territory and piss on everything to claim it as their own because God forbid you have anywhere at all to exist, you fucking worthless freak.

Please, talk to me about cisphobia when everything you say to try to get rid of these pesky invaders is twisted out of context so that literally everything you say is somehow a personal attack against them. Talk to me about how oppressed you are when these people make up lies about your safe spaces and what goes on in them, to make your safe spaces look like some moral cesspit just because you had the audacity to TALK ABOUT THE SHIT YOU'VE GONE THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE, to other people who have been going through the same ordeals!

Tell me all about cisphobia when you can't go anywhere to talk about the crap trans people put you through for being cis without trans people making everything about them, and constantly barraging you with "not all trans people are like that!" Tell me about it when you laugh at the stupidity of it all, that they can't seem to realize that telling you "not all trans people are like that!" automatically contradicts their statement because by assaulting you in your safe space with that sentiment IS harassment, IS abuse, and DOES ABSOLUTELY turn them into the very people they claim not to be!

Yes, please do tell me all about cisphobia when literally everything has to be about trans people, because "you cis freaks" aren't allowed opinions or safe places because you SHOULDN'T EVEN EXIST, because you are a perversion of nature, sinful, Satanic, a pedophile, or worse!

Tell me about cisphobia when trans people who claim to be "cis allies" won't let you talk for yourself, THEY must talk FOR you, because they think you're too stupid to use big words, and/or your opinion is worthless, only THEIR opinion counts. And then when you call them out on this bullshit, they withdraw their support and treat you the same as the rest of your tormentors, proving they were never allies to begin with. Because they want to do all the work for you and how dare you have to audacity to try to deprive them of yet another opportunity to make absolutely sure they are the center of attention at all times!

Complain all you like to me when your supposed "cis allies" make HUGE profits off half-assed attempts to bring "awareness" to the "cis struggle" with merchandise and albums and concerts and tours and so on, and keep all that money to themselves, or give it away to groups that don't do JACK SHIT to make anything any better for anyone but themselves, when there are SO many ways that money could help: cis kids living on the streets after being kicked out by their parents, prostituting themselves because it's the only way they can find to make money; cis people living on poverty wages at a job that makes them sick to their stomach every day, and unable to change their lot for the better because it's the only job that will hire them; cis people being murdered for being cis left right and center but the "allies" say nothing about that; cis kids being bullied in school, going home with bloody noses and a mess of bruises every day only to come home to their parents telling them they have to change who they are to prevent more beatings; and so many things besides.

Complain to me about cisphobia when nobody will hire cis actors or actresses for roles, even to play cis characters. Tell me how, when you try to complain about the discriminatory and offensive practice of cis people not getting to play even cis characters, everyone tells you you're "too sensitive" and how you should be grateful that "such a good actor" was chosen for the role, even though as a trans person he has NO FUCKING IDEA the shit you've gone through your whole life, and so HOW THE HELL could he *possibly* play a cis character properly? Tell me, when you campaign for cis actors to play cis characters, about how you're sneered at, scoffed at, laughed at, and basically told to shut the fuck up already, because nobody fucking cares about cis actors except "some stupid social justice warriors" on Tumblr.

Bitch at me about cisphobia when, upon being raped for being cis, you're told it was your fault for "lying" about yourself, and "leading them on." Cry at me about cisphobia when cis people are being murdered at several times the rate of trans people, and not a single one of those murders is on the 5 o'clock news, and the ONLY media outlets covering the story AT ALL are online, and even you only found out about it yourself because of a "social justice warrior" post on Tumblr.

Scream at me about cisphobia when the ONE cis actress in the public spotlight, who has won awards and been nominated for others, who fights for cis rights and is a WONDERFUL human being, gets voted onto Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" by NINETY PERCENT, basically a fucking LANDSLIDE, and then the magazine COMPLETELY DISREGARDS this vote and chooses some fucking tinpot dictator and some vapid pop stars to put in the magazine instead. Tell me about cisphobia when your screams of protest at this outrage are met with silence at best, and acidic vitriol or death threats at worst.

Tell me all about cisphobia when your entire existence is either shit on, ignored, or erased. Let me know when even Left-leaning liberal entertainers are using cis people as the punchline of a joke. Tell me about it when your understandable RAGE at EVERY FUCKING THING that has happened to you and your fellows because of your gender identity is cited as proof that you are an over-emotional, super-sensitive, trans-phobic bigot. Tell me about cisphobia when your hyperbole statements of frustration about your trans oppressors, in a conversation between just you and your fellow cis people, is twisted out of context into "OMG that was a death threat!" and cited as proof that you are "just as bad" as the people you are complaining about, even by people you thought were cool before. Because, once again, absolutely everything must be about your oppressors, because the sun shines out their assholes and you're just this little worthless freak.

Then, and ONLY then, will you have a right to complain about cisphobia, and don't you DARE talk to me about it until that day comes. But know that if that ever does happens, I will listen to you and I will be there for you even though you weren't there for me. Because it is the right thing to do.

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So [personal profile] alex_antonin just wrote this awesome post about solipsism and how it is the cause of 90% of humanity's problems. If you've ever wondered about the origin of stereotypes about gays and lesbians, like the one that homosexuality and pedophilia are the same thing; or if you've ever wondered where things comments "next we'll be legalizing marriage to goats!" come from, then this post will explain it: CLICK ME.
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[personal profile] alex_antonin has a great post about why it's stupid to tell people with mental illnesses to "just snap out of it." Here: http://alex-antonin.livejournal.com/384988.html
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Capitalism, as an economic system, is inherently evil. It is perfect for soul-less people with no compassion, and tends to turn people like itself. Under capitalism, everything is a product, even the earth. Land is sold or rented and sucked dry of every resource, because literally the only thing that matters to capitalism is profit and greed. Even human lives have no more worth under this system than as a product. Labor is a product, and just living costs money. They charge money for housing, food, and water, which should be human rights. If they could find a way to charge money for access to air, they would.

Because the only thing that matters under capitalism is profit and greed, it encourages people to do whatever it takes to make the most profit. Even if that means lying, cheating, stealing, or paying slave wages to your workers. If it weren't for laws laid down by people with a conscience, they would still be using child labor; hell, they do even despite those laws, by going overseas to developing nations! If it weren't for those same kinds of laws, they would work people to death for a pittance with no breaks at all, and would not care if their workers lost limbs on the job. To them, a wounded worker is like a broken machine you can't fix: just toss it out and replace it.

Nothing is sacred to people infected by capitalism, not even the earth. Even if they were working fervently to stop from drowning in toxic waste, they'd just start selling protective suits and go on with business as usual until everyone dies horribly.

So yeah, you'll never change my mind about capitalism being inherently evil. And anyone who thinks capitalism is a good economic system is either soul-less and without compassion, or has their head so far up their ass that it's in their own esophagus.
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In magical lore, "casting a glamour" means using magic to make someone more beautiful than they are; IMPOSSIBLY beautiful, in fact. NOBODY looks that good without the "magic" of the modern glamour. The fact that models and actresses are called "glamorous" is not a coincidence. The fashion industry, Hollywood, and television all use "movie magic" to cast glamours upon these people. Makeup, extreme methods of weight loss, purposefully picking people who are already above average in looks while filtering out anyone that doesn't fit their standards, special lighting effects, camera effects, special lenses, even Photoshop - all these are tools of the modern glamour mage.

They are casting glamours on these people, but they almost always present these people as being somehow normal. It is a distortion; it is making people in our society, especially children, think that they are worthless for not being able to compete with those people for looks, because they don't know it's all a lie, a spell cast with Hollywood magics; they don't know it's impossible. Even people who know, intellectually, that it is impossible still fall prey to it subliminally.

This is why we need to start dis-empowering the glamour spells by showing truly normal people on TV and in movies - people upon whom the glamours have not been cast. People who are not filtered by attractiveness. Average people. Overweight people. Even "ugly" people. They need to be represented, and the glamours need to be shut down. Because it is causing suffering and even death as people attempt to be as glamorous as the people in the media, or killing themselves when they cannot.
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I ran into a furry porn picture earlier on Tumblr of Anubis and Bast having sex. Bast had these huge human-like tits. So I reblogged it and added this comment:

One thing that really bugs me about furry art is they keep giving the women human breasts. Cats don't have breasts like that, their nipples (6 of them) are on their abdomen, not their chests.

Which is why, for the furred species I have in my main fantasy universe1 (along with humans, elves, etc), I've got their anatomy done a bit more realistically. The Hyena people and the Setekkians (who look like Sutekh/Set) and others, it's hard for humans to tell the two sexes apart because their women don't have human-like breasts. And because of this, the Hyena people and the Setekkians can all go topless if they want, it wouldn't even need to be censored if put on TV.2 And Hyena people are even harder to tell apart since, well, as hyena people, their women have pseudo-penises that look just like the male penises.

And then the Greks, and other humanoid dragon species, don't even have mammary glands or nipples at all, because they aren't mammals.

1 = The Lyria storyverse.

2 = Though how much you wanna bet that if their children went topless, that would get censored? Even though, as I said, neither sex has nipples on their chest.
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A friend of mine who spanges1 (spare-changes) because she used to be homeless and is only not-homeless because I let her sleep in my living room told me last night that she'd spent all day in the hot sun spanging and got only $4 and a lot of dirty looks. I asked her why she didn't use her parasol, and she said people would assume she wasn't really that in need if she could afford "luxuries" like a parasol, which cost all of $8, and also doesn't take into account that many homeless people still have some of their pre-homelessness belongings. The friend I mentioned has an Acer laptop, and I've read stories about homeless people using their laptops or iPads to make money. Heck, said friend wants to save up for an iPad and one of those credit card-reader dealymabobs so people without cash on hand can pay her for her artwork.

I suppose the sneering mobs think such "luxuries" should be sold for food. Idiots.

It also infuriates me that people tell her stupid things like "get a job." She's been trying to get a job for years and years, and has not had any success. (Except for one place that wanted her to do illegal stuff and fired her when she refused.) She's filled out and returned hundreds of job applications, with no luck. So all those fucking sneering idiots need to either fucking CAN IT or DIE IN A GODDAMN FIRE.

(Mama tiger is protective of her cub, yes indeedy.)

All of this is especially infuriating considering that we have the resources, technology, and networking to end poverty and hunger RIGHT NOW but the damned souls that profit off of the evil monster known as capitalism won't let us.

Grrr! I just will never understand anyone who defends capitalism. It is an inherently evil system that promotes greed and sneers at compassion. It can just fucking go to Hell.

1 = Spanges pronounced spain-jez. Spanging pronounced spain-jing.
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So just now I found tortillas in Lilla's mom's fridge. This on its own is odd, since tortillas don't need refrigeration. Just keep them in a sealed or resealable bag (which many brands now come in already) and keep it sealed, and tortillas will last unrefrigerated for MONTHS and still be good. They also come out of the package much more easily when kept at room temperature.

What makes it stranger is that this is the same woman who puts normal leavened bread in bread boxes. Which, I'm sorry, is stupid. Put a loaf in Thursday and it'll be moldy by Sunday. I'm not just making up a for-instance, I have literally seen a fresh loaf put in the bread box on Thursday and seen the same loaf on Sunday, maybe two or three slices used, and it's as green as the lawn from mold. There is nothing quite so heart-wrenching to someone as poor as I am as having to throw out a whole loaf of bread that could have been perfectly good if it had been refrigerated, because she was using a fucking bread box. Why do they even MAKE breadboxes anymore? Grrr.

Anyway, put a loaf of bread in the fridge and it will last WEEKS (as long as you keep it wrapped up in plastic)! Hell, I've betimes found things like bagels in my fridge that had been in there for months, and they were still good. Not simply edible; good. Bread is weird like that; keep it out, and it's the food equivalent of a mayfly. But refrigerate it, and it's the food equivalent of Methuselah! Granted, cold bread does get stiffer than room-temperature bread, but not by much.

For a woman who is constantly complaining about saving money and about how much things cost (despite the fact that by my standards, she and her husband are filthy fucking rich), she sure doesn't have any real idea about how to save money. She could save soooo much money on bread just by putting it in the fridge!

Oh, and she leaves fruit out, too, until it goes bad. And leaves out leftovers at times. (Granted, they're usually for Lilla to eat as soon as she gets home, but who knows how many hours these things were sitting out in the meantime?) With all the food she leaves out, I'm astonished this house isn't infested with fruit flies!

And I just remembered that it gets even more WTF: she freezes loaves of bread. I've seen them in there. It's a WTF because she knows to do this but doesn't know to refrigerate them. o_O What. The. Fuck. Is. WRONG. With. This. Woman?????


EDIT: I nearly cried the time I saw a bowl of rotting tangerines in her kitchen. And she KEEPS BUYING THEM. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
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I like my tea like I like my sorceresses: strong and black, no sugar added. I absolutely adore tea. But put any amount of sweetener in it, and suddenly it is the most vile substance in the known universe, worse even than alcohol. Tea and sugar go together like peanut butter and caviar. And adding any kind of flavor to tea is even worse. About the only flavor I can tolerate added to tea is lemon, without any sugar added. (And if it's too strong, forget about it!) Sweet tea... ugh. I really don't understand how anyone can stomach that swill.

Sometimes, I get too impatient to wait for tea to brew, and I seek pre-made tea. But most of it is sweetened or flavored. Only one brand at Albertson's sells an unsweetened variety that is any good. And those only come in a 1-and-something liter container.

So imagine my surprise when, tonight, I found what was a gallon or more container of "unsweet tea." The wording was a little odd, so I looked at the ingredients. Caramel and corn syrup! This was false advertising! >:-(

Dear men

May. 1st, 2012 04:38 am
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Dear men,

Imagine for a moment that your whole worth as a man was determined by the size of your dick. Imagine that your female boss demanded you show your cock and balls or lose your job. Imagine you struggled so much to find a job that pays well enough to feed and house you that you had no choice but to get a job that forced you to walk around with your nuts hanging out of your pants all day long, while you were constantly being harassed by horny women, half of whom you find unattractive or even gross. Imagine that your overweight, late middle aged female boss constantly made comments about the size and appearance of your cock, and touched you inappropriately, and no matter how horrified and uncomfortable you were, you couldn't complain about it without losing your job. Imagine that no matter how smart you are, the only thing that will get you anywhere in your job is showing off your prominent testicles and cock. Imagine that if some psychotic strange woman attacked you while you're just minding your own business, forced herself on you, and when you report the attack, everyone says you were asking for it by the way you were dressed (even if you were wearing baggy clothes). And on top of all that, you don't even get paid as much as women for the same jobs.

Congratulations, now you have some small idea of what life is like for women in our culture.
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Listening to the sermon by the guest speaker at the UU church earlier, I came to a decision. I'm tired of the corruption in Washington DC, and the fact that there's little difference between Republicans and Democrats. Sure, the ideological differences are getting more different all the time, with the Republican party going pear-shaped, but procedurally, there's little difference. Both are being paid off by the same lobbyists. The few Democrats that seem to genuinely want to improve things, like Obama, don't seem to know how to say “no” to the Republicans. If they can't stand up for themselves, they're little better than Republicans, because in the end the Republicans are going to wear them down. I used to believe that the Republican party needed to be disbanded and replaced. Now I think the same thing applies to the Democratic Party as well.

In the past, I wanted to vote for a third party, and I was always stopped by fear of my vote being “wasted” and a Republican getting in because I didn't vote Democrat. But if there's little difference, then there's really no reason to fear. Also, I think the Republicans aren't even trying this year, not really, because Obama is turning out to be just a good a puppet for them as Bush was. Also, they haven't a nitrogen snowball's chance on Venus of winning this coming Presidential election, since all the people running make Bush look sane, competent, compassionate, even liberal in comparison.

So I've decided, I'm no longer going to be cowed by baseless fears of Republicans winning the Presidency. Republican, Democrat, it's all the same these days. If Obama's term has taught me anything, it's that the office of President is only as powerful as the personality of the person in that office, and we haven't had a qualified individual in that office since before the McCarthy era.

This country's political system is beyond corrupt. It is being run almost exclusively by white males who have never, ever been poor or even middle class, and have no idea what it's like to be anything but a spoiled rich piece of shit. Worse, it's being infiltrated by the worst kind of “Christian” cultists, people whose beliefs and ideals are as far from Jesus's teachings as it is possible to be. They call themselves Christians, but they more closely resemble the stereotypes of Satanists. In short, the people running our country are hopelessly out of touch with the common man. Worse, they have no desire to understand us; their greed is all that drives them. If you aren't a rich white male, they don't care if you live or die. The poor and middle class are nothing more to them than tools at best, and obstacles at worst. Obstacles they won't hesitate to tear down mercilessly once they can get away with it.

They're not even good at running things; these are the same people whose companies – despite (or because of) predatory business practices – would be going belly-up without handouts from the government. These companies take jobs away from American citizens because in their unquenchable greed, they exploit the people of other countries. They call themselves patriots, but the way they run their businesses makes them traitors to the people of this nation, and hurts people in other nations as well. They're not fit to run a child's lemonade stand, let alone an entire country.

Furthermore, the economic system of our country is the walking dead. Our economy is being kept alive by pure determination, and possibly spite. A lot of this is due to the outsourcing of jobs to poor countries, but other parts are inherent in the system. This country is rapidly becoming fascist, as more and more laws are made to try to regulate music, movies, and TV which – due to the Internet – can no longer be regulated. It is inevitable that 3-D printers are going to one day be able to make practically anything. When it does, and the designs for most objects are going to be shared on the Internet, the already-suffering manufacturing companies are going to be in danger of completely dying out. And it's a sure bet that there will be many very rich people who will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. If you think things are bad now, it's going to get worse, if we don't put the walking corpse of Capitalism out of our misery. This isn't about destroying Capitalism: Capitalism has destroyed itself; this is about replacing Capitalism with something else, something that works, before it's too late. This country is already becoming fascist; we cannot allow it to continue.

Now, I've known for some time that I'm a democratic socialist. Now that I can clearly see that there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats, I am going to look into other parties' contenders for President. Especially the socialist options. And I suggest you do the same as well, and convince as many other people to do the same thing as possible. Because Capitalism's days are numbered. The days of the United States are also numbered if we don't kick all the corrupt or spineless idiots of Washington out onto the streets now, before it's too late. For if we don't, then what we end up with may still call itself the United States of America, but it will be “the land of the free” in name only.

“If you aren't pissed off, you aren't paying attention.” I finally understand this statement, fully.
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Hours ago, the news talked about an "anti police brutality rally." But every time they've mentioned it since then, including teasers, they've been calling it an "anti police rally." FUUUUUUUUCK!!! >:-O


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