Jan. 16th, 2014

fayanora: Memetically (Memetically)
So I've solved the problem I was having with my Wacom tablet. It was making giant splotches of "ink" on the stuff I was drawing. Well, I have had, for months, this program on my computer that automatically turns off the built-in touchpad when a mouse is plugged in. But it can also be activated manually. So since the problem was the interference between the touchpad part of the tablet, and the pen part of it, I turned off the touchpad with that program, and VOILA! Solved!

Thus, last night, I was able to almost finish my Kiishiiya drawing. I got all the skin of Her humanoid part colored, and it looks great. I just need to finish the snake part of Her. I really love the greens I've chosen for that. I even blended the top and bottom together in a cool way.

After the skin, I need to finish Her jewelry and the bony bits (spikes and a bony crown She wears). Then I'd like to do a background, but that will be annoying because the eraser wasn't working last night, so I had to use white "ink" in the "pen" instead.


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