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Drew Pi ([personal profile] svaenohr today, in one of zir female forms. It is loosely based on this image. Here is the picture I drew:

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Mar. 13th, 2014 11:53 pm
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Normally I have been drawing at home and uploading things at Starbuck's. But today I drew the Eye of Grah'Bahn at Starbuck's and uploaded it at home! :-D

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A thought I had earlier, is I think I may turn on the screen capture video program I have when I set about drawing a new Eye of Grah'Bahn picture, so I can post the video to YouTube. Only problem will be, YouTube only lets free users have like 9 or 10 minute videos, so it would have to be broken into chunks. But it would be cool to show how I draw stuff on the computer.
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Embarked on a bit of an unintentional experiment. Last Sunday, I decided to leave my laptop home when I went to meet Lilla, and instead took my sketch book and drawing supplies with me. It took me several hours of drawing to make what I made, a really awesome realistic picture of Molly Elizabeth, my inner child.

When I got home, I scanned it into the computer and then began tracing the lines so I could colorize it in the computer. I spent a bunch more hours on it doing that, and starting on the colors. Made a lot of progress on the colors; even made a start on the skin tone.

I worked on it for several hours more on Tuesday, shading the skin and fairy wings she's wearing, and adding the background.

First, the original drawing:

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And now, without further ado, is the finished product. Be warned, it is very brightly colored:

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I will also be uploading an icon version to use for the post.
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So last night I finished that picture of Shao'Kehn, Ahndahn, and Nahtahdjaiz. Decided to go with human coloring for Ahndahn. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, Nahtahdjaiz's hair is pretty cool. Here they are:

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Well, the last few days have been quite productive for me. I did a bunch of drawing Tuesday while Amy was spending the night at a friend's house. Still, though I worked on it for several hours, I didn't finish the coloring for even one of the three figures in the drawing. But I got all the lines done and some of the coloring that day before my butt fell asleep. Then I finished the coloring for two of the figures today. And got some writing done earlier tonight, as well.

What I've been drawing this time is a modification of a drawing I did maybe a year or so ago. The original picture - of Ahndahn sitting in a meditation pose, next to a pregnant Shao'Kehn - is on my wall, drawn on paper. I took a photo of it ages ago, and recently traced it so I could colorize it. But before I did, I edited it to add Nahtahdjaiz between the two of them. The two figures I've finished are Nahtahdjaiz and Shao'Kehn. Still trying to decide on the color scheme for Ahndahn. According to the Noiionayya, She's supposed to have bone white skin and chalk-white hair, but I might go with more human coloring instead. (Human "white" with blond hair.)

Nahtahdjaiz's hair is cool in this one. I decided to make Her hair match Her eyes, so Her hair is a riot of bright colors - blues and purples and greens. It's amazing, especially with the highlights and other details I added to it. Also, I gave Her stripes again, but I did a lot better on the stripes this time than I did the last time. I'm quite proud of it so far.

I've been contemplating adding Nwoikis and/or Grahbahn to the image, it wouldn't be too hard now I've figured out what to do. Then it could be a family portrait like the one I started months ago and never finished because I didn't like it. But I don't know for sure yet.

Oh gods, I just looked at that one again, the "family portrait" one I gave up on. It's horrible! I can't believe I kept it. It's bad even by my old standards, but especially bad now with my current skills.

One last thing: I also finished cleaning up that new version of the old Kusahnjiijahn picture, where I've given Her better colorizing. Here it is:

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So a few days ago I got mildly annoyed that in the printed out version of my Kusahnia picture, Her skin is so dark it's hard to make out details. Which inspired me to make a copy of the original .ora file, open it, and go through a series of steps to get rid of the skin color so I could put new skin color in a layer beneath the lines, because it was a picture I drew before I began experimenting with layers. It turned out pretty well, and I will be posting it here:

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Also, yesterday I began the same process for Kusahnjijahn, but since She has more skin showing, it took longer to do. In fact, because of a back ache, I gave up before I was done cleaning up the image. I'll post it once it's done.

I'll not be redoing Kiin'Djahn, however. Or Ahgoi. Those stripes... I have no effing clue how to even BEGIN shading skin that's striped.
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Well I've done some new art recently. First, I traced over an old picture I'd scanned in of Shao'Kehn so I could improve it by colorizing it. Then I did a picture of Jiijiinis and Alorno, deities of Health and Healing. I *was* gonna give them coral skin, but the set of corals/pinks I chose looked weird on them. So I changed to something more human. That annoys me, because I wanted non-human colors, but oh well. At least their hair is still green.

By the way, in case you forgot, Jiijiinis and Alorno are Vaishan, meaning their appearance - like Earth Chinese or Japanese people - is basically what people of the continent of Vaish tend to look like.

I am very proud of the Shao'Kehn pic for one important reason. For a long time, I have known in my mind's eye that Shao'Kehn's eyes are like backlit amber, and I have finally managed to figure out how to make Her eyes look backlit! WEE!!! Partly it was getting the right colors and doing them right, second part of it was putting some of the eye color in Her face's skin to suggest light from Her eyes lighting up Her face.

Under the cut for lots of big pictures. )

1 = When Shao'Kehn first came out of The Chaos, She was VERY angry, and challenged Ahndahn (the source of Her fury) to a duel. They fought and fought, neither winning, then fell in love with each other. Now they work together to keep the Universe balanced. The "Angry Eyes" picture is a representation of what Ahndahn saw when Shao'Kehn first arose.

Tux paint

Jan. 30th, 2014 09:12 pm
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Found this program called Tux Paint, installed it to see what it's like. It's a drawing program for kids, and has all kinds of awesome things like stamps and different effects and stuff. Molly (my inner child) was playing around with it, and drew something funny. The program is a bit TOO kiddish, though, as it doesn't save stuff in any format that another program can access. So I did a screencap:

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So last night I started a new drawing project: Jiijiinis and Alorno, the Yahgahn deities of Health and Healing. And this time, I decided to make them Vaishan, IE from the continent of Vaysh. (Which, incidentally, is also the TPNN word for the color "peach." But is not really connected to anything in particular.) What does this mean? Well, Ah'Koi Bahnis don't have races in the same sense that humans do, since their version of different races is actual sub-species. The childlike Guiimihn, the freshwater-dwelling Gweb'neb, the saltwater-dwelling Kok'lihg, and the Sah'djaid - who can be as much as 10 feet tall, and a 6-foot tall Sah'djaid would be *short* - are just a few examples of AKB "races." The dominant AKB race is Tiir'gihn, who evolved from the now-extinct Ihg'dahk.

Vaysh has a high percentage of a race called Yaingah living there. Outwardly, they look no different from the Tiir'gihn. Internally, they don't have the Zaen symbiotes that all the other AKB races have. This is because they are an artificial race. Zaen and AKB have been linked for so long that normally an AKB could not survive without a symbiote, which reproduce by implanting the pregnant host's embryo with an embryonic Zaen. A religious sect from before The Reformation used genetic engineering to produce the Yaingah race because they thought the Zaen symbiotes were a sinful, possibly evil, influence.

Though colors of hair, eyes, and skin are semi-randomized by a natural mechanism in their RNA, other features are less random, some to the point of being pretty much a guarantee. For instance, people from Vaysh tend to look like Chinese or Japanese humans, at least in facial structure if not necessarily colorization.

But this isn't just Yaingah. All AKB races can interbreed with others, to various degrees of success. Yaingah are amazingly compatible with Tiir'gihn and Guiimihn, genetically speaking. So the aforementioned facial structure traits are spread throughout the population of Vaysh, even to Vaishan Guiimihn. (Parts of Guiimihn RNA have a strong tendency towards dominance, which is good for pregnant Guiimihn because if they tried to give birth to a full-grown child without the help of a symbiote, they would most likely die. Pretty much all Vaishan Guiimihn have symbiotes, as a result.) Furthermore, I think the Vaishan facial feature type LONG predates Yaingah anyway, and I'm fairly sure the sect that made the Yaingah were mostly comprised of Vaishans.

So now you know: Jiijiinis and Alorno will be Vaishan, and thus will look like Chinese or Japanese humans. In fact, I already have the line drawing done, just have to color it.
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I woke up early the other day and decided to draw Nahtahdjaiz, the Yahgahn "Child Goddess of Children." I experimented some more with layers, putting the skin coloring and some of the hair coloring in a layer beneath the black outlines. A layer of red at 20% opacity was also added just above the main coloring layer. And there's also another layer of skin color atop everything else, in some of the pictures. In one version, She has freckles. In another, none. In several other versions, She has stripes and spots of varying colors.

This is my favorite of the stripes and spots versions:

Under the cut )

Freckled version:

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Completely spotless version:

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Oh, and Her eyes are awesome. They're like opals. Here is a closeup:


Jan. 17th, 2014 06:01 pm
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I finished my picture of Kiishiiya, my Eternal Guardian Spirit. The Eternal Guardian Spirits, created by Djao'Kain, take whatever form comforts the ones they protect. I myself am comforted by protectors that look like monsters, so in this picture She takes the form of a naga - IE, She is humanoid from the waist up and a snake from the waist down.

I was going to have spikes coming out of Her back and shoulders, but Her horned crown took so much effort to do that I decided against it. (And yes, I used a picture of Aaliyah as Queen of the Vampires as the model for this picture.)

This time, the shading was a lot easier because all I had to do was get the right colors solidly next to each other, then I used the Smear tool to mix the two colors together. So it took a lot less work than the Shao'Kehn picture did.

Here She is:

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So I've solved the problem I was having with my Wacom tablet. It was making giant splotches of "ink" on the stuff I was drawing. Well, I have had, for months, this program on my computer that automatically turns off the built-in touchpad when a mouse is plugged in. But it can also be activated manually. So since the problem was the interference between the touchpad part of the tablet, and the pen part of it, I turned off the touchpad with that program, and VOILA! Solved!

Thus, last night, I was able to almost finish my Kiishiiya drawing. I got all the skin of Her humanoid part colored, and it looks great. I just need to finish the snake part of Her. I really love the greens I've chosen for that. I even blended the top and bottom together in a cool way.

After the skin, I need to finish Her jewelry and the bony bits (spikes and a bony crown She wears). Then I'd like to do a background, but that will be annoying because the eraser wasn't working last night, so I had to use white "ink" in the "pen" instead.
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Well, I finished my Lilith picture on Tuesday (well, wee hours of Wednesday technically), ahead of my projections. And OH. MY. GODDESS. IT. IS. AMAZING!!! I used the famous relief sculpture of Her as a base; had to take a few liberties with the image because of pieces that were missing, damaged, or unclear what they were. But I like it a lot.

I would have finished it even sooner than I did, but I was getting tired of plain white backgrounds, so I made a background. Oh, and I started experimenting with layers! I was getting tired of doing the long tedious edges for the water, and didn't want to do the same thing for the blue sky, so I made a layer behind the first one and put the sky color there. It wasn't as easy as I had thought, because parts of Her head that I'd thought were white were in fact clear, and so I had to be cautious where I put the sky blue. Also, I couldn't see the main layer when painting on the sky layer, so I had to keep switching back and forth, and that was difficult, but even so it was still loads faster and easier than doing it all on one layer was.

Also used a third layer between those two, to make the rays of light from Her head. I would have had some more going between the ones that are there, and the large waves spiraling up, but for some reason that layer was cut off at a point that made that impossible.

Oh, and the original picture is fucking ENORMOUS! I had to open it in KolourPaint (kind of like MSPaint, for Ubuntu) to crop the image after saving as PNG from MyPaint, and at first I thought it hadn't loaded. I tried zooming out, and I had to zoom out to 33% before I could get the whole image on one screen. And that was with these enormous white zones around the main picture. Cropping that the way I needed it was making the poor computer huff and puff figuratively speaking (the KolourPaint program was taking almost a minute to respond). Given the sheer size of the picture, I was able to be patient with it. Finally, though, I got it cropped and got all that ugly white out of the picture.

Hmm... I was going to say "don't worry, PhotoBucket makes images smaller when they are too large, but then it occurred to me I don't trust PhotoBucket to not freak out and delete my account for pictures with nudity; they did once before, which is why my account over there is marionette_of_obscurum instead of my usual fayanora. And I don't know if LiveJournal will resize the image or not. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

To give you an idea just how enormous the original is, the PNG is 15.3 Megs. The Shao'Kehn picture I did before, where She is squatting, its PNG is only 1.2 Megs! And the Lilith picture in the " .ora " format file that MyPaint uses is 51.9 Megs, while the ora file of Shao'Kehn squatting is only 3.7 Megs! Of course, the original picture of Shao'Kehn squatting is a bit small compared to my other drawings, but still... its ora file is still about 3 times bigger than the ora file for the Kiin'Djahn picture.

Anyway, so here is the image, enjoy:

Probably safe to say it's still gonna be huge. )


Dec. 10th, 2013 03:34 am
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I am currently working on a drawing of Lilith as a black woman. I still have parts of it to draw, but I'll probably have it done and uploaded by Thursday.


Dec. 5th, 2013 06:15 pm
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[The following was written Tuesday] =

The other day, Cat Faye (a mutual friend of Lilla and I) and I were talking about art and drawing, and she gave me an idea/bit of advice: shade a picture with different shades of the same color. So today (Tuesday. Well... technically Wednesday), I started on this one picture of Shao'Kehn that my inspiration demanded I draw. And... I am in awe of my work so far.

She is in a squatting position, with eight arms, each doing its own thing more or less (sometimes interacting with other arms). She is also very nude, and Her grah'bihn is out and curling around Her arm. I have everything colored except for four of the arms, and a weapon two of them are holding. From start to current pause, the work has taken an incredibly long amount of time. I started it at around 3 or 4 PM, and except for a few food breaks and eye-resting breaks, I did not stop drawing until 2 AM. That's... [boggles] almost ten hours of work!

And like I said, I am in awe of it, so far. It is so realistic and beautiful. I'm especially giddy at the work on Her grah'bihn, it's AMAZING looking. (Hypothetical conversation: “Is that a snake?” “No.” “A large worm?” “Close.” “Is it something naughty?” “If by 'naughty' you mean 'sexy,' then yes.” “So that's...” “Yup.” “Okay...” “It's prehensile, and retractable!” “It's long enough She could put it down Her own throat while standing up!” “That's about average size for one of those.” “ [boggles] ” [pause] “Why is it green?” “Because they're green when the person is a fertile adult. The ones children have are yellow to denote immaturity, and infertile people... theirs turns purple.” “So their Viagra would have to be green, I guess.” “LOL! Yup.”)

[I am also usually rather shy about drawing grahbihns, I only have two pictures of deities with theirs out, one of Grah'Bahn and one of Shao'Kehn. And the one of Shao'Kehn has it being very small. Which was not my intention. Well, it ain't small or shy in this one! (I have no idea why I get shy drawing grahbihns, I didn't used to.) ]

I sure have gotten plenty of practice drawing hands today, too. (I loathe drawing hands, they're so difficult!) Eight arms! The two I had a picture to use as a model for them were quick going, but the rest were very difficult to do, and I had to keep using my reflection in the mirror as a model.

Oh, and aside from that “family portrait” picture I have not yet finished, this is the first time I've ever colored in Shao'Kehn. I almost always shade Her in, but this is the first time I've used color on Her, or any symbol of Her... well, except for Shyao-Shyo's boat.

I just keep staring at it, awed.

~ ~ ~
The following was written the next day (Wednesday) =

I finished it! Took several more hours to finish. Here it is:

Under the cut for size and NSFW-ness )

When Amy saw it, she asked if Shao'Kehn was, like, "Hispanic or something," which I was glad to hear her ask, because as I told her, Shao'Kehn "has amber skin and amber eyes, with black hair." Though in this drawing, I gave Her flaming eyes because I couldn't find the right color.
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Gyah! I haven't even finished the 6-deity "family" portrait (because Grahbahn's hair is damned tedious to color), and I just recently drew Kiin'Djahn and Ahgoi, haven't started yet on the Kiishiiya drawing, and now I've got this perfect Shao'Kehn image in my mind that I must start to draw ASAP. When it rains, it pours.


Dec. 1st, 2013 06:41 pm
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So... I wasn't planning on drawing Ahgoi, Goddess of People, because She is not a goddess I work with; She's not very important to me. But I was re-reading the Noiionayya and re-discovered that She is the father of Kusahnjiijahn and Kiin'Djahn. So, since it was a family set to begin with, I decided I might as well add Ahgoi. Did an easy pose, didn't want to go to too much work. But I wanted the face to look similar to the others, so I focused my efforts there.

Anyway, here we are:

Under the cut because they are big. )
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I drew a monster last night on my computer using the Wacom graphics tablet and My Paint. It's some kind of a cross between a mutated turtle and either a naga or a lamia. I don't have a name for it yet.

Under the cut for size )


Aug. 20th, 2013 03:41 am
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So last night I got frakking tired of being unable to use my Wacom graphics tablet due to it behaving strangely in MyPaint and making it damn near impossible to draw anything in that program. I tried looking to see if there were settings I could change. The only thing I changed in the main settings was I changed the mapping from relative to absolute. But then I checked to see if there were settings in MyPaint I could change, and sure enough, there were. I basically turned off every button function that was listed, since if I want to change brushes or colors or something, I can just use the stylus as a cursor controller. And finally, I was able to draw!

Well, at first I was still scared that things would frak up, and so I wasn't having much luck drawing anything, but then Molly took over and drew a picture of herself:


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