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I've never really understood this whole "masculinity = fierce" thing. You know, the strong, fierce, scary warrior type? Because:

A. My masculine side, growing up and now, was always the meek and gentle side. (Even Alex, who has a strong masculine aura about him and a lot of anger and aggressiveness, is the way he is because he's gentle and sensitive at heart and everything wounds him, and he can only deal with it by vacillating between anger and apathy. Though he's improving. And Ian, the only other boy in the collective, is so shy and sensitive and fragile that he never comes out of hiding anymore.) It's my feminine side that's fierce, strong, and occasionally terrifying.

B. My main deity is a Goddess of Chaos, and at least two others in the system identify as avatars of Her. While She does have Her softer side, I am empowered by Her fierce, terrifying side. Djao'Kain, in Her fierce and terrifying side, could face any masculine warrior type and make him shit himself in terror, even before She started turning him inside out and showing him his own beating heart, with Her eyes like amber lanterns, Her many arms (with clawed fingers) wielding many weapons, the look in Her eye challenging people to try to hurt Her or the ones She loves, and Her Chaos Fire.

I get a thrill of power when I access one of Her even fiercer Aspects, like Shao'MaHK, covered in blood and grinning like a madwoman, fire roaring out of control behind Her.

Yeah, you can keep your masculinity, thanks.


Apr. 7th, 2016 01:25 am
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Went to this meetup I've been going to lately, where they meet every month to do a ritual. It's pretty cool. They meet in a dance studio they rent time at, and one of the rules of the place is no shoes allowed. I don't mind being barefoot on it, is kept pretty clean. Also, I prefer to do magic barefoot.
I'm going to skip the opening and closing parts of the ritual and go right to the spot where we did a guided meditation bit, because this document began as journaling we did after the ritual. Here goes:

We were directed to picture ourselves at a body of water. So I imagined myself with my feet in a stream, saw a rabbit in part of that scene. Then we were directed to dive into the water down into an underwater cave. The cave I pictured had white crystals in the walls and ceilings, and bioluminescent life lighting the whole place. The sand on the shore was black. Shao'Kehn was there, nude, dancing like one of those Hawaiian fire dancers, including fire breath. We were told by the person leading the meditation that there was a message there, but She didn't give me one, unless the dancing was a message. We moved forward to a scrying pool and crystal. Crystal was amethyst, purple. Scrying pool had image from Illinois, my childhood, there. (Picture of the house we lived in there.) That, too, was supposed to be a message. Don't know what it meant.

When we were directed to move on or stay, I moved on, my body was light brown with black hair and amber eyes (Thus looking like Fayanora Ahnabahn and Shao'Kehn). When I found another room, it had this neat 3D labyrinth made of stairs going up and down. By labyrinth, I mean one of those things drawn on the ground that you walk along, that look a bit like a spiral or series of spirals, only this one was – as I said – 3D and you had to go up and down stairs as you went along the path laid out. No idea what that means.

I like guided meditation, but I often feel rushed by them, which interferes with receiving messages. This one especially so.

After the meditation, we did a dance, and I felt The Wild Woman aspect (Djao'Ide [ʒaʊ-aɪd]) of Shao'Kehn trying to go wild. But I'm out of shape, so She didn't get far before my body gave up. (Well, it was either Her or Shao'Rahk [Queen of Filth]. The two may have even been competing to see which one would get through.) I am glad to know I should do more dancing.


After the ritual, I asked how much rent was for time at the place we were at (a dance studio), and apparently it's $15 an hour, which ain't bad.
Then there was an after party at a nearby restaurant (a bar) and I spent an hour taking with one woman in particular. We have some common interests, including Robert Anton Wilson, science, and superheroes.

One last thing: before I went to the ritual, I drew a bunch of images on my arms with face paint sticks. Images to follow.

Pics under cut )
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They say the third time's a charm. In this case, literally. Specifically, a third type of magic that is tied to specific deities from my pantheon. Shao-Kehn's magick has always been red-orange, like flames, and sometimes silver like metal. The magick of Ayil'Kwahl'Ah'Gorah, Deity of Computers, electronics, and the Internet, is a whitish silver, best in the form of little circuits that spread across the screen, or in a net across the screen, shimmering into sight on Will-full inhales and exhales. And now, Jiijiinis and Alorno, twin deities of health and healing, their magic blue and looking a bit like water.

I wonder if others will appear?
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In my mind's eye, I wrapped my roomie's image, as she stood there before me, in Djao-Kain's Chaos Fire and protective tentacles of flaming-hot barbed wire and razor wire, and surrounded her in a ball of outward-pointing metal spikes. Then a burning ember of Djao-Kain's power lodged itself in my roomie's body just to the side of her heart, and I heard Djao'Kain, in my head, say very loudly and echoey, "MINE." (As in "This is My friend; abandon hope all ye who harm this one.")
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Listen all, and listen well,
Lest I unleash the hounds of Hell;
This one, the child of the fisher of men,
This one I claim as kin and ken,
This one has seen more pain than most,
And if you harm her, I'll see you roast!
By oak, by ash, by bitter thorn,
Zavashlyn Kusahndjiira Kiinbahn is My ward, I've sworn!
By tsunami, by earthquake, by wildfire,
Any who harm her will face My ire!
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Picture I drew of one of the Aspects of my primary Deity, Djao’Kain. The Aspect’s name is Shao’Vara. Xe is an Aspect representing Death, Mystery, the Death Mysteries, and the transformative side of death. Xer face is covered by a featureless mask to represent mystery (especially the mystery of the Afterlife) as well as the faceless and uncaring truth of death. Xe is wrapped in a burial shroud (in the culture on Traipah that Xe is from, burial shrouds are black), and the hands holding fire are both torches and symbols of pallbearers; though in that culture, pallbearers don’t carry a body to be buried, they carry it to where the corpse can be liquefied. The liquefied remains are fed to Memorial Trees, which are old-growth trees fed the remains of everyone from a particular family that dies, with plaques installed in their trunks. Those plaques have names, birthdates, and death dates of those whose remains were fed to the tree. Traipah has whole forests full of Memorial Trees, called Memorial Forests.

The three moons of Traipah are also visible in this picture. One is full, two are crescent. One of the crescent moons is tiny, right to the left of Shao-Vara’s head. The paved road is mainly to try to give a sense of perspective. Shao’Vara, wrapped in Xer burial shroud, kneels on a cliff. Not pictured is the ocean the cliff is overlooking, because I didn’t know how to draw that in a way that added to the mystery (or at least did not subtract from it).

I originally wanted to draw Shao’Vara as Xe first appeared to me in a vision, where Xe was nude and emaciated, with one saggy breast and another shriveled up, but I didn’t know how to draw that.
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I made another avatar from Rinmarugames. Given the expression on this one’s face, I was clearly channeling Djao’Kain:

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This post is about the different Aspects of Shao'Kehn/Djao'Kain. I've put the older ones under the cut, leaving the newest ones visible. You will need this link if you don't already know IPA.

Full list under the cut )

17. Shao'Jo [ʃaʊ dʒoʊ] AKA The Musician – While Djao'Ide dances, Shao'Jo plays the music She dances to.

18. Shao'Vara [ʃaʊ vɑ: ə] AKA The Masked Stranger – Represents silence, mystery, the unknown, The Void, and death. Wearing a faceless, eyeless mask made of Creation Onyx, Her skin white as bleached bone (differing from most Shao'Kehn Aspects that way; most are brown skinned), Her nails yellowed and cracked, Her hair long and black and sleek (different texture from most SK Aspects), and one breast is tiny and undeveloped while the other is withered and saggy. She is almost skin and bones, having very little muscle or fat mass.

Shao'Vara stands ramrod straight and unmoving on a pedestal of Creation Onyx on a cliff overlooking a black, roiling sea. There are two of the three Traipahni moons in the sky overhead; one is waxing, the other is waning. The third is technically there, but is. Both moons are low in the sky and look tired. (The third is not there, to represent the dead.) The wind blows, but Her hair does not move even a little. She in unaffected by the cold. Shao'Vara does not move, does not speak, but She listens (though She gives no indication that She is doing so). The only part of Shao'Vara that ever moves is an ancient, tattered black death shroud behind Her (on Traipah, their death shrouds are black, not white); what part of Her it's attached to, if any, is unknown. Even it barely ever moves.

The cliff She stands on is an island, with a rickety rope and wood plank bridge leading to it from the mainland. Sometimes She lets you walk back to the
mainland when you're done conversing with Her; other times, the bridge collapses, or the part of the island you're standing on crumbles into the sea, taking you with it. Still other times, the whole planet crumbles and tumbles into a black hole, without Shao'Vara moving at all.

Her ramrod straightness and stiffness represents rigor mortis. The occasionally-moving funerary shroud represents the stage after rigor where the body goes soft again, as well as everything else a funeral shroud represents.

She will not let you approach too closely. She will not let you remove Her mask. You probably would not like what you saw behind Her mask if you did get a chance to remove it; whatever is back there is likely too horrible to imagine.

It is unknown if She could speak if She wanted to; if She did, the voice would probably be horrifying to hear. And since She represents a corpse, She would never move. She can respond, though, in other ways: the sudden appearance of animals, for instance, or other omens; changes to your own body; changes to Her body; changes to the landscape or sky; etc. Or perhaps intense visions. She's representative of the unknown and the mysterious, so anything is possible with Shao'Vara.

Shao'Vara's Aspect name comes from Shao'Kehn and from "vara," the TPNN word for "any."

Yes, there is another Death Aspect, Shyao'Shyo, but She is much different from Shao'Vara. Shyao'Shyo is very friendly and personable, especially compared to Shao'Vara. Shyao'Shyo comforts the dead and dying; Shao'Vara is the discomfort of death incarnate.

Fun game

Jul. 26th, 2015 07:03 pm
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Fun game: Describe the people in your collective in 7 words or less.

Alex: Sarcastic asshole with a heart of gold.

Molly: Strange little girl, mischievous and horny.

Fayanora: The Sapphire to Alex's Ruby.

Tempest: Fayanora's conjoined twin.

Lo: Lesbian goth girl on hiatus.

Ian: Shy little boy, rarely seen.

Negarahn: Possibly just an old Mask of Pi's.

Pi: Friendly neighborhood agender shape-shifting monster.

Shao'Kehn: Live-in shrink/lover.
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I tend to have this problem, wherein I am usually a firm believer in an afterlife and reincarnation, but sometimes - usually at night when I'm trying to go to sleep - I get worried and terrified of death, thinking "What if there is no afterlife? What if there is no soul and nothing happens to us at death but blinking out of existence?"1 Well, since my main Goddess is a Chaos Goddess, I wrote up something that started as an attempt to make a simple chant or mantra or something to reassure myself that, if that turns out to be the case, it won't matter then. But I had too many ideas to fit into one mantra, so I made an entire poem about it. And here that is:

“Chaos To Chaos”
By = Tempest Alexandria Arts (Fayanora)

From Chaos I came and to Chaos I will return.
“I” am a complicated dance of quintillions of tiny points of energy, and my soul is the choreographer.
When the choreographer departs and the dance is over, the dancers will join other dances.
We're all choreographers of our own dancing energy, the only choreographers we can know in this life.
“I” am a temporary pattern in the chaos, in a temporary world, in a temporary universe;
All of us patterns in the Chaos,
Ever changing from second to second,
All of us sand paintings in the wind.

From Void I came and to Void I will return.
My life is a pebble in a pond, making ripples, the only thing left of my life when I am gone.
I shall not fear death, for I am not real;
I am like a virtual particle blinking in and out of existence, in the grand scheme of things;
A virtual particle in a holographic universe, the Multiverse every bit as ephemeral.
All of it whispers heard in static,
“Objective reality” via shared programming,
All of it a hard drive in an EMP.

From Naught I came, and to Naught I will return.
I shall not fear death, for I am just a temporary tempest of what-ifs and uncollapsed quantum states.
I am a hurricane contemplating its own eventual landfall.
I am a raindrop watching the ground approach at speed, contemplating the sudden stop.
I am a single breath, from the lungs to the blood, contemplating being exhaled.
All of us lightning in a storm,
Gone as quickly as we appear,
And all the world is the storm.

From Change I came, and to Change I will return.
I am like Jupiter's Great Red Spot, in a constant state of stable chaos.
But like all things, the stability will fail, the tempest will fall apart.
We are never not Change, it is the only constant in life;
Even death is just one facet of Change.
All of us are hurricanes,
Complex, multi-layered, and doomed to landfall,
But spinning off descendants before we do.

From Death I came, and to Death I will return.
My life is a fire, my body made of the ashes of other patterns tossed like logs onto my fire.
When my fire goes out, I will be a log tossed on the fires of other beings,
My ashes recycled, remade, reused; Life and Death eternal dance partners,
Entropy and Enthalpy embrace like lovers on the dance floor.
Gaia's biosphere is the phoenix,
Dying and being reborn from its own ashes;
The biosphere is Ouroboros eating itself.

From Peace I came, and to Peace I will return.

~ ~ ~

1 = Note that I never worry that the afterlife is worse, like Hell or something. I either believe in my own version of the afterlife, or I worry death is final.
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Something else that occurred to me while watching that Taking of Deborah Logan movie, was that it made me remember a dream I had once where I was using Shao-Kehn's name and symbol (in the icon) to ward off demons and ghosts. Which was pretty awesome, I must say. And remembering that made me think about the Christian god, and how he's supposed to be this loving forgiving god (if you discount the old testament shit, which doesn't jive with the new testament), then something they said in the movie about cleansing with fire mixed around in my head with other ideas, and from there I had the thought, "What use is that kind of god anyway?" Because basically, I don't understand why you would want that kind of a god in a fight with a demon. I dunno about other people but if something scary was attacking me, *I* would want something scary that was on my side, to face it. Which is what Shao'Kehn is. She is a kind, loving, comforting, motherly Deity, but also She can be fucking terrifying when She needs to be.

In fact, that dream is not entirely just a dream. I have entered places with ghosts in them before, and felt them just long enough to know that the instant they see me, they flee in terror. I have become convinced that they're sensing Shao'Kehn, it's really the only explanation, as I myself am not scary.

LOL, had another thought, and it's funny. Now I'm wondering what Harry Dresden would see if he used his Sight on me. :-D I imagine he would see my protective sphere of red-hot barbed wire and razor wire and flames that is my empathic shield, only more intense because it would be Shao-Kehn's protective sphere rather than an empath shield. And Her burning eyes inside. But he would probably get a sense that She was benevolent, if a bit Protective Mama Bear like.

But yeah, it would be cool to see a horror film where a Pagan priest/ess is performing the exorcism, rather than a Catholic priest.
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So this was a Tumblr post I made, I think it bears repeating here. First part is a quote from "Blindsight" by Peter Watts, which was the original post:

Under the cut, of course. )

Then I added this part:

It has occurred to me since I posted this that there's another problem here, in that the standard model of DID assumes the new personalities form immediately after the stress fracturing. Loathe as we are to admit it, while we're still sure the body was prone to multiplicity, there was an element of stress fracturing to it, in that stress fracturing exacerbated the natural multiplicity. But it didn't happen to us the way the standard model has it.

For one, ours was "caused" by bullying, not abuse at home; we never had abuse at home. Secondly, the fracturing began around age 5, but we never had the clear shifts, the blackouts. What we experienced was our Prime (our "original," Tempest) becoming a sort of personality radio going randomly along the dials as the soul shards floated around in the chaos of our brain. It was just Tempest by herself with all these soul shards flying around for almost 11 years before Shao'Kehn coalesced in the late 90's.

This gets quite long, so it's under the cut. )
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For those of you who don't know already, I am an empath. I can feel people's emotions. I may not always understand their causes, but I feel the emotions, even when I don't know somebody is in the room, I can feel their emotions.

Secondly, for most of my life I could not shield worth shit, which meant that it would all come in whether I wanted to or not, and my only recourse when things got too much, was to drown out the noise with music. Whenever I would try to shield, I would imagine this blue bubble that didn't fucking work and took too much energy to maintain, so it just made things worse. For years I have struggled with this problem, trying and failing time and again to shield, to no avail.

So imagine my surprise when, a week or so ago, I'm walking along trying to shield with the blue bubble and, without my even thinking about it, with literally no warning at all, this crappy blue bubble I'm attempting to shield with spontaneously turns the reddish orange color of Chaos Fire and becomes a mix of Chaos Fire, red-hot razor wire, and red-hot metal spikes. Like, one instant I'm struggling to keep the blue bubble from collapsing, and the next instant there's this burning iron sphere of razor wire and spikes around me, and magickal heat radiating from me. What's more astonishing, IT WORKS. It is doing precisely what a shield should do, which is to keep other emotions out. And I did not create it myself; I was literally startled by its sudden manifestation. I suspect Djao'Kain, AKA Shao'Kehn, did it.

Now, looking back, it seems obvious that this should be the solution. I know what I was doing wrong all this time! First, blue is not the color of my magick. A chaos magick book I read once talked about octarine, the color of magic, an idea borrowed from Terry Pratchett. It went on to say that what octarine looks like is a very personal thing, different for every magick user. Even before being introduced to that idea, I've long known that the color of my magick is the reddish-orange of Djao-Kain's Chaos Fire, because She and I are linked (I am one of who knows how many avatars She has). So naturally, something like a shield should be imagined in octarine, using the color of one's personal color of magick.

Secondly, bubbles are somewhat permeable, which is bad for a shield, as a shield is meant to keep stuff out.

Third, blue is the color of water, and even though I'm a water sign, my magick is fire magick.

Fourth, the best defense is a good offense, and nothing quite says "offensive defense" like a sphere made of red-hot razor wire and iron spikes. And fucking magickal heat like it's coming from a steel forge, just to emphasize the point.

That's not to say I'd never tried fire before that day. There were times I tried making the bubble out of blue fire. Why blue fire, I don't know, but that didn't work much better than simple blue light did. Also, I will admit that this burning sphere of red-hot razor wire and spikes did not come completely out of the blue; I've used that exact thoughtform in another kind of defense, the "there is another human being out here while I'm walking at night, so I will use this to make sure they leave me alone" kind of defense. So I guess some part of me was just like, "Seriously, girl, that blue bubble is fucking annoying and useless. Here, use this."

So yeah, fifth: the fact it was something I'd been using a lot for something else added to its power and effectiveness. It had already been made, so it just slid into place from within me like it had done on numerous other occasions.

And sixth, just because I love the number 6 so much: WOOT.

Anyway, I got reminded of this all because I used this new shield again today, on the bus, and holy SHIT it was effective. The shape of the shield was deformed by my proximity to other humans, but the instant it came up, I felt much better.
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Our collective really needs a new collective name. Since about 2005, we've just been "the Fayanora collective." But one of the members of the collective is named Fayanora, and so that's just kind of confusing. So we're trying to think of a name for the collective. We'll probably keep the Fayanora username on everything though.

Sat here with this much up for maybe an hour working on possibilities. And of course, it wasn't until I got up to get some food that the answer came to me:

The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (or Shao'Mor'Terra)
Djao'Mor'Terra = (ʒaʊ moʊr teəʳə)

We are an incarnation of Djao'Kain. Incarnations of Djao'Kain are collectively referred to, by us, as Shao'Mort or Djao'Mort. With there being almost certainly life on trillions of planets in this universe alone, who knows how many Djao'Morts there could be. And so Djao'Mor'Terra specifies us as the Djao'Mort of Terra. (Or at least, the only one we know about.)

So from now on, if I'm speaking about the collective as a whole, I will call us Djao'Mor'Terra or The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective.

You can still refer to us by Fay or Fayanora if you want, though. This is done more for our own need of a differentiation than anything else.


May. 5th, 2014 03:13 am
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I was reading part of Peter J. Carroll's "Liber Kaos" book the other day, in the part about color magick, and specifically about "octarine," an idea he got from Terry Pratchett, which he defines as being a person's personal color of magick which has the essence of the magick of the colors it's made of, then described his own. I thought about what mine might be for all of 2 seconds before I knew what it was. I was like, "Duh, the bright red/orange color of Chaos Fire," which is what Djao'Kain is made of, and what I picture when I do my magick. So I looked up Orange and Red in the book. For orange he had "Thinking magick," which is associated (so he says) with "charlantry, trickery, living by your wits, and thinking fast on your feet". I don't much care for his description of orange magick, and I will be doing more research into the meanings of that color.

Red, meanwhile, is War/Combat Magick, of which he says, "Red magic has two aspects, firstly the invocation of the vitality, aggression, and morale to sustain oneself in any conflict from life in general to outright war, and secondly the conduct of actual combat magic." This seems to suit me and Djao'Kain pretty well.

There may also be an aspect of Yellow Magick in there as well, given the sheer brightness of Chaos Fire and also the fact that I've drawn lots of pictures where Djao'Kain has yellow sun-like eyes. Also, Molly Elizabeth, who has done magick with us before, is fond of yellow.

Yellow Magick is solar magick, which suits Molly pretty well, seeing as she's the only member of the collective who really likes sunlight. Of Yellow Magick, Carroll says:

The four aspects can be characterised as follows. Firstly the Ego, or self image, which is simply the
model the mind has of the general personality, but excluding most of the extreme behaviour patterns that
the selves are capable of. Secondly Charisma, which is the degree of self-confidence that a person
projects to others. Thirdly, something for which there is no single English term, but which can be called
Laughter-Creativity. Fourthly, the urge to Assertion and Dominance. All these things are manifestations
of the same yellow power; although their relative emphasis varies greatly between individuals.

This, and further details into Yellow Magick, also seems to fit us well.
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So last night I finished that picture of Shao'Kehn, Ahndahn, and Nahtahdjaiz. Decided to go with human coloring for Ahndahn. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, Nahtahdjaiz's hair is pretty cool. Here they are:

Under the cut for size )
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Well I've done some new art recently. First, I traced over an old picture I'd scanned in of Shao'Kehn so I could improve it by colorizing it. Then I did a picture of Jiijiinis and Alorno, deities of Health and Healing. I *was* gonna give them coral skin, but the set of corals/pinks I chose looked weird on them. So I changed to something more human. That annoys me, because I wanted non-human colors, but oh well. At least their hair is still green.

By the way, in case you forgot, Jiijiinis and Alorno are Vaishan, meaning their appearance - like Earth Chinese or Japanese people - is basically what people of the continent of Vaish tend to look like.

I am very proud of the Shao'Kehn pic for one important reason. For a long time, I have known in my mind's eye that Shao'Kehn's eyes are like backlit amber, and I have finally managed to figure out how to make Her eyes look backlit! WEE!!! Partly it was getting the right colors and doing them right, second part of it was putting some of the eye color in Her face's skin to suggest light from Her eyes lighting up Her face.

Under the cut for lots of big pictures. )

1 = When Shao'Kehn first came out of The Chaos, She was VERY angry, and challenged Ahndahn (the source of Her fury) to a duel. They fought and fought, neither winning, then fell in love with each other. Now they work together to keep the Universe balanced. The "Angry Eyes" picture is a representation of what Ahndahn saw when Shao'Kehn first arose.


Dec. 5th, 2013 06:15 pm
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[The following was written Tuesday] =

The other day, Cat Faye (a mutual friend of Lilla and I) and I were talking about art and drawing, and she gave me an idea/bit of advice: shade a picture with different shades of the same color. So today (Tuesday. Well... technically Wednesday), I started on this one picture of Shao'Kehn that my inspiration demanded I draw. And... I am in awe of my work so far.

She is in a squatting position, with eight arms, each doing its own thing more or less (sometimes interacting with other arms). She is also very nude, and Her grah'bihn is out and curling around Her arm. I have everything colored except for four of the arms, and a weapon two of them are holding. From start to current pause, the work has taken an incredibly long amount of time. I started it at around 3 or 4 PM, and except for a few food breaks and eye-resting breaks, I did not stop drawing until 2 AM. That's... [boggles] almost ten hours of work!

And like I said, I am in awe of it, so far. It is so realistic and beautiful. I'm especially giddy at the work on Her grah'bihn, it's AMAZING looking. (Hypothetical conversation: “Is that a snake?” “No.” “A large worm?” “Close.” “Is it something naughty?” “If by 'naughty' you mean 'sexy,' then yes.” “So that's...” “Yup.” “Okay...” “It's prehensile, and retractable!” “It's long enough She could put it down Her own throat while standing up!” “That's about average size for one of those.” “ [boggles] ” [pause] “Why is it green?” “Because they're green when the person is a fertile adult. The ones children have are yellow to denote immaturity, and infertile people... theirs turns purple.” “So their Viagra would have to be green, I guess.” “LOL! Yup.”)

[I am also usually rather shy about drawing grahbihns, I only have two pictures of deities with theirs out, one of Grah'Bahn and one of Shao'Kehn. And the one of Shao'Kehn has it being very small. Which was not my intention. Well, it ain't small or shy in this one! (I have no idea why I get shy drawing grahbihns, I didn't used to.) ]

I sure have gotten plenty of practice drawing hands today, too. (I loathe drawing hands, they're so difficult!) Eight arms! The two I had a picture to use as a model for them were quick going, but the rest were very difficult to do, and I had to keep using my reflection in the mirror as a model.

Oh, and aside from that “family portrait” picture I have not yet finished, this is the first time I've ever colored in Shao'Kehn. I almost always shade Her in, but this is the first time I've used color on Her, or any symbol of Her... well, except for Shyao-Shyo's boat.

I just keep staring at it, awed.

~ ~ ~
The following was written the next day (Wednesday) =

I finished it! Took several more hours to finish. Here it is:

Under the cut for size and NSFW-ness )

When Amy saw it, she asked if Shao'Kehn was, like, "Hispanic or something," which I was glad to hear her ask, because as I told her, Shao'Kehn "has amber skin and amber eyes, with black hair." Though in this drawing, I gave Her flaming eyes because I couldn't find the right color.
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Gyah! I haven't even finished the 6-deity "family" portrait (because Grahbahn's hair is damned tedious to color), and I just recently drew Kiin'Djahn and Ahgoi, haven't started yet on the Kiishiiya drawing, and now I've got this perfect Shao'Kehn image in my mind that I must start to draw ASAP. When it rains, it pours.
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I've mentioned this before, but Djao'Kain/Shao'Kehn (my primary Goddess) never, EVER appears wearing shoes or socks of any kind. She is literally ALWAYS barefoot. When I try to imagine Her wearing shoes or socks, well... I can't. Which I guess makes sense, since every now and then She will appear in my mind's eye walking around barefoot in the city, stepping on nails and glass, and leaving melted glass or iron behind. You know, because She is a fire Goddess. (Well, chaos fire, but whatever.)

Okay, now I'm picturing that melted glass or metal forming into footprints and cooling that way. Wouldn't THAT be interesting!

Anyway, I mention this because something about that image, of Her melting dangerous things when She steps on them, arouses me. Of course, I like to just imagine Her walking in general, that arouses me too, because She is so very beautiful and sensual and sexy.

Sexy text follows. If you want to turn back, do so now.
More, NSFW text )


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