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Jan. 15th, 2012 02:03 pm
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New route

Apr. 22nd, 2019 09:56 pm
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I just got back from a walk, and stumbled onto an alternate route home that I much prefer. For most of my time living here, when I moved in back in February, I'd either take the 70 home, or take the MAX mass transit light rail if the 70 wasn't possible or wasn't fast enough. And the main route to/from the MAX station was across this little ridge along the Springwater Corridor. Which is lovely in the day, and scary at night. But I used it for a month and a half before an incident scared me into finding a new route. Nothing major, just a large group of men on the path at night making me nervous enough that I haven't taken that route since then, not at night anyway.

blah blah blah )

Anyway, so today for random reasons, I was looking on Google Maps. I have a hard time translating map data into something my brain can use, so every time Brooke ([personal profile] kengr) says to explore around the neighborhood on Google Maps, I kind of roll my eyes. I do do that, but it's never as informative as actually walking the neighborhood. There's loads of businesses that don't even show up on Google Maps even if you zoom all the way in, some of the businesses that do show up are are actually out of business, others have changed their name (the Foster's Deli nearby recently changed their name, just in the last week or so, for instance), and some of the business names are not very informative; for many of those, even clicking on them shows nothing useful coming up about them, either.

Sparing your friends page. )

So yeah, that was edutainment. :) May go for another walk on Wednesday. Hungry now, though.

1 = Not knowing the area at the time, I went across Tacoma, down to the MAX, and up along the Springwater Corridor route. I feel silly now, knowing I could have shaved 10 minutes off my route rather than adding an extra 10 minutes. But, live and learn.
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Earlier in the month I made slow-cooker chicken tikka masala, but I doubled the lentils and put in a bunch of onion. It was a bit thick for my taste and a bit bland, I think I did something wrong when I made it. But rather than waste it, I put some in a tortilla, put salsa and hot sauce on it, and had a fusion burrito. It was pretty good. I had that for meals for several days.
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From a reddit thread asking "Redditors who post their own nudes online, have family members ever found them? What happened? ( https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/bfnd31/redditors_who_post_their_own_nudes_on_nsfw_subs/ )

Not sure if this counts, but I used to post nudes on Tumblr and also on a local gay forum's NSFW thread during my "formative" years (aka horny and single). I've had closeted classmates writing to me, in good faith, letting me know that "somebody leaked my nudes". I'd thank them and say it's alright, I was the one who uploaded them.

I grew up in a conservative Asian country and was probably the only out gay guy in my university class, so it's always kinda fun to see people DM/PM-ing me on the forum and go like "oh I think I know who you are!".

One tried to blackmail me. I asked him to write that on sandpaper and shove it up his own arse.

LOL that is a hilarious insult.

Yeah, Alex is on Reddit now. ( https://www.reddit.com/user/burningonyx )


Apr. 21st, 2019 12:05 am
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I hate most sitcoms. Generally, they suck and aren't at all funny. It's boring, ordinary people doing boring, ordinary things or getting into ridiculous and often unrealistic hi-jinks that are supposed to be funny and are just cringe-inducing at best.

And then there's "Speechless," a sitcom about a boy (J. J.) in a wheelchair, played by an actually disabled actor. This series makes the able bodied people the joke, but also lets all the characters grow and change and learn and better themselves. And yes, there are situational elements to the comedy, situations they get into that are either the result of, and/or solved by, the unique challenges and traits of J. J. and his family. It's hilarious, it's heartwarming, and it's educational about the ways able bodied people are unintentionally discriminatory about the disabled. I highly recommend it!

I also like "American Housewife." I can't articulate why, aside from it being unique and the fact that the premise itself is kind of funny (lower middle class family living in a wealthy town, and how they interact with their neighbors, coworkers, and other peers there). Oh, and I like the character Anna-Cat Otto, a very intelligent little girl with OCD. Which... come to that, one more thing: the other members of the Otto family are all weirdos in their own ways. Oh, and the show manages to be genuinely funny without resorting to casual domestic abuse and other bad stuff; that is, the Otto family love each other, and even when they argue they eventually come to an understanding. Then, when it really comes down to it, they stick together against all enemies.

Yeah, so "Speechless" and "American Housewife" are the only two sitcoms I watch anymore. The only sitcoms worth watching for at least 15 years, in my opinion.

Yay diversity!
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On a website earlier, some racist was making a bunch of racist "jokes." I responded to him with one of my own:

Q. What's the difference between a dead racist and a living racist making racist jokes?

A. The dead racist is actually funny.
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Just saw a guy board the MAX train with a potted plant on a leash like it was a dog.
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My friend [personal profile] kengr and I just had a conversation on IM wherein I tried to explain why her definitions of areas in a photo and the resulting directions didn't make sense to me.

She defines areas of the photo with lines that in my mind don't have any logical connection to each other until it's pointed out. Like a line going along the wall and extending past onto a sidewalk or porch (we couldn't agree on which it was), and the line of the main sidewalk, to define a patch of dirt, and specifically a corner.

Of course I didn't have this explanation at first, and just had "I think I'd stick your planter in the corner of the wall and sidewalk."

I tried to follow those directions, but my brain couldn't make sense of them. I tried asking what she meant, and her answer was "draw a line along the base of the wall until it hits the sidewalk coming in from the parking.
the corner is where that line hits the left side of the sidewalk coming in from the parking lot."

My brain couldn't make sense of this. After some more back and forth, I tried explaining how I process the image in my mind:
I logically divide images and navigate them differently from you, I think.

For example, in the first image there's Door, Window, Main Sidewalk, Littler Sidewalk, stairs, Space Under Stairs, Dirt To Left of Sidewalk, Wall To Left of Door, Wall To Right Of Door, Space Under Window By Door.

Her: To me that corner is best described as corner of sidewalk and "wall" (extending it to the sidewalk is pretty automatic)
"Line of wall" if you want to get technical

Me: Okay. To me the wall and the sidewalk are utterly different things, I had a hard time extending the wall in my mind. My logic groups things in relation to other things, like Dirt To Left of Sidewalk.

So yeah, by my brain's parsing of the image, she was saying to put it in the corner of Dirt To Left of Sidewalk.

Garden pt 2

Apr. 7th, 2019 08:57 pm
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So after thinking about it, I've been thinking it might be a good idea to grow some herbs that are good against headaches. Feverfew, lemon balm, and peppermint, for instance. The reason for this is I get so many headaches that whenever I get a cluster of them, I worry about potential side effects of taking too much Ibuprofen. So having some herbal alternative would put my mind at ease. Especially since feverfew seems to be amazing for headaches, according to "The Green Pharmacy" by James A. Duke, Ph.D.

Which reminds me, I need to get some goldenseal pills and feverfew pills.

Indian food

Apr. 5th, 2019 04:44 pm
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Saw something in the store once that made me think of something to make for months. What I saw was jars of tikka masala sauce. My idea was making chicken tikka masala with that sauce using the slow cooker.

So, looked up online recipes to get an idea how much water and stuff I'd need. Since the one recipe I was using was assuming I was starting from dry, when it called for 4.5 cups of water, I instead reduced it to 3 cups of water plus the jar of the tikka masala sauce, on top of the diced chicken and red lentils. Put in some cut up mushrooms as well, stirred it up, turned it on low and went to bed.

When I woke up, it looked delicious. I could faintly smell it, too, through my cold. Stirred it again (clean spoon obviously). Sauteed some onions in butter, added those to it and stirred, and made some rice to spoon it over. I am now eating it.

It's good, but could be better. I had to add salt and some chili pepper to taste.

Things I'll do differently next time:

* Use two jars of sauce and reduce water down to two cups.
* Add chili powder or crushed chili peppers to the mix at the start. Something to give it some heat.
* Add salt at the start, maybe by putting salt over the raw chicken before pouring in the lentils and sauce.
* Add some chopped tomatoes. (May even do that to the current batch next time I eat some.)
* May get some ginger-garlic paste to add to it. There's a store next to where the pagan meetup is at, that sells it.
* And to Brooke, who I am sure is being all smug about me liking something with lentils in it: I can't even taste the lentils. They barely add anything, even texture wise. Not even sure one cup was enough, even though that's what the recipe called for. May double the lentils next time. Anyway, the point was to overpower the lentils with spiciness.
* Might buy some naan to eat it with.
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Soo... the new apartment complex I live at lets you put stuff outside your apartment door as long as you don't block the way to your door, or put your stuff in someone else's area. There's this spot under the window next to my door that is currently empty. I have a plan for it. A little garden.

See, the problems I had gardening before was mainly my roommate's ridiculous and impossible to predict sleep schedules and moods, the heat of summer, and not wanting to be out in the sun and bending over, etc. But this space is in the shade; it gets light, but nothing too direct. It's right outside my door, so I don't have to get specially dressed or walk a long way to tend it. Being close to the door, if there's a chance of frost I can just pick up my little garden and bring it inside. So it's perfect!

My thoughts:

* Set four milk crates down, put the planter down on that so I don't have to bend over much.

* Possibility: an edible flower garden. For example: Lavender, nasturtium, viola, chamomile, calendula, bachelor button, and borage. (Hibiscus is edible too, but it's a rather large bushy plant.)

* Possibility: a garden that looks like it's overgrown with weeds, but it's all edible stuff. For example: Dandelions, broad-leaf plantains, stinging nettles, garlic mustard, garlic, yellow mustard. I can get seeds or seedlings of all of these, I think.

* Possibility: both of the above, maybe in separate thingies.

* Basil?

* Grow a load of lavender and give some away, maybe sell some for extra money?

I could also make room indoors for something. Set it over by the window next to Spike, my spider plant.

If anyone has some suggestions for plants that are considered weeds but are edible, please let me know!
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* Much less coughing than yesterday
* Breathing even better than yesterday
* Significant drop in amount of nose-blowing
* Cool air no longer burns my throat or turns it into gravel or sandpaper.
* No pain
* More energy
* I was singing earlier
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Yes, I made chili today. I'd been thinking about it before getting sick, chili is pretty easy. HB, chili powder, beans; simple, cheap, easy. I also added rice to mine, and some beef flavored Better Than Bouillon. And some black beans.

When it was a bit too spicy, I looked up how to tone the spiciness down. Tried two of their suggestions: add butter, and add tomato sauce. (Well, they said tomato paste, but I didn't have any, and tomato sauce worked just fine.) Worked pretty well.

May later try a recipe I found on YouTube, a channel about doing recipes from the 18th century. This recipe was the easiest one they've ever done: put an onion in an oven and bake it like a baked potato. (Half hour on 350 F.) Keep it in the skin, don't poke it, just... baked onion. Apparently it's really good. I want to try it.
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I feel as though, over the past few days, I have expelled my weight in snot and phlegm. It reminds me of basically my entire childhood. I don't miss it at all. Fucking cold.

DB genie

Mar. 30th, 2019 04:26 pm
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Game: The Douchebag Genie is here to grant your wishes. Comment here to tell the Douchebag Genie what you wish for, see how wrong it could go.


Mar. 30th, 2019 04:51 am
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Been sick since Wednesday with a cold. Nose somehow runny and stuffed up at the same time. I'm thankful the food boxes came in on Wednesday because I dunno what I would have eaten without them. Probably a bunch of pasta with spaghetti sauce.

As it is, eating a lot of ham because I got one of those big old pill shaped hams. Ham and bread and eggs. Occasional chicken and rice or chicken and noodle soup. The first one was Healthy Request. Even adding a fuckton of salt and pepper it was barely edible, had to gag it down. Ever eat anything so bland it should be considered a war crime? I did, and it's Campbell's Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup. That shit makes canned potatoes seem spicy by comparison. Whitest goddamn White People food that ever whited.

Sleep is weird. Cooking like a hot dog in my blankets dreaming about the same damn thing over and over again, freezing cold if I get out of them. Dunno if that's a fever dream or not, but my head is cool right now. But I think my hands are too hot is why it feels cool. I dunno. I feel okay considering everything aches and my sinuses are partially clogged and I have no energy. Shitty definition of okay I guess but whatevs.

I'm fucking bored and restless. I'm fucking tired of ham sandwiches. And also of oranges. I have apples but their skin is like a candle and I don't have a veggie peeler. I want to be well again. I want my neck to stop hurting. I want to have the energy and focus to do writing. I want to be able to leave the house and go somewhere. I want to be able to sleep without feeling like I'm in an oven and repeating the same annoying and boring dream over and over and over again. I actually got so fucking bored with that dream I woke up on purpose to get away from it.



Mar. 26th, 2019 04:18 am
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A little tired, but I just wanted to note that tonight I did a "dance around a candle flame" ritual tonight, making this the first ritual I'd done in a very long time. Doing rituals in the old apartment was nearly impossible; the confined space of two people trying to fit into a space that was barely big enough for one, my roommate's unpredictable hours and weird moods, her tendency to be annoying and interrupting, and my fear of bothering people all conspired against me in the past.

This new apartment, however, has a living room that is largely empty, save for my computer and the two desks surrounding it. (And a couple other furnishings.) So there's plenty of room to dance around, and the wooden floors are easy enough to sweep up. I just put my headphones on and made sure not to get too exuberant in my dancing.

When I would do this kind of ritual in the past, I'd play the album "Gypsy Flame" by Armik and get most of the way through the album before stopping. This time I only got through 3 or 4 songs before I had to stop, since it's been years since I did anything like it. There used to be this meetup for doing a pagan ritual with other people once a month, but that group went defunct about a year or two ago. Once I get my deposit paid off, I might look into reviving it, since the space they used rented by the hour, and it was like $15 for an hour. Last I checked, the dance studio it was held at was still there, though that was like 8 months ago I last checked, and I can't remember the name of the place. I'll have to get on the 14 and head back in that direction, get off at the right stop, and walk to where it was to check and find out the name.

If it's still there, I'll talk with the owners about renting it for an hour once a month, then get an Organizer account at Meetup to make a new Meetup for it. And once I get an Organizer account, I could do other Meetups like... maybe an ageplay meetup? Maybe also a Meetup for people into the Left-Hand Path.

Anyway, the ritual was fun. I plan to do more. I now could do one every day/night if I wanted to. I hope in a few months I'll get back in shape enough to get through most of the album again.

I also want to do a ritual during the day as well, because daytime rituals would involve singing and chanting, and my singing/chanting can get pretty loud. I'm still not entirely sure how much noise can get through the walls around here, though so far I've only noticed once minor noise issue of one neighbor occasionally playing a guitar, but that's not very loud, never lasts long, and only happens after 3 or 4 pm, but never later than 6 pm. Anyway, other than that guy, I so rarely hear sounds from other neighbors that it's almost eerie. It's so quiet in this area it's actually too quiet for me to sleep without some kind of white noise going.
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When I went into the store, the rain was a sprinkle. Just 20 minutes later, I walk into a downpour.
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Another Quora.com answer I gave that I feel is worth repeating here.

Question: How did you decide to become Pagan? Is there a set of universal pagan beliefs?


It wasn’t that I decided to be a pagan. It’s more that Christianity and other common religions in the culture (Judaism, Islam) didn’t make a lick of sense to me, and when I stumbled upon information about Neo-paganism, the options available in Neo-paganism did make sense to me.

Also, I never felt anything spiritual on the rare occasion I would go into a church, except sometimes discomfort at the energies of the people attending the church. But some of the Neo-pagan practices did allow me to feel the divine and connect to spirituality.

In high school, I was wandering around online and discovered some websites about Neo-paganism. Now, Neo-paganism is more of an umbrella term for a variety of different kinds of beliefs, or like a buffet where you can pick and choose what beliefs/practices feel right for you. This was clear from the start, and I started finding a lot of things in that range of options that fit me perfectly. Such as:

1. Polytheism is common in paganism, though there are also Neo-pagans that are atheists or animists. (Animism = the belief that everything has its own spirit, but doesn’t necessarily have any gods or goddesses.)

2. Female gods? Yes please! I never did understand the idea of a male god being the creator of the world, because *women *are the life-creators, not men. (Generally speaking. There are trans men who can get pregnant, but they’re not as common.)

3. Freedom from a judgmental, violent, and hateful deity? Freedom to either go without a deity, or to choose one that’s kind, benevolent, and accepting of you? Freedom to choose a deity or spiritual path which says love, sex, and other earthly desires are good and natural as long as you try to cause no harm and you exercise moderation? The freedom to choose a path where I, as a polyamorous bisexual trans woman, am accepted and loved by my deities for all that I am? Yes, please!

4. The freedom to not only find my own path, but to actively blaze my own trail and thus come up with a spiritual path completely unique to me was especially enticing.

5. “Magic is real, all around us, and isn’t something evil created by the devil because there’s no such thing as the devil” was also refreshing after years of Christians spouting off about hellfire and damnation and how evil the very existence of magic supposedly is. That attitude never made sense to me. If God didn’t want magic to exist, it wouldn’t.

6. Neo-paganism also solves the “problem of evil” to me. That is, the old saw that goes “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" I know it was a pagan (Epicurus) who said that, but for me, Neo-paganism easily answers this question: If there are many gods and other similar great powers, then omnipotence is impossible. The gods that are willing to prevent evil but cannot are thus not omnipotent, but so what? They’re still powerful, wise, and helpful. Lack of omnipotence is not the same as being impotent.

7. I’ve always been drawn to the paranormal, always been a believer in fairies, ghosts, and other magical creatures. And I’m rarely ever scared of them. Neo-paganism is open to this attitude, which was another big draw.

8. Also, in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, communication between humans and the divine is pretty much one-way only, or two-way communication is reserved for certain people like priests or prophets. But in Neo-paganism, it’s entirely possible, even common, to get two-way communication going with your deity or deities of choice.

9. For a while, Neo-paganism was blissfully free of the kind of spiritual victim-blaming that was prevalent in Christianity, wherein people blame you for your life being shitty because you must not be a good enough Christian or you’re too sinful or something. But then thanks to the New Agers, that attitude began to infect Neo-paganism as well, something I actively fight against because it was one of the major things I hated about Christianity.

10. It also doesn’t hurt that another thing I loathe about Christianity, proselytization (AKA “spreading the Good News”), is extremely rare in Neo-paganism. Sure, there are a growing number of dingbats in Neo-paganism who are like “my tradition is the best, you should convert. You don’t want to? Well you suck,” but they’re still not terribly common, and thus are still pretty easy to avoid.
But back to answering the heart of the question: Basically, I already felt this way, already believed these things, even if I didn’t know I did or didn’t know how to express it. Finding out about Neo-paganism was therefore not a conversion for me but was instead finding out that what I had already always believed has a name and that other people feel this way, too.

(Over the years, hearing other people’s tales of finding out about Neo-paganism, I’ve found that this feeling where the discovery of Neo-paganism feels like a validation of one’s existing beliefs is actually pretty common.)

Link to original.
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it's a potato

LOL, I love how they had to add the words "it's a potato" to this video's thumbnail, because it looks like a penis.

Red Sun

Mar. 24th, 2019 03:09 am
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"Supergirl" has again done the common superman/comics nonsense of a red sun putting out red light. In truth, a red sun is so similar to a yellow one in composition, size, and light color that most people wouldn't notice the difference between light from a red sun and one from our usual yellow Sol star. I doubt even the plants would be negatively affected in any way.


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