Sep. 6th, 2017

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The forest fires in Oregon are still going. Here in Portland, the smoke is so bad you can even see it at night! Around streetlights and other light sources mostly, but the moon - a deep blood orange color - is so obscured by haze you can barely make out the moon's face, like looking at it through frosted glass.

My roommate is fleeing for Colorado again, because the last time the forest fires were making haze just a month ago, she couldn't breathe, and it's even worse now. Even more important as a sign of how bad it's getting: even I am having trouble breathing when I go outside, and I didn't even notice any difference the last time.

We need rain! We need it so bad we're getting really close to "sacrifice a goat to the rain gods" level. I'm even tempted to pray to Eris, we need rain so badly!

(The joke there being that praying to Eris for rain will inevitably end in a flash flood, according to the Principia Discordia.)


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