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“O Come Gather Round To My Voice As It Here Sounds”
(To the tune of “Grandfather Clock” by Cecilia Eng. Which is apparently a rewrite of Henry
Clay Work's 1876 song "My Grandfather's Clock")
By = Tristan A. Arts (Fayanora)

Oh come, gather round,
To my voice as it here sounds
For a tale that you all need to hear.
It's about boys and girls
All over the world
And also, 'tis about genderqueers.
For some folks, old or youth,
Misbelieve they know the truth,
Thinking gender's just about what's in your fly...
They are. The. Gender-police-and-we'll-obey
Or we all. Shall. Die.

Now some feel grief
And a lot of disbelief
When told that they must be a boy.
It tears them apart,
Since they know in their heart
That this must be some sort of ploy.
And when they do come out,
Their loved ones scream and shout,
Yelling out to the star-studded sky:
“We are. The Gender-police-and-you'll-obey
Or you all. Shall. Die!”

When girls dress as boys,
Play their games, play with their toys,
“Tomboy” is the label they're called.
If they insist all their days
That is ISN'T just a phase,
They're ignored, or strongly stonewalled.
Or else, they're called sick,
Since all boys must have a dick,
“What are you, some kind of a dyke?
We are. The Gender-police-and-you'll-obey
Or you all. Shall. Die!”

And then there are some
Who don't fit in either one,
Neither boy, nor are they a girl.
They try to fit in,
And they're told they're full of sin,
And some nasty folks even hurl.
If you're genderqueer,
Your life is full of fear,
For many cis scum want you to fry.
They are. The. Gender-police-and-we'll-obey
Or we all. Shall. Die.

Dating is hell
When you're genderqueer, as well,
It's a gamble, each person you yap.
Either fetishized by swine,
Or kicked in the spine
For being what they call a “trap.”
Or worse, in its way,
Is the person that is gay
But wants only a cis-gender guy...
They are. The. Gender-police-and-we'll-obey
Or we all. Shall. Die.

Life as a genderqueer
Is so full of things to fear,
We're the target of such violent hate.
They deny us our voice,
And they say this was our choice,
As if all the hell we go through is so great.
They say that we're strange
But it's they who are deranged
If they think that our gender's a lie...
But they are. The. Gender-police-and-we'll-obey
Or we all. Shall. Die.

For reference, the (real) original song is under the cut. )

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Martin Luther King Junior was organizing people against povery in his last years, something that the media doesn't show you, and hopes everyone will forget. He basically did "Occupy Poverty" more than 40 years before the Occupy movement, and got assassinated by the US government for his trouble.

The media wants you to forget his past few years, but all his speeches were recorded. Like this one:

Freedom of speech is a nice ideal, but if you think it's a fully realized reality, you are being delusional.
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Watch this video. No seriously, watch it all:

The stuff about the brain being overwhelmed with input tracks with my experience. I have a very hard time ignoring the overwhelming input, especially visual input. I have to actively ignore a lot of it, especially during the daytime, because when I do let it all come in, it gets overwhelming very quickly. And being uncomfortable in your own skin fits me, too. I need to wear low-cut shirts, because high cut shirts drive me absolutely bonkers. Rings drive me crazy, and necklaces I can only wear for a few hours at a time before they start driving me nuts. Even clothing in general annoys me. Then I get itchy, and that drives me crazy. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because the hair on my legs (I haven't shaved in a while) was driving me crazy.

My symptoms get more acute with high levels of stress, and deep pits of depression. In the year or two I was unemployed before getting on disability, I could barely spend any energy on important tasks because it was taking all my energy just to cope with the stress and the input overwhelmingness. And the day I filled out the form to get on disability, the damn form overwhelmed me so much that on the way home I was darkening out almost all my sight, forcing my gaze down at the ground, and mechanically walking home but still was having such a hard time coping even with that, that I put my ear buds in and listened to music as loud as I could without it being painful.

Come to think of it, my Asperger's symptoms explain my self-imposed exile to my fantasy world when I was a child. I couldn't cope with the overwhelming input of the outside world, so I filled my head with noise and even made "mouth noises" (like airplane sounds, dinosaur yells, and so on) to drown it out. Said input waned at home, so I was able to come out of myself somewhat at home. I don't do this quite to the extent I used to, but I still fill my head with self-generated noise when I feel overwhelmed. Unless it gets *really* bad, like mentioned above.

Hell, the Asperger's symptoms plus the slow failure of my childhood coping mechanism triggered in me some of the tantrums of screaming, throwing stuff around, and breaking things that happen with a lot of people on the autism spectrum.

Most people's brains ignore a LOT of the input around them, and looks instead for changes. I suppose Aspie/Autie brains do that to a point, too. But it's clear our brains aren't capable of ignoring as much as the brains of NTs are. Or in some cases, can't filter things properly. One of the major problems I have in regards to hearing/listening (aside from being hard of hearing) is that to my brain, every sound sounds equally important. I have to struggle to filter out noises, because everything sounds like "signal" to my brain.

Still, it's my vision that's my main source of excess input. My vision is *better* than 20/20, and my brain sees every fucking detail. And when every fucking detail is given equal importance by one's brain, it is easy to miss the obvious: the obvious gets lost in a sea of input. The signal gets lost in a sea of noise. Sure, when I'm bored, my gaze will move around a lot, seeking input. But when I'm already feeling overwhelmed, or skirting the edge of it, I'll restrict my gaze to staring blankly at a chair or out the window, or set it to focus on one task.

Which reminds me. One of these days I'm going to break out in a rant at Brooke. I love her dearly, but how many hundreds of times have I posted about the way my brain works, and she never seems to remember any of it, talking at me without waiting for an indication my brain is engaging her voice and then getting annoyed or even upset at me when I miss half of what she says. How many times have I told her that with the TV going and the computer going that when she starts talking at me without waiting for a sign I'm even aware she's talking, her voice sounds no different to my brain than the TV. By the time my brain has figured out that her voice is not, in fact, noise, I've missed half or more of what she's said. True, I don't have to look at her to listen to her, but I do so much crap on the computer that adding the TV to it maxes out my brain's processors. Anything else added to it is processed relatively slowly, if at all. I was only able to listen to Lilla and do computer stuff at the same time because there wasn't a TV in my room when she and I lived together. Add the TV, and what Brooke needs to get into the habit of doing is something like saying "Fay, I'm about to talk to you" and waiting for me to turn my head toward her. Because even after my brain realizes something is signal and not noise, it still has to struggle to filter out the noises. Which is made even harder by the fact that, if the show on the TV is interesting, my brain will attempt to listen to both Brooke AND the TV, without first freeing up other circuits.

I'd have no problem listening to both Brooke and the TV if I didn't have my laptop there, but then I'd be extremely bored without it, since watching TV with Brooke and watching TV at home are two entirely different kinds of activities. Watching "TV" at home involves a lot of pausing and either doing stuff on the computer during the pauses, or getting up and walking around the room while I think aloud about what I've seen on the TV. Which can drag an hour of TV into two or three hours. Whereas TV watching at Brooke's makes the shows fly by so fast I miss a lot of them. I don't get as much out of shows at Brooke's as I do at home. So if it's a show I really care enough about to get more out of, I either disengage from the computer somewhat (easier to do during the slow, boring bits after I've exhausted LJ and Twitter) or I watch it at home later.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough about this subject. And, though I've already posted a lot today, I do have one more thing planned to post about.
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Beautiful song sung here by Corvus Corax. Lovely French song, right? (Fair warning: song contains bagpipes and may be loud.)

Now look at the lyrics: http://comfy-robes.xanga.com/579644984/item/ (Scroll down for the English). BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!
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Funny thing: these two videos are connected by the fact that the girl playing Sarah Miller in the first video later played Harmony Kendall in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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Her accent makes some of the words a little hard to understand, but this is a beautiful cover of a beautiful song:

The singer is ten year old Angie Vazquez, with her brother doing the drums (and the piano, too, I think).
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Excellent advice.

Only one thing, though: "people don't like silence." This may be true of other people, but not me. I love silence. I would just sit there and let my mind wander. I'd probably drive the officer insane by out-waiting them.

"There are some really intelligent criminals. They work in office buildings and wear suits" LOL

I especially like how the second guy says the justice system is "innocent until proven guilty," but the perception of the jury is that if you've got a defense attorney next to you, you have to prove your innocence.
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My thoughts: there IS an element of truth to the thing of one's thoughts having an influence over the universe. It's how prayer and magick work. But there are people in the occult/new age movements that make the same mistake as the "we don't need medicine, we have prayer" folks: prayer is a *supplement* to action, not a replacement. Same with magick. Magick helps tip the scales in your favor, but also requires action. Positive thinking *can* attract positive results, but firstly requires specifics (or else you'll attract random things to you), but still requires action. All forms of using thoughts to manipulate the universe require action. The influence the mind has over the universe is very small.

Now, as to negative thinking... yes, negative thinking can tip the scales against you. But again, action is more powerful. Even if your thinking is depressed and negative, actions can still have positive results. Positive thinking, magick, and prayer can also sometimes yield negative results. Because the one thing both the "prayer medicine" people and a lot of new age people keep forgetting is this: CHANCE. Chaos. There is always an element of chance, and there are a lot of things going on in the world that are impersonal and will just do whatever the hell they want to regardless. Everyone in the world could have their souls and minds constantly overflowing with positive thoughts until they piss rainbows and shit out unicorns and sneeze glitter, and those impersonal forces would still happen. Earthquakes would still happen. Tsunamis would still happen. Volcanoes would still go off. Asteroids would still fall. And the Yellowstone super-volcano would still be a mass-extinction event waiting to go off at any moment.

So yes, to dismiss positive thinking altogether isn't good. But to think that positive thinking will bend the whole vast, uncaring universe to your will is delusional. Consciousness does have *some* influence over the universe, but not much. Maybe in another universe it's different, but here in ours, our influence is small. Our actions, while also small, are far more powerful. Even "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch says so: weakest is thought, stronger are words, strongest are actions. Thought, word, deed. Thinking alone will not suffice. Thoughts and words alone are insufficient. Thought, word, and deed must be united. Pray to God, but let God's healing flow through Western medicine and professional doctors for actual results. Do magick, but know that spells for getting a new job won't work if you don't fill out and turn in applications, and try your best in interviews. Try to be positive, yes, but if you don't always succeed at staying positive, there's nothing wrong with that. And whoever you are, and whether you pray, do spells, or just think positively, know that you are small an insignificant to the powerful, impersonal forces of our vast universe; your thoughts and even your actions are limited in influence to the local area, and even there, their power is limited.

Also, along with action, one must keep in mind that whether you pray, do magick, or just think positively, you have to recognize when opportunities are being handed to you, and take them. No amount of prayer, etc. is going to get you an old-fashioned miracle of an angel flying down to hand you a gift-wrapped box of what you're asking for. Look for your gifts in the mundane world, and recognize that they may seem pitiful. There was a time when I was getting a job not long after I lost the last one, and Djao-kain's sense of humor was strange in those days, giving me lots of jobs that were strange or amusing in some peculiar way. But I took them.

It's like that old joke:

Once upon a time there was a man that lived by the river. He heard a radio report that the river was going to rush up and flood the town. The report said that the whole town should evacuate immediately. But the man said, "I'm religious, I pray. God loves me. God will save me." But the waters began to rise. A man in a rowing boat came along and he shouted. 'Hey! Hey you! You up there. The town is flooding. I can take you to safety.' But the man shouted back: "I'm religious, I pray. God loves me. God will save me." A helicopter came hovering overhead. A guy with a megaphone shouted. 'Hey! You there! The town is fully flooded. Let me drop down a ladder and I will help you to safety.' But the men shouted back that he was religious, that he prayed, that God loved him and that God would take him to safety. The man then drowned. When he got to the pearly gates of St Peter, he demanded an audience with God. 'Lord,' he said, 'I'm a religious man, I pray. I thought you loved me. Why did this happen?' God said, 'I sent you a radio report, a helicopter, and a guy in a rowing boat. So what the heck are you doing here?'
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You know, in the future computerized toys like that are just going to get more complex. They will one day move on their own, and maybe even think for themselves like the teddy-bear robot in the AI: Artificial Intelligence movie. Can you imagine the havoc caused if something like that catches a virus? Or worse, someone hacks into it on purpose to spy on people, their kids, or to give it new instructions that will scar the children for life? How many children will end up with moving teddy bears that will one day spontaneously chase them while holding a knife, just because some dickhead thinks it would be funny? Sheesh, it's bad enough already; Teddy Ruxbin scared me so much when I got one for Christmas one year that I was still having nightmares about moving, talking dolls up into my early 20's. (The last one had my doll Buddy talking to me, and I turned to him and told him that while I love him, I don't appreciate dreams where he talks and moves. That was the end of those dreams.)

Can you imagine if one of those reprogrammed future toys actually kills someone? Like, a serial killer who kills by reprogramming those toys remotely? So yeah, science and technology may one day cause all those "living doll" horror stories to come true.
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Found these two funny videos earlier today:

I was so amused by the Bethany character that I made this, of Bethany saying something she did NOT say in either video:

And an icon version:

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Move over, Disaster Girl, you have some seriously evil (and adorable!) competition:

For the non-sighted... )
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A game like this would drive me insane:


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