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The other day, when I was at an appointment with my shrink to have her sign a gender designation change form for the DMV, I told her about the anxiety knot in my belly I've had for years, that has been acting up the last year. So now I am on a new med, an anti-anxiety med called Buspirone. One of the side effects is dizziness, and boy am I feeling that! Even sitting down, I still feel dizzy. Not like, "gonna puke" or even "gonna fall down" levels of dizziness, but still dizziness.

Got the new med before going out today, but didn't take it til 5:15. I'm to take it 3 times a day, which works out to every 8 hours, which is going to make this one super easy to plan for. I already have all the right things in my calendar to beep at me to get me to take it, something I haven't been able to do for my anti-depressant because that one's instructions are "take one in the morning," and since I don't wake up at the same time each day, it's kind of hard to make a set time to take it.

Anyway, went to the DMV after picking up my new med, to try to renew my ID. Silly DMV changed their laws slightly, I now have to get a birth certificate copy to them again, because they didn't used to keep those on file this long. By the sound of it, though, once I get it to them, next time I renew I shouldn't need to do it again. (Unless the laws change again, of course.) But the lady at the desk said that the gender change form is in order, so the trip was not a waste.

From the DMV, I went to TriMet's office and renewed my Honored Citizen card (TriMet speak for "old people and/or disabled people discount priced fare ID"). It was pretty simple. First time I got one, I had to have them copy my SSDI award letter, but this time all I had to do was have them copy my Medicare card, which I always have on me when I go out. I also thought there'd be a $5 fee, as the form said there would be, but apparently my disability being permanent means they waive that fee. Trip to the TriMet office was a pain, though; the MAX train was being so slow, and stopping so much, that what should have been a 30 minute trip at most was just shy of an hour. Didn't risk that BS coming back; took the 12 bus back, then the 71, skipping MAX altogether.

One weird thing... because the Social Security place checks for things that could be considered weapons in a very TSA sort of way, I left my pepper spray and multi-tool knife thing at home figuring the DMV would be the same way, but it turned out to not be necessary, as there was no apparent security. Which I find to be odd; I would think that if any place was going to attract violence, it would be the DMV. Of course, I also thought I'd be waiting there an hour or more in line, but the line moved so fast I was still working on the ID renewal form when my number came up, and it's only one page! Efficient bureaucracy, whod'a thunk it?
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