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Jan. 15th, 2012 02:03 pm
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I was at IKEA earlier today, and in the bathroom they had Dyson brand Airblade hand dryers. Me and two other people failed to figure out how to activate them. Looking at them, I don't think they're actually functional. They're just a weird shape on the wall, there's no vent for the air. I think IKEA is trolling us.

Edit: I want to specify, these had no holes of any kind on them. Imagine a plain metal box on the wall with a triangular sort of wedge on the bottom. No holes, no vents, no slits, no fans, no openings of any kind; just a shape. Modern art with a Dyson logo on it. Like if an alien invented a hand dryer, but it didn't work. Kind of looked like that one stealth bomber that's all angles and wedges, but not black, and was just a metal box with a wedge for a bottom.

We tried moving our hands around the arcane device to activate it, every which way, all sides, for various lengths of time and in different motions. Nothing happened. No evidence it was even an actual hand dryer, apart from the text on it saying that it was one, the context, and the Dyson logo. Even tried a second one in case the first was broken, and no such luck.

Here it is: http://www.bavada.com/329-large_default/dyson-airblade-v-ab08-ab12-hand-dryer.jpg
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Just finished moving yesterday. I now live in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, which is kinda far southeast. It's about an hour and a half by Trimet from there to [personal profile] kengr's place. MAX runs until around 1 am or so, but since it's a bit of a long way to the nearest MAX station from Brooke's, when I visit I will either have to leave by 10:30 PM to get the 71 down there, or stay overnight. Since I've been strangely diurnal the last few weeks (which has been useful for the move, I'll say), probably the former; like, head in about noon or 1 or so.

Unpacking now. Between the dust driving me out of my home in intervals and the cold air driving me inside, finding somewhere to be is proving difficult. Luckily, there's a great coffee shop nearby called The Living Room at about SE 17th and Clatsop, across from the Foster's Market and Deli. It's about 3 or 4 blocks from me, and it's HUGE! Doesn't look it from the outside, and it shares a little space with Sellwood Cigar, but yeah, it's the largest coffee shop I've ever seen! You could fit two standard Starbucks in there and have room left over! Free wifi of course, plugs everywhere, options to sit at either tables or comfy fluffy chairs, lots of different sizes and shapes of tables, great decor (homey!), and the prices aren't any higher than normal for Portland. There's so much room here that the number of people in here right now would crowd a Starbucks by quite a bit, but it doesn't feel crowded in here at all. When you order tea, they give you a timer to time how long to let it steep! Oh, and they bring your order to you! (Makes sense, given the sheer size of the place.) The only problems with the place are they're not open on Sundays, and they're only ever open til 5 pm. (Opening at 6 or 7 AM.)

Anyway, the apartment itself is roomy and beautiful. Plenty of storage space; so much I was able to clear out my storage unit. Once my deposit is paid down, I'll have $86 a month extra from that to use on other stuff, mostly I'll be saving towards a winter cloak, a bike, a bread machine, and maybe a few other things. As to the bike, I want one of those electric Townie brand bikes, so I don't have to struggle up hills.

I'm also going to eventually get a miniature washing machine you use sink water on, because I was already tired of REACH charging us $1.50 for washing a single load of laundry, especially given they know we're low income, and this new place's dryers are worse. At the old place, you could put in single quarters for 12 minutes of drying time at a time, but these charge you a flat $1.25 for 60 minutes of drying time, and no other options. I'm gonna be doing a lot of line drying, once I get a line to dry stuff on.

But other than that, and there being no light in the living room (gonna need to get a lamp; I have a small lamp that's adequate, but that one is supposed to be in the bedroom), it's an amazing apartment and the area is FULL of parks and stuff. The apartment is, in fact, just a half block from one such park. Oh, and it's a really safe neighbourhood, and very quiet! Also, it's about a 15 minute walk to the MAX station!

There's a Goodwill nearby, but it's the Goodwill bins, which I think is a fitting name because the way the place works is the customers go through people's garbage to look for hidden treasures. I am so repulsed by the very idea that as soon as I walked in and confirmed it was the bins, I turned right around and walked back out again, going all the way to the MAX station, got off at OMSI, and took the streetcar to a proper Goodwill. Yes, the Goodwill bins is such a vile place that rather than going three blocks from my house, I would sooner go 40 minutes out of my way.

If you don't know what the Goodwill bins is, it is as I said above: customers sort through bins of assorted garbage that's been left at donation centers, risking getting stuck with hypodermic needles, bitten by rats, touching feces, or worse just to try to find something worth the risk. This is a place where they don't have price tags, they charge by the pound. It is an absolutely disgusting place and business model, I really fear for humanity that so many people are willing to do this, without being paid to do it, and in fact paying Goodwill for the "privilege" of doing the worst and most dangerous job in retail history, all on the slim hope of finding something that would have cost them a lot of money in a proper Goodwill.

Anyway, I love the place so far. :)
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Just saw a guy get off MAX and deliberately puke on the station ground by ramming his fingers down his throat. WTF?
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You ever have to deal with someone on the phone who's so loud you can't hear what they're saying cuz of the buzzing it causes?


Jan. 27th, 2019 11:36 am
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Stumbled upon this Wikipedia entry for a language I'd never heard of before, from a region in Spain, while looking for something else: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asturian_language
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Being a writer of science fiction and fantasy sure brings up a lot of fucking bizarre questions for me. Here's the latest one: what's the average volume of a twelve year old girl in the US? No, not weight - volume.

Context: I have a character, named Acorn, who is a wood nymph. She looks like a 12 year old girl, more or less. She IS a 12 year old girl, in fact, despite also being a walking, talking tree shaped like a girl. Oak tree, specifically. I forget the exact species offhand, but one of the ones native to Oregon.

A scene I have calls for her to be carried by a character who is a 12 year old human girl standing 4 foot 5 inches tall. I need to figure out how much Acorn would weigh, being she's made of wood, basically. That much wood would probably weigh something different than that much human meat and bones. Hence, my needing volume instead of weight. But Wolfram Alpha didn't know what the fuck to make of my request for the average volume of a twelve year old girl. Haven't tried Google yet, but I don't imagine that would be any better.

She'd be a little lighter than oak wood normally would be, out of necessity in order to be flexible enough to move like a human. I don't recall her height offhand, but probably like 5' 5" or so. Slender, since fat isn't something she has to worry about. But she does have something like a stomach and can digest food, a bit like a pitcher plant. That possibly reduces the weight a little.

Go ahead, laugh at this question, it's bizarre and hilarious! I'm laughing at it right now in fact. But if anybody has ideas for how to figure out the answer, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Edit: yup, Google doesn't know either. Also I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous this question is. :)

EDIT 2: Okay, so Oregon white oak wood weighs 69 pounds per cubic foot. I figured out how to ballpark Acorn's cubic foot measurement by taking her height (61 inches) by 1 foot by 1 foot, converting it to cm^3 first and getting about 5.085 ft^3. Take 5.085 times 69 and you get... about 350 pounds! O_O ROTFLMAO!!! OMG, as ridiculous as I thought the question was, the answer is even worse!!! LOL!!! *Dies laughing* Because OMG, she looks like she should weight 100 pounds soaking wet, and instead she's 350 fucking pounds!!! LMAO!!!

EDIT 3: I just spent the last 5 minutes having a laugh attack after this thought occurred to me: she went to a mundane elementary school, trying to pass as human with a glamour!!!

EDIT 4 (final): Okay, phew! Did the math wrong. She'd actually weigh 2/3rds what a human her size normally would. That's much better, and makes more sense now I think about it. (So if a human her size weighed 95, she'd weigh 63.)

A thought.

Jan. 23rd, 2019 01:25 am
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Been going through a list of Harry Potter spells to get more ideas for spells in my Ravenstone stuff, and one thing I noted was how odd it is that in Hogwarts, they teach a spell that can make objects and living things vanish. (Vanishing spell, Evanesco.) They even show it being used on animals in at least one of the books, though that takes a lot of power and concentration. In the Ravenstone verse, something like that would be a form of alchemy and therefore extremely difficult to do, very few witches would be able to manage it. But in Harry Potter, it is scarily easy to do. So easy they teach it to teenagers.

One thought I had about that was: "If animals can be Vanished, why would anyone even *need* Avada Kedavra? Just use an overpowered Vanishing Spell on a person, they cease to exist. Murder with no body left behind, without any trace of dark magic having been used."

Of course, in the Ravenstone verse, the reason such a spell would be so difficult is two-fold. First, you'd have to use magic to sever the chemical bonds between elements, which is atomic/molecular alchemy. Second, living beings have consciousness and Will. The more complex the being / the more complex the consciousness, the stronger its Will is, and the more difficult it would be to use certain kinds of magic on it, like disintegration. Humans and other sophonts can even resist simpler spells like a sleeping spell, meaning that causing another person to do something against their will that was as simple as "go to sleep" takes a lot more power than you would expect, if their Will is strong enough. (Though an alchemist and/or someone sufficiently versed in human anatomy could bypass the Will for a sleeping spell by doing something like pinching off their air flow.) Obviously, someone whose personality was best described as "pushover" would be easier to subdue than someone with a dominant personality.
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So you guys know that old story about the rock stars that ask for a specific color of M&M's to be removed from the bowls? Well I learned the other day that they don't do that because they're weird divas, they do it because there's important safety instructions on those same documents, and the M&M thing is so that they can check the bowl of candy and see instantly if the people read the document and followed the instructions properly. That is pretty cool!
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Game: "Describe an 'Orville' episode badly."

Episode 02 x 01 = Golden shower party, bring a date!
Episode 02 x 02 = Bow chicka wow wow = stabbity stabbity.
Episode 02 x 03 = Obvious solution to a problem overlooked for the sake of drama.
Episode 02 x 04 = Space orcs versus space vampires.
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I hate charlie horses so goddamn much. And irritatingly, I've been getting them more often this last week. The one I had a few days ago left my leg sore for at least 24 hours afterward, and the one I had around 1 pm today is shaping up to be the same way. Maybe worse, since I was actually limping a few moments ago before sitting down. (And even sitting up, I'm getting little pre-charlie horse warning spasms. They're tiny, but they're there.)

The situation gets worse. My right leg - IE, the only leg that ever gets these charlie horses - was giving me pre-charlie horse spasm this morning as I was walking to the bus stop! Meaning that if I hadn't carefully coaxed it not to, I might have gotten a charlie horse outside while out and about. And these fuckers always make me scream or shout and cuss like a motherfucker, so that would have been a spectacle if it had happened.

At least it isn't as bad as the times I got a charlie horse in my jaw. Yes, you heard that right. There were a few times in the past where I would yawn, and my jaw muscles would spasm and charlie horse. Which isn't as painful as one in the leg, but gods it's unpleasant.
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According to Gizmodo, there was a MASSIVE email data breach recently. (Here.) 773 million emails and "de-hashed" passwords were leaked to hacker sites. Go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to check if your email address was one of them. (All you have to do is enter your email address, nothing else, so it's not a scam. Plus, Gizmodo says it's alright.) Then change your password!

[personal profile] kengr, I know at least one of your emails and passwords has been leaked, I checked for you. You might want to check the others.
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It could be because I have a headache, but for whatever reason, I'm having a hard time figuring out what the word order for a conlang I'm working on would be. English is Subject-verb-object for instance.

Here's some examples I've worked out (subject to change):

"Stranger: Hello. Calling mine is (name). Calling your, is what?
As opposed to "Hello, stranger. My calling is (Name). What is your calling?"


"Brother mine: ┬┐Thought your, is what? ┬┐Her tell, should we?"
As opposed to:
"What do you think, brother? Should we tell her?"
("Her" is only ever possessive in this language, though.)

Anyway, I await people's thoughts. In the mean time, gonna go take a nap.

EDIT: I think, now, I'm going to aim for OVS. (Object-verb-subject.) So instead of "She loves him," it'd be "Him she loves."
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So I have the character, Vedya Ravenstone, who is a math whiz. At 12 years old she tested into a high school math class (Algebra II, which is basically pre-calculus), and in one scene I have her accessing an encrypted drive with a 64-digit1 prime number as a password. (Which, according to my research, is more than plausible; some people can even memorize 120-digit numbers in less than a minute!)

Out of curiosity about how secure this password would be, I had WolframAlpha generate a random 64-digit prime number, then entered that into howsecureismypassword.net, and that site said it would take a computer "8 quattuordecillion years" to crack that password. Which is a number I had to look up; a single quattuordecillion is a one followed by 45 zeroes. (In the US. In the UK, it's a 1 followed by 84 zeroes, for some reason.) Reasonably sure that the universe would go into heat death several hundred trillion years before a computer could crack Vedya's password. I just had to fucking gawk at the screen for 10 minutes after figuring this out.

I'm not quite sure how fast she'd be at doing math like prime numbers in her head, since I don't even know the process of figuring out such huge prime numbers, but I still aim to have her be good enough to be able to work out 11-digit prime numbers in her head, at least. Unless that's just too unrealistic. I need some kind of clue how that would work.

The best part of this is that it shows how badass she is at math without me having to do any fucking math.


1 = This amount of digits was chosen for being the maximum number of digits the VeraCrypt program allows for passwords.
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The ADA doesn't go far enough, and ableist employers find ways around it anyway. We need to try harder. Maybe a version of affirmative action for the disabled?

In the meantime, I'm going to work on showing my deaf character Chooli as intelligent and capable so when the books come out, we can improve the world.
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It sounds like thousands of crows outside are riled up about something. Like it's not just a murder of them, more of a massacre or genocide of crows.

The Hu

Jan. 9th, 2019 11:13 pm
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Awesome band! The Hu combines Tuvan throat singing and other Mongolian instruments with heavy metal!

(Or Here

(Or here)

Frog fact

Jan. 8th, 2019 03:20 am
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Fact: Frogs are one of the few amphibians capable of taking their own life. Really! Scientists have on many occasions seen frogs kermit suicide.
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After watching a video about octopus intelligence and how they're basically as smart as small children, right up there with ravens, cetaceans, and apes. Impressive, given that everything on that list except octopi spent millions of years and has thousands of ancestor species with high intelligence, whereas octopi evolved pretty much directly from clams. All those birds and mammals with high intelligence spent millions of years and had thousands upon thousands of ancestor species perfecting big brains, and then the octopus just came along and evolved a powerful brain pretty much straight from what is essentially living snot filter feeding from inside a shell. They essentially evolved both high intelligence and complex eyes from scratch.

And their body is pretty much still little more than fluid, rubbery muscles with blood, a stomach, and multiple brains. They can squeeze their fluid body through an opening as small as a quarter, and the only thing creating that limitation is their beak, the only hard part of their body. Oh yeah, and if they attach themselves to your skin, it can take as much as a thousand pounds of pressure to manually force them off.

Suddenly, the fact that Nizoni Hatathli-Ravenstone has a tree octopus for a familiar means that he'd be a badass at defending her. Octopi are already highly intelligent, and the magic of the familiar bond makes them far smarter than their mundanes counterparts. So... Massively intelligent, can squeeze into tight spaces, can hold onto things with amazing force, detached limbs continue to function for a little while, and is of a species of octopus that had mastered the land... Barry the tree octopus would be a very wily and dangerous familiar. I can see more a scene something like this:

Villain: "How did you get in here? This door is quadruple locked!"

"Oh, my familiar here just squeezed through the crack under the door and unlocked it for me once he got inside."

"Agggh!" (Attacks Nizoni)

(Barry attacks, covering the villain's whole face)

(Muffled screaming)


Jan. 2nd, 2019 06:22 pm
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After seeing this article, I had my mind boggled by how much some people are willing to spend on smart phones. Six hundred to a thousand dollars??? O_o WTF? I think more than fifty bucks is asking too much, especially now that Tracfone is selling smartphones for around $20 to $30.

Listen, if you're spending more than $100 for a smartphone, you're getting ripped off. And if you're spending $600 or more on a smartphone, how about you stop throwing your money into this fire and give out to me instead, so I can afford to eat all month long. Because the new iPhone X, at $999, is $100 more than I have to live on every month. If I found an abandoned crate of 48 iPhones X, I could sell one a month on eBay and more than double my income for four years. (Hypothetically. Realistically, I'd be better off selling all of them at once and putting most of that money into savings.)


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