Aug. 3rd, 2017 11:22 pm
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I remember a time when Amazon's "price: low to high" included relevance, so you actually got low prices on the thing you were actually looking for. Nowadays when you try it, it gives you a fuckton of stuff that's barely relevant at best, accessories and other nonsense, and there doesn't seem to be any way to filter out the nonsense.

Rice cooker

Jun. 8th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Well I ordered this rice cooker online from Amazon, it's a simple thing: put rice and water in thing, put the two lids on the right way, and microwave it for anywhere from 8 minutes (for one cup of rice) to longer like 15 minutes, let it stand for five minutes before opening, then serve. My roommate was skeptical, but it works as advertised. I need to put a little more water in it next time, as the rice was just a little too stiff for my liking, but still edible. Great buy at $11!

Also got some pink Crocs-brand sandals, I like them too. Both things came in the same box, a box that was entirely too large for what it had in it.

The seeds for the plantains and the dandelions are still on their way. So is the blasted phone lanyard that I ordered the middle of last month! It's coming from China. Not sure where the plant seeds are coming from.


May. 12th, 2017 07:45 pm
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So I had my first night's sleep on the memory foam mattress. It was an excellent buy, sleeping on it was awesome. The thing is firm but not too firm for me. Between the memory foam mattress and the memory foam pillow I own, it was awesome last night. My old mattress - which had been hurting my back since I first got it - had hurt my shoulder the other day, and the new mattress made my shoulder feel much better. I also ended up waking up feeling more rested than normal!

It's slightly shorter than my old mattress, which gets me closer to my phone charger and CPAP, and it's shorter lengthwise, too, but still long enough for me.

In short, a great mattress! Other mattresses like it are sold for hundreds of dollars, and this one was only $99. I will definetely be getting one again in the future if I need to.
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We live in a time when it is possible to order an entire mattress online from Amazon, and it arrives in a week. By UPS. Yes, I ordered a memory foam mattress for $99 from Amazon, and it came in a box that could fit easily in the backseat of a car.

Getting the box open took like, twenty minutes, and a lot of hard work and the use of tools. But the rest of the process was fairly easy: roll the compressed mattress flat on a flat, clean surface and then carefully cut the side of the plastic bag with scissors. I did, and I got to watch the thing go from something as flat as a dinner plate to an 8-inch thick twin size memory foam mattress wearing a protective covering. It's basically the same size as my current mattress once inflated.

The only thing after removing it from the bag is it has to air out for a day or two before you put the sheets on it or use it, so the chemical smell can dissipate. Something about the compression process gives it an odor when it's done decompressing, and that has to be given time to dissipate.
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Got some face painting sticks, IE face paint in a marker type form, from Amazon. The bit on my hand is a test, the shape is the symbol for the SH sound from the syllabary (alphabet, but each character is a specific sound) for my Trai’Pahg’Nan’Nog conlang. Once the test had been on there for hours without any sign of reaction, I drew the Eye of Grah’Bahn design on my arm.

I got these face paint sticks because I had an idea about drawing sigils and other symbols on myself with them, for magick/ritual purposes, as well as for another way to express myself. I’m pondering making stripes or something on my arms, like some of my deities have.

Pictures under the cut.

I'ma cut you! )

New mouse

Jul. 9th, 2015 02:56 am
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OMG y'all, I bought this new mouse recently, so I could use my old mouse with the new Lenovo netbook, and this mouse, gods, this mouse, fucking hell this mouse is fucking awesome! It has a forward button and a back button, like my old one does, but it also has the coolest fucking scroll wheel: it not only scrolls up and down, but SIDE TO SIDE as well! And there's a button to toggle between two scroll modes. In one mode, you spin the scroll wheel and it just keeps going until entropy stops it, and in the other mode it goes a little ways and then stops. Like, holy SHIT!

My only issue with it is, the laser is fucking invisible, so there's no way to tell if it's working except to move the mouse and see the cursor move. And since every time I plug it in it takes almost a whole minute to respond, when I first used it I thought it was broken. Oh yeah, and in the free-rolling mode, lifting the mouse and, like, turning it (especially upside down) makes the scroll wheel move.

But aside from that, fucking AWESOME mouse. It’s a Logitech corded mouse (M500).


Jun. 28th, 2015 12:16 am
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I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad S10-3 from Ebay, and it came today. It was a little surreal, because while I knew the thing was small, being a netbook, I had no idea how small. I got the box and thought, "What's this? The only thing I'm expecting is my new netbook. But this box is way too small to be that!" Well, it was. I must've spent 45 minutes after opening it gushing about how adorable it is. Seriously, it's tiny and fucking cute as all heck. It's only a bit over 2 pounds! I compared it to my Dana, and when closed, it is smaller than the Dana! At least, width by depth anyway, if not by height.

Works well. I've been installing things I'll need for its purpose of writing, though I also installed Firefox, an ebook reader, a PDF viewer, and eSpeak.

Gonna have to get a cooling pad and a mouse for it. Trackpad works, but I hate trackpads. Oh, and the keyboard is so tiny that typing on it sucks, so I may have to get a USB keyboard for it.

Only real minus was that it only has 2 USB ports, and my research on the web about it said it had 3. Oh well.
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While looking for a cooling pad for an Acer I bought on Ebay, I happened to need to know the exact size of the Acer, so I looked up the specs. And discovered that I had forgotten to do so before buying the fucking thing. Because the fucking thing, at 6 pounds, weighs more than my current laptop does, and is almost as big. Which surprised me as well as pissing me off, because I was unaware that Acer made normal sized laptops. I have literally never seen an Acer that big before, I thought they only made the tiny ones. So now I need to return this damn thing once I get it, and explain to the poor guy I got it from that I fucked up by making an assumption.

Prior to that, I had bid on three separate Acers in turn and lost all three, and so I started looking for Acers with "buy it now" so I wouldn't have to wait on bids. I guess in my frustration, I forgot to look up the specs, as I had done with all the others. If I had done so, I would not have bought it to begin with.

What's even more infuriating is I can't seem to find any Acers of the kind I actually want (small, light), that are A. In my price range, and B. Fully functional.
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My new "purse"/leather pouch/sporran. It latches shut with a spinny latch! Got it from a seller on eBay. Hand made and has a Celtic horse design on it. I prefer these kinds of things because then my purse is attached to my belt and can't be easily stolen. And the latch makes it difficult to pickpocket it.

Under the cut for size )
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Well today I was reminded of why I keep my hair in braids all the time.

You see, I had just enough energy this morning to comb out my hair and put it back in twin ponytails, but not enough energy to re-braid it. So I spent all day long constantly having to deal with my hair getting in my mouth and in front of my eyes, and getting caught in straps and in my cloak's clasp and so on, and being pulled. Lots of "Ouch!" and "FUCK!" today because of that.

In other news, got some new shoes. Sandals by Crocs, normally almost $35, marked down to $20.95.

And I now have the Farnsworth buzz from Warehouse 13 as my ringtone, and ST:TNG computer saying "Incoming transmission" for my text message sound. You may now be jealous.
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(Started writing this about 8:30 am)
Temporarily given up on sleep because for the past hour and a half, Alex has been ranting at me inside my head and would not shut the fuck up. Granted, the things he was saying were excellent points, about the options for cell phones, but they're things he should have thought of earlier when we at the Verizon store. (Though he wasn't the only issue... my CPAP mask was hurting me enough that I couldn't have slept anyway, and I have come to begin realizing that's a sign that I'm not going to get any sleep any time soon, because when it happens I'm not actually tired enough to ignore the pain. And there's always pain; motherfucking mask always hurts. Doesn't fucking matter how I adjust it, it always either hurts or it makes loud fart-like noises every 10 seconds or so. There is literally no way to wear the fucker that doesn't hurt or make fart noises, and the only sleep I can get is when I'm so fucking tired my body ignores the pain.)

I suppose I might as well give y'all the gist of his rant:

So basically these are our options, cell-phone wise:

1. Place a bet that my life and financial situation will remain stable for two years, to get a phone for "free."
A. If I lose that bet by, for instance, the new manager they hire being a homophobe/transphobe and making up some bullshit to get me evicted (as the current manager of the last place I lived at attempted to do and failed) and moving somewhere I can barely afford again, then I either have to shell out a $200 early termination fee (and the resultant umpteenth black mark on my already poor credit), or continue paying the monthly rate and risk getting into a situation where my electricity would be shut off for non payment, or threatened with eviction for not paying the water bill or whatever.

B. Even if I do win the bet, I still get the shaft because my poor credit basically ensures that I will be charged a several hundred dollar deposit - and I use that term loosely because it's been my experience from working for cell phone companies that nobody ever gets that money back, so that's basically a lose-lose situation, and all I get out of it is 2 years of phone service. Whoop dee fucking doo. They get several hundred dollars out of me and several hundred more over the course of two years via the monthly fee, and all I get is something that I'm no longer sure is worth being financially fucked up the ass with a proverbial cactus for.

2. Shell out $80 or more for a pre-paid Verizon phone, only get 10 minutes of talk time at that price, pay an extra $35 to get the plan's full minutes and text messages, for an initial first-month's total of $115, and that's assuming there's no deposit on that bullshit, because I don't actually know if there would be a deposit on that or not. Only up-sides: A. Slightly cheaper. B. No early termination bullshit.
3. Buy a new Tracfone, or reactivate my old one and pay absurd amounts of money for "units" from which both talk time AND text messages are taken. Last I knew, 120 "units" cost $60. That's 120 minutes of talk like for $60. So that option is complete bullshit. CORRECTION: 120 minutes for $29.99, actually. And if I took the time, effort, and money to find one of their fabled "triple-minute phones," it would actually get me 390 minutes. There's also the 1-year card for $99.99, with 1050 minutes total if I put it on my old double-minute phone, and 1450 minutes if I bought a triple-minute phone. Which is the same amount of minutes as 4 and 5.8 months worth of my Assurance Wireless phone's time, respectively.
4. Keep the piece-of-shit free phone I have now and just add money to the thing in case I go over the free allotment.

Of these four shitty options, I *think* a pre-paid Verizon phone is the least objectionable, assuming there isn't some other bullshit I haven't found out about yet. After all, the ones I was looking at were like, either 500 or 700 minutes per month plus unlimited texting for $35/month. So despite a potentially high initial cost, which may force me to drop some things from my budget for the month, that may be the best bet. Because I really don't feel like paying them hundreds of dollars for a fucking deposit they'd charge me for bullshit I really had no fucking control over, money I will never fucking see ever again, and then risking shelling out hundreds more if my life goes down the shitter again for some reason. I do hope for the best, but I don't bet on it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I also need to find room in the budget for some thick black curtains, because I have two fucking windows in my tiny bedroom and if I don't get some fucking curtains, I am going to have to nail goddamn plywood sheets to the inside of my windows because that bright-ass piece of 1000% pure bullshit in the daytime sky is leaking its filth all over me when I'm trying to sleep. I have blinds, but blinds suck ebola-infected donkey cock.
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Phone: No, not gonna let you text Transit Tracker to find out when the bus is, not anymore; you'll have to call. All other texts, fine, but not Transit Tracker. Nope. Nobody else is having a problem with it, just you.
Phone: Oh and I'll be turning myself off for no apparent reason at random intervals.
Phone: Sometimes I'll last a week on a single charge, and other times I think I'll need recharging every 12 hours or less. I'm funny that way.
Phone: Now I'm making random annoying beeping noises on phone calls, thus making some words impossible to hear, always at the worst possible moment. Like Transit Tracker, where I will cover up the time it'll take the bus to come, so you have to call back!
Phone: I feel like just changing some of your settings at random for shits and giggles. For instance, you like the beeps the buttons make when you press them? Gonna stop doing that every now and then, just to fuck with you. Oh, and now the colors are inverted. Why? Because fuck you, that's why.
Phone: Better turn keyguard off if you intend to use the timer, or else when the timer goes off, you won't be able to stop it without power cycling me.
Phone: Every so often I'll garble the words of the person on the other side so badly that you won't have a fucking clue what they're saying. Fun, eh?
Phone: Aaaand today we start the fun I like to call "You're calling someone? Then I won't even start ringing their end for, like, a whole fucking minute." You'll just have to sit there and wait for it to start ringing.
Phone:For my next trick, I will make it impossible for the person on the other end to hear you at all, not all the time, just whenever the mood strikes. Why, you ask? Seriously, you're still asking that?
Phone: On a related note, sometimes the person on the other end sounds like they're at the bottom of a well. Or you will, to them.
Phone: Today I bring you the sound of your own voice from the earpiece whenever you talk.
Phone: What? No cell signal? Then I have fuck-all idea what the time is. You have to be up at a certain time? Pardon me while I point and laugh at your suffering. Consider this a permanent fixture.


Mar. 13th, 2014 07:13 am
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Next month, I intend to get a proper cell phone, one that works right, unlike the free POS I have now. I think I'll get one like Brooke has, which has a keyboard for texting and doubles as a 32 gig MP3 player. And I want, for a ringtone, either the Star Trek communicator chirrup, or the metallic "buzz-buzz" of a Farnsworth (from Warehouse 13). In fact, the Farnsworth buzz is my preference.

Hmm... I wonder if I can get the Farnsworth buzz for phone calls, and the communicator chirrup for the text message sound.

Soma Luna

Mar. 12th, 2014 12:18 am
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I can hardly wait til next month, when I will be able to order online again! I'm going to get a new red candle at Soma Luna to replace one that is dead. I may stock up on other colors of candles while I'm at it. (My altar features a 6 inch Abyss Black pillar candle surrounded by five 3-inch pillar candles, one eacg of red, blue, green, white, and purple.)

Ordering online: it's like getting yourself a Yule present!

Tea lights

Aug. 19th, 2013 05:29 pm
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One problem I have as a pagan is candles. I love candles, I love lighting them, but they make fucktons of soot when I do, especially since I use between 6 and 9 candles. (Or just the big black one sometimes.) And my altar time ranges from 20 minutes to an hour, so the room is full of smoke when I'm done. It's helped a little bit by the fans in the windows circulating air, and would be helped even more by the big fan, but the big fan makes the candles gutter and go out.

Also, it's summer and they put out a lot of heat. And I have a roommate now, so while the smoke would have only bothered me before, there's someone else it can bother now, since it creeps into the living room even when the door is closed. Having the roommate, who sleeps at night instead of the day, also means I have to be quiet, so I can't do the full singing I want to do. I could always do that stuff in the daytime, but it has a much more dramtic feel to it when done at night.

Ah, but I have a solution! The other night, I used two electric tea lights for candle-quality light; I got them as a prize at a Beltane game once. While not quite as good as the real thing, it was adequate and didn't make smoke. I also found I can do my singing/throat singing very quietly indeed. I got the idea when I realized I was doing that kind of singing on the bus and people right next to me gave no sign they could hear me. That, combined with the fact that even when I think I'm shouting, I'm still barely audible, made me realize I could sing so only I could hear it.

When the month rolls around again, I am going to go to Target and buy some more of those electric tea-lights, since they don't put out much light and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the low light. I tried looking for them on Target's web site, and couldn't find them. I dunno, maybe they're seasonal or something. I hope not. I need to find some!

Maybe later on down the line I could even get some of the bigger electric candles I saw on the Target website.


Jul. 7th, 2013 06:00 pm
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I wanted to go to Saturday market yesterday, but was up way too late. I was afraid it would happen again last night as well, and I was kinda right, but I did get 6 hours of sleep before getting up. So I had some breakfast, and went to Saturday Market (which is also open on Sundays) to get a parasol. Brooke met up with me there, and we looked around some other places too. I got a spare charge cord for my Nook and another charger, after the weirdness that was my previous attempt to charge it from battery death.

The parasol is polyester and a kind of pinkish purple, and was only five cents shy of $8. And the cord/charger was only $10, which was only a couple bucks more than I paid for just the data cord at Freddy's.

After Saturday Market, Brooke took me to Burger King. She had a coupon where if she bought something, she'd get a free Whopper. I contributed a little money to get a drink and fries. They called it a large drink, but... Jesus masturbating Christ on a unicycle, the modern "large" is fucking enormous! I commented to the cashier that when I was a kid, a large drink was maybe 16 ounces, and that the monster cup they gave me and called a large would have been considered a Jumbo or larger when I was a kid. Cashier did not respond to this.

So then when we were done eating there, we walked to Sandy and then went our separate ways, as she went on the 12 and I went to go catch the 75. I am now at Starbuck's with Lilla. I finally went out on a limb and bought one of their reusable cups, which gets me 10 cents off every drink purchase if I let them put the drink in the reusable cup.

Last night, when I was again up later than I would have liked, I was at least doing something constructive: writing. Another story with Serret Antashik, the (female) general of Lyria's army. This is the second story she's become the star of, and both have been about unusual swords. She's a master swordswoman. In the first story, the title of which escapes me at the moment, she fights a master elven swordsman/swordsmith for the right to buy from him. She ends up buying a cursed sword called Belfrek, known to kill anyone who tries to draw it. And comes to an understanding with it.

Now in "Hind Quarters," she is after a sword made from the bones and blood of a Hind, so she can kill gods if she needs to.

Damn it, the first Serret story is on my home computer. I thought I'd copied it to my laptop, but I guess I hadn't.
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Got up around noon today and very quickly left, without eating. This was because my stomach was still upset, had been all night long. Those Pepto pills don't frakking work. So I went to Rite Aid and got some extra strength liquid off-brand pepto (comparable to the name brand), and took some the moment I got out of the store. It took several hours for it to finally work!

After taking the pepto, I went to the library to quickly print out proof of income for food stamps, and went to the Aging and Disability Center which is only a few doors down from the clinic I go to. I went there because they'd told me all my medical and food stamps stuff was being transferred to them, since I had applied for that program which pays my Medicare premium for me, through them. But, that place's food stamps paperwork is two pages at most, and about a week ago I had gotten one of those enormous, like, 15 page applications from my old food stamps location. So I went to the Aging and Disability Center hoping it was a mistake, and that I could fill out the shorter form instead.

Well, no such luck. My stuff was all still in the process of switching over, so they couldn't let me do the shorter one this time. Next year, though, for sure. So I had to sit there for an hour or whatnot trying to bully my brain into the kind of thinking needed to fill out the long-ass fucking form.

Part of why I hate the longer form is that it's also for medical and cash for families and a bunch of other shit I don't need, but nothing is clearly labeled, so I always end up answering at least a few questions that are irrelevant to what I'm filling the form out for. And then, as with any form, there are questions I don't understand and have to ask for help on, and details I've forgotten. And I'm pretty sure these forms were originally written in Aramaic, then run through Babelfish about six times before getting to English. And even then, I think they write it in code just to confuse people.

Well, finally got all that shit done and handed in. Next stop was Ikea for a couple things. But the line #6 bus was so crammed full of people, I had to get out before I'd gotten all the way to the MAX. By then, the Pepto had worked and my stomach was like "EAT SOMETHING NOW EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO CANNIBALISM!" I just happened to step out in front of a Starbuck's, and I had money on my Starbuck's card, so went there. It was one of those weird ones I sometimes see, with a drive-through counter on one side and a walk-up counter on the other, outdoor seating, the only thing indoors is the employees and their work station. I ordered a ham and swiss panini and a small iced tea. Swiss is a weird cheese... it tastes absolutely disgusting when cold, like sweaty gym socks, or unclean feet. But melted, it's delicious. I don't know why that is. Anyway, yummy sandwich eaten, I walked the last four blocks to the MAX, got the Red Line right away, and was on my way to the Cascades area.

Before going to IKEA, I went to Best Buy trying to find a new cord for the Nook. Last night, I found my Nook was out of power to the point where it wouldn't do anything. But when I tried plugging it in to charge it, the light didn't come on. Waited with it like that for over 4 hours just in case, and still no change. So, I'm hoping it's just a dead cord, since it was an el cheapo cord from FredMeyer's. But they didn't have the kind of cord I needed. You know, for an electronic's store with as huge of a computer section as Best Buy has, you'd think they'd have more than two kinds of USB cords for sale. I've seen better selections of USB cords in Rite Aid! It was effing pathetic, it was.

Then, on my way to IKEA, I couldn't resist the siren call of Staple's, where I popped in and got a few things I'd been needing. Found some Rose Art brand markers for $1 a box, and got some more pens, among other things.

Then went to IKEA. Got a cheap set of food containers, and a new trash can. Oh, and some lingonberry preserves. Then I went home, prepared noms, and went over to Brooke's. She is currently napping.

Unrelated, but might as well add it here: as soon as the baby-blue nail polish I have on falls off, I'm going to redo my nails, alternating among five colors. I would have liked to have done a different color for each finger, but I don't have enough colors, and I don't want to buy more just for that.
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I like the black robe I ordered last year from, but it's too hot to wear indoors. So it doesn't often get worn.

If I could go back in time and redo that order, I would instead order a heavy winter cloak. Wool, probably. The cloak I have is too short and too light to use on really cold days. It's a good autumn cloak, but not good for winter. So someday I hope to get a black wool cloak that goes down to my ankles; possibly lined with fleece on the inside, so the wool doesn't get all over me.

Also, someday I would like to be able to afford a dress like the blue one to the left of the horrible orange one in the picture on this page.
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Money tight as heck, and the black pillar candle I use at my altar is now shorter than the other candles. (At my altar, I use 6 pillar candles. Five 3 inch candles, and one black 6 inch candle. The 3-inch candles are one each of white, blue, green, red, and purple. I then have one red taper candle and one white taper.) So it's going to have to be replaced soon. Since the black candle is specifically dedicated to Shao'Kehn, I only buy the best: 6 inch Abyss Black pillar candle from SomaLuna. It is the blackest candle there is; a lot of black candles are white candles with a black outer veneer. The Abyss Black candle is VERY black, all the way through. Of course, they're hand-made, so they cost almost $10. And they weigh almost 2 pounds, so it costs almost as much to ship. Luckily, they last a long time.


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