Feb. 29th, 2012 01:43 am
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Does anyone know why the Twitter Connect account with LiveJournal keeps failing, and I have to keep going back to LJ and reconnecting it? It is very annoying.
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The last few days, none of my Twitter updates have been published to my LJ. WTF is going on? Alex is still getting *his* published, though some bits are in Russian. At least he's still getting his tweets published. I can't figure out why mine aren't being published. :-(
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Twittinesis seems to have died. Until I can find an alternative, my tweets will only be published at LiveJournal.
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I just turned on the setting to crosspost my LiveJournal posts to Facebook and Twitter, because I used to have public posts crosspost to Facebook a long time ago before it stopped working. It only worked when I posted from the web anyway, before.

I am not doing the same with comments, though. Comments are not being crossposted. Just my entries.

EDIT: Seems you can crosspost comments even when it's not default. But I won't be doing that in personal LJs. Just in communities, and only in public posts, and only if the comment is particularly awesome.
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Went out on bike today to try to find nearby cafes with free wifi. Of the ones on my list, I found one, and couldn't get a signal at it. I had lunch at a Subway, and took off again looking. Ended up taking a turn at random and not long after that, getting lost. I had no idea at all where I was until I started going down Fremont, and even then I had only the vaguest notion where I was or where I was going. Finally, I stumbled upon Tillamook, which goes up to the library in the Hollywood district, so I went along that until it came to a stop at this one street. I turned right in an attempt to find where Tillamook continued. In retrospect, I should have turned left. So I got lost again, until I stumbled on Broadway and recognized where I was, and how to get to Panera from there.

So, in an effort to find somewhere nearby so I wouldn't have to go all the way to Panera (the trip there is fun, but coming back is a bitchload of hills), I ended up at Panera anyway. *le sigh*


Also, I love Twhirl (a Twitter client) so much that last night I tried getting the Mac version for my laptop. But the Mac version of Twhirl needs Macs with Intel processors, and mine has a PowerPC processor, so that was a no go. :-(

EDIT: On the way back, found one of the places I was looking for. Closes at 5. I don't get places like that, don't they know how much business they're missing out on by closing so early?
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@paper_hand ([ profile] christinathena), @alittlethought, and I had an interesting conversation on Twitter. Parts of it will show up in my LoudTwitter shipment, but only parts. So here's the whole thing, courtesy of [ profile] christinathena:

fayanora: Google gets hit with 3 anti-trust complaints. Not surprising, given that they've got their fingers in everything.
fayanora: Yes, Google even has its fingers in your girlfriend.
alittlethought: @Fayanora W00t! That means I *have* a girlfriend!
paper_hand: @alittlethought yes, you do! Me! ^_~
paper_hand: @alittlethought Oh, wait, I just remembered you were engaged to my sister ... Hmm ... Sounds like a Springer episode in the making [an earlier in-joke between them; the sister is fictitious, paper_hand doesn't actually have a sister]
fayanora: @paper_hand And it will turn out that your sister got pregnant from @alittlethought's dad, & will demand he pay child support.
fayanora: @paper_hand Then we find out a bombshell as @alittlethought reveals that she's really five midgets inside of a human-looking Muppet. (in reply to a tweet by paper_hand about the unfolding story)
paper_hand: @Fayanora And then suddenly you show up, after we'd all thought you were dead and reveal that she'd tried to kill you!
fayanora: @paper_hand But the joke was on her because she *really* killed my good twin (I'm the evil twin) Juanita, who just got back from France.
paper_hand: @Fayanora But then it turns out that the midgets-in-a-muppet were an imposter and the REAL @alittlethought is my daughter from the future!
fayanora: @paper_hand (Incest FTW!) At which point we discover by accident your secret shame: you're a secret Twilight fan!
Me: @Fayanora NOOO!!!! I thought no one would ever ... I mean, that's absurd! Twilight fan? Me?
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Cut for size )

EDIT: Someone at [ profile] randompictures clued me in that I was wrong: "no it doesn't. i think you are misunderstanding it. you only see retweets from people you follow. in other words, if someone YOU are already following re-tweets something from someone THEY are following (even if you aren't), you will still see it.

basically, it will work just like it does right now, just easier for those who use the website."

I are doofus. %-P


Sep. 11th, 2009 11:49 pm
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If you're following me on Twitter ( ) and I haven't followed you back, let me know your username there so I can follow you back.
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Tweets copied by

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Tweets copied by

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Tweets copied by

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Tweets copied by

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Tweets copied by

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  • 16:53 Okay, here's that funny captcha image that Twitter broke: #
  • 17:04 Breaking news from Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse: The robot named Billy Mays, distraught at Michael Jackson's death, dies of a broken heart. #
  • 19:25 My mom is so delightfully weird. And she's more active on Facebook than I am. :-D #
  • 19:25 RT: @hanneloreEC: apparently cut-offs are back in fashion and now I have the uncontrollable urge to run around hemming everybody's shorts :( #
  • 19:27 @hanneloreEC A band whose members had OCD? That'd suck: they'd keep stopping mid-concert to go home & make sure the oven was turned off. #
  • 19:31 @paper_hand Apparently not. #
  • 19:31 @paper_hand I think my laptop can, though, oddly enough. #
  • 19:37 I have salsa again! Yummy! Black bean and corn salsa. I just wish they didn't have so much sugar in it. #
  • 19:40 @paper_hand One of the customers at the Casino's buffet gave me a Chinese penny. It's printed on paper! #
  • 19:42 @tonyglendo LOL! Hypersensitive, much? #
  • 20:41 The Bible is an idol. Its worshippers will make it say whatever they want it to say, & ignore what it really says if it disagrees with them. #
  • 20:43 RT @EmperorNorton The enemy of the extreme right isn't The Left, but the Middle. #
  • 20:44 RT @EmperorNorton The reactionary definition of oppression is "We aren't running everything. We have to work with others." #
  • 21:27 Breaking news from Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse: Elusive serial killer Grim Reaper, suspected of killing billions, arrested today. #yogap #
  • 21:57 Children of gay couples speak out: #
  • 02:40 LOL! A funny review of the Bible on Goodreads: #
  • 02:40 @paper_hand I hope you find it! Hope you didn't accidentally spend it. :-) #
  • 02:47 RT @paper_hand Nun Bowling! #
  • 04:24 Top 10 obscure Google search tricks: #
  • 04:34 The list of official XP shortcuts: I learned some new ones! #
  • 04:47 List of official Apple shortcuts: #
  • 04:55 Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter/The Sopranos crossover fanfic: #
  • 06:01 I've turned off notification of followers, so if I know you from elsewhere, or you're not a bot, please message me! #
  • 06:04 So new followers, message me if you're not a bot. #
  • 06:05 And to be honest, I've just been throwing those "new follower" notifications in the trash for the last few weeks, without reading them. #
  • 06:07 RT @CherylMorgan: Texas police commemorate Stonewall by raiding a gay club. #
  • 06:09 Remember: It wasn't just gays at the historic Stonewall riots! Transgendered people were there, too! #gayrights #stonewallriots #gaypride #
  • 06:53 Gods, I envy this girl: #
  • 06:53 RT @TheOnion Digesting, Tasting, Excreting, Then Chewing: How One Man Is Trying To Change The Eating Paradigm #
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  • 17:13 YAY! Looks like is 404! I hope it's permanent. #trannyalertfail #
  • 17:16 Now we need to work on shutting @trannyalert down, on Twitter. How does one report them for hate speech on Twitter? #trannyalertfail #
  • 17:17 Hmm... may not be dead yet. Let's keep the fight going! #trannyalertfail #
  • 18:03 So it seems IS down for good. But keep an eye out, these sites like to move to different servers. #trannyalertfail #
  • 18:05 @BetterL8ThanNvr Hope you catch the bastard! #
  • 19:29 - I just created a new drawing at #
  • 19:57 Hello Kitty Castle:
    DO WANT! #hellokitty #dowant #
  • 21:44 Breaking fake news from Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse: RIAA sues woman for illegally playing song in her head. #yogap #
  • 00:15 Sleep sex or sleepsomni: Coolest. Sleep disorder. EVER! #
  • 00:15 Not that I'd want it... o_O #
  • 00:17 Worst drinking game ever = "Sit down in front of FOX News. Everytime you hear something RATIONAL, take a drink." #
  • 00:19 RT @paper_hand Oh no! Antivax Barbie's revenge! ^_^ #jennymccarthyfail #autism #
  • 00:20 @stcookie You should eat some vegetables every now and then, Cookie Monster. Here, have a carrot. #
  • 00:26 Breaking news from Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse: Old woman feels her oats 1 too many times, her oats sue for sexual harassment. #fakenews #
  • 00:29 Oh gods... need brain bleach! Imagining @stcookie and @pedobear's love child. (MY BRAIN! IT BURNS!) #
  • 00:31 @paper_hand Huh? #
  • 02:11 Has anyone ever poured regular water with nothing in it, and it tasted sweet for some reason? #
  • 02:13 @paper_hand It just looked like " | is || " to me. #
  • 02:16 Funny cross-genre pic! #
  • 04:38 RT @200ok: when captchas "interesting" (via @drjon) #
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  • 18:11 What your waiter isn't telling you: Amen to these! #
  • 18:12 What your pizza delivery person isn't telling you: #
  • 18:13 13 things your grocer won't tell you: #
  • 18:15 13 your dry-cleaner won't tell you: #
  • 18:19 RT @wilw I really wish I could photosynthesize when I'm writing, so I didn't have to keep stopping to eat. [shakes fist at stupid stomach] #
  • 18:31 5 most hated creatures who don't deserve to be hated: Cockroaches are obsessively clean like cats, eh? #
  • 18:44 Bet you didn't realize you depend on bacteria feces for your food, eh? #
  • 18:48 I am reminded that there are some diseases caused by problems with the intestinal flora, (to be continued)... #
  • 18:48 ...which are cured by a transplant of feces from a healthy donor, either rectally or orally. #
  • 22:01 Please retweet this. Evil website threatens the safety of transsexuals: #
  • 22:05 Please retweet this. Evil website threatens the safety of transsexuals: Use this hashtag: #trannyalertfail #
  • 01:02 *Giggles* Don't play D&D with couples who have kids: #
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  • 19:28 RT @stcookie I did it all, for the cookie, Mmm! The cookie, Mmm! The cookie, Mmm! ... #
  • 19:31 Holy shit! Michael Jackson died? #
  • 19:33 @paper_hand Dollar coins for the win! Now we need $2 coins, like they do in Canuckistan. #
  • 19:47 Teenage infant's condition being caused by different body parts maturing at different rates = #
  • 19:51 . @Jablair51 Rumors of Jeff Goldblum's demise are greatly exaggerated. #
  • 19:51 Grr! School illegally strip-searches 13 year old girl = #
  • 19:57 Farrah Fawcett, too? *Checks IMDB* I think the only thing I've seen her in was Logan's Run, and I can't remember seeing her in that. #
  • 19:59 . @Jablair51 Jeff Goldblum is still alive: #
  • 20:03 RT @SJGames So I'm thinkin'. I ever visit England? I set my ringtone to be that god-awful noise the TARDIS makes. Gotta mess with the locals #
  • 20:14 Funny! Cute! Pot-cookie monster and his friend count to 5: #
  • 20:25 The truth is, Michael Jackson died 30 years ago, and was replaced by a clone that turned out to be evil. #michaeljackson #
  • 20:50 Please RT @Tony_Attwood is a fake Twitter profile. #autism #aspergers #adhd Tony Attwood's secretary has confirmed, this is fake account #
  • 21:04 Tim Burton's "9" (opening 09/09/09) Looks AWESOME! I'm betting it will be a new classic! See the trailer here: #
  • 22:03 It took me a minute to get this one: "Why was Michael Jackson like a tuna?
    They both came in small cans." #michaeljackson #
  • 22:04 @wilw Thanks, now I have "The Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang going through my head. ("You and me baby ain't nothin but mammals...") #
  • 22:13 Goddamn Blip! It's so hard to find songs that actually work. #
  • 22:15 Okay, here we go. The Bad Touch by The Bloodhound Gang: #
  • 22:24 @paper_hand Adn we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files! LOL! #
  • 22:49 DO want! DO want! #
  • 23:31 Ye Olde Goldyn Appyl Presse with Breaking News: God cardiac arrests Michael Jackson on child molestation charges. #michaeljackson #yogap #
  • 23:32 @paper_hand I have Canadian money, what I suspect is a Mexican coin, and a few unidentified coins. #coincollecting #currency #
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